Happy Thanksgiving? How About Happy Genocide Cover-up Day?

From the Nazis own mouths and writings, their major inspiration for genocide came from their reading of U.S. and Canadian histories and genocide against Indians: How to conduct, cover-up, gain mass acceptance for and legitimate to other nations genocide itself. The Nazi 1933 Race Hygiene Law and 1935 Nuremberg Race Laws were copied from the Alberta Sterilization Act of 1928 and British Colombia 1933 Race Hygiene Law and the Sterilization Laws of 27 U.S. States mandating sterilization of Indians, Blacks and Disabled as “feeble minded” per se.

For further documentary evidence on these assertions see The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota


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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving? How About Happy Genocide Cover-up Day?

  1. palichampion says:

    Thanks Jim…I shared this widely. I stayed home and contemplated my long ago tearful walk among these hallowed dwellings: http://www.nps.gov/biho/index.htm

    I hope you are well, and I hope little Mao (forgive me, as I’ve forgotten your son’s first name….But I DO so like Mao:-) ) is growing strong to carry your wisdom.

    Take care, my friend and brother.

    Dave Evans


    • jimcraven10 says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the note and it is so godd to hear from you. I just got back from China where I nearly died, have been off for one year without pay and medical coverage for my family and am dealing with serious fascist represssion and outright fascists where I work.

      Please let me know when we can do lunch.

      take care and thanks so much for all your kindness and support.


  2. filozof says:

    The biggest Genocide in christian criminal History!!! luke 18:6. Luke 19:27. Mark 9:42.
    1. Christians are a most criminal Organisation of the World!


    • jimcraven10 says:

      Thank you for reading and responding to this blog.

      It is of course absolutely true that the forces of genocide and reaction that have caused the most misery and barbarism in history in terms of numbers of victims, and even in terms of forms of cruelty employed, did so under the banner of one of the many (today over 33,000 sects and “denominations”) flavors of “Christianity. And it is also true that more “Christians” have been killed by fellow self-professed “Christians” than by non-Christians. As for “Islam” I’m not sure if more “Muslims” have been killed by fellow “Muslims” than by non-Muslims, or “Hindus” killed by fellow “Hindus”, or “Buddhists” killed by fellow “Buddhists”, or even “Atheists” killed by fellow “Atheists” (intra-Party and sectarian warfare among nominal atheists on the left and right or within the left and right). And it is also true that the message of Jesus Christ of “render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s has been used and was intended (some allege but not all–e.g. “Liberation Theology”) as obedience to secular orders, even fascist and barbaric ones, because you get yours in heaven or nirvana or some ethereal place if, if, you obey the limits, duties, responsibilities, destined roles of your Caste or Class or “Station” in the “natural order” of things.

      But, But, there always is a “but…” I have known personally, no longer alive because they were murdered by the state and their racist and fascist thugs, people “of faith”, not only Christians, but Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, along with Communists (yes very spiritual), Atheists, Secular Humanists, who gave their lives willingly against very dark and evil forces sometimes flying, and co-opting the same banners as those who opposed them. I am speaking not only of the more famous like Dietrich Bonhoeffer who went from relatively right-wing Christianity and privilege to Pacifism to leading the plot to Kill Hitler, I am speaking of people I have known personally.

      I follow the position taken by Karl Marx on the issue of religion and the illusions, sometimes deadly ones, perpetuated by various forms and flavors of it. I favor attacking the conditions and forces that make the needs for and thus promises of religions wider and deeper, rather than trying to attack religion as a way to get to the conditions that give rise to religion as another of the many opiates that various types of repressive systems, including and especially capitalism, require for their power structures and elites to rule. And because the few who rule the many do so with the active assistance of some of those many, the climbers, bootlickers, sycophants, toadies, selling out their “own kind” as well as themselves (like where most of us work) and because the few are well armed with their thugs and evolving technologies, we need broad united fronts, and right now, against forces of reaction that threaten the existence of this planet and all life forms on it–no joke and no hyperbole.

      So what I say in my own mass work is I am not here to tell you there is no God and any notions or beliefs in one are useless and even worse forms of self-deception and thus also of others. I don not have enough faith to say “There is no God end of story”. I say only this is what I believe and why, noting always, I have been wrong on so many things in my life and I am a work in progress, I hope, until the day I die. What happens next I’ll have to wait to find out. But in the meantime, there is the here and now, how it got to what it is, and where it is likely all headed.

      I happen to know some Atheists that I consider very “spiritual”. But I am defining “spirituality” as a Blackfoot. By that I mean being guided, driven and accountable to the “spirit” of something transcendent beyond one’s own immediate pleasures and self-preservation and that of one’s loved ones. We believe that “spirit” refers to the energy and energy potential embodied in (or created by? see Blackfoot Physics by non-Blackfoot Quantum Physicist David Peat who argued that Blackfoot stories and rituals contained constructs directly and explicitly related to those in Quantum Mechanics only “discovered” by European scientists in the early 1900s) that transcendent “Cause” and its objective correctness, if so, under various conditions.

      So it does not mean that for example all Martyrs for some Cause embodied or “created” some net-positive energy and force for change good or bad. But I cannot dismiss the heroism and contributions of those driven by their own notions of “their faith” if their version of it led and drove them to stand against various forms and systems of repression and barbarism here on earth.

      Thank you for your comments and reading this blogsite.



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