1 Response to Speeches

  1. mike b. says:

    Happy 4th of JULY-I wonder if the Founding Fathers would recognize the slow degradation of our 1st Amendment Rights and disregard for our Constitution.


    14 SEP 2001: Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists

    OCT 2001: Patriot Act

    OCT 2008: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

    Introduced 2011: H.R. 3166-Enemy Expatriation Act

    31 DEC 2012: National Defense Authorization Act 2012 (Permits the Military to carry out Civilian Policing)

    FEB 2012: H.R. 658-Drone Deployment in National Airspace

    MAR 2012: H.R. 447-“AntiProtest” Act

    16 MAR 2012: Executive Order–National Defense Resources Preparedness (basically Peace-time Martial Law) – yeah the govt can come take your shit.

    Habeus Corpus suspended under Bush and backed up by Obama
    Obama / Holder have twisted Constitutional Law to authorize the assassination of US Citizens (i.e. US terrorist in Yemen)

    Well, got to go eat a hotdog and watch who’s “dancing with the stars” on the boob tube with the rest of amerika’s sheeple.

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