Mitakuye Oyasin

Mitakuye Oyasin” Radio Show KBOO 90.7 FM Portland, OR

mitakuye oyasin 09-23-2010
mitakuye oyasin 09-30-2010
mitakuye oyasin 10-07-2010
mitakuye oyasin 10-15-2010
mitakuye oyasin 10-22-2010

4 Responses to Mitakuye Oyasin

  1. araya soma says:

    dear Mr Craven, i have an urgent issue , which i hope you can help me with. It concerns , Kevin Annett, we have recently exposed him a lot, and we have many good people on our side, we are abt to do another series of videos, and each of us has a particular different angle of his fraud, mine is involving the trial of 1998 which he i was told totally messed up, i researched it online, then there is the Pickton farm scandal itoo, in which he may well be implicated a lot more than we think. Could you please mail me at My FB is also araya soma x This is crucial coz, we need to go jugular and FAST x Thank you , also you may well want to do a video yourslef . xxx

  2. araya soma says:

    We have discovered that he is much more than just a fraud, he is a CIA shill , jesuit controlled opposition , hence why this is urgent

    • jimcraven10 says:

      I got your message and I get so many like this. I will write to your email. Please be careful with how and on what basis anyone is labeled as we do not want to make any characterizations or allegations without solid reasoning, law and evidence. What is fair to say is that Annett’s travels and gigs beg a lot of questions: Given his comments about the Crown, and he is a Canadian, how is he able to fly to and get into any of the “Five Eyes” countries or even fly anywhere? Where is his money coming from? Libel and slander are also crimes in Canada not just torts, why no criminal investigations? What is his modus operandi? Who does he look for as victims? What is his tradecraft?…

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