Matt L’Hommedieu An Innocent Man: Case Exposing Massive Corruption in Washington State Government and Local Feds

PLEASE NOTE: As the AG Ferguson runs around lecturing Trump and America on how “No one is above the law” on immigration and other questions, this AG, along with Inslee, along with local law enforcement in several WA communities, along with local FBI who work with them, along with several judges, along with several local prosecutors, along with some judges in Olympia and local politicians both parties, key local businesses and prominent civic leaders, covert secret societies like Rotary and Masonics, law firms all combine together to run covert networks of power, privilege, trading in public employment, infiltration and control of key institutions with covert agenda, awarding no-bid government contracts to key public-sector contracts, legal business, use of public monies and resources for reprisals against and/or buying off whistle-blowers, and various other forms and levels of massive, coordinated, institutionalized corruption and crime. This is going on not only in Clark County but others as well.

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1 Response to Matt L’Hommedieu An Innocent Man: Case Exposing Massive Corruption in Washington State Government and Local Feds

  1. Bruce Gambill says:

    This is exactly what I have been trying my best to impress upon so very many. Many of who that are without even so much as a clue. They know that there is something majorly wrong with our Courts, the entire over priced monopolized Legal system.
    Having only a very select few of them beginning to realize that even though our Laws were created and designed for all of us adults to be able to comprehend, so as to be able to successfully abide by our Laws, conduct our business by our Laws.
    Therefore being justified to prosecute us when we don’t.

    However, still when attempting to discuss a legal problem or situation whereas the Laws have either been ignored or flagrantly Broken, with a Senator, a Representative, or a Congressman, or a County Council Person, the first thing they tell you is they cannot comment on anything you are attempting to bring to their Attention. Telling you that they are not a Lawyer so they are unable to have an opinion about anything to do with the Judicial system, the Executive Branch Law Enforcers,

    Further more even if they did, they still cannot do anything to help you , or stop the criminal corruption, nor the outright Financial Raping & Robbing of innocent citizens because of the “Ol” separation of powers cop out .

    That even if you would have a legitimate complaint about an out of control Judiciary or any other aspect of the Judicial System, they must first consult with their on Staff attorney to see if they should attempt to provide you help. So they in the legislative Branch consult their Staff attorney directly associated to the Judicial Branch about a corruption issue within the Judicial Branch and one of the attorneys fellow Bar members.

    So at that point, “What Separation of Powers?” They by doing this have just rendered the purpose and intent of the Separation of Powers completely Defunct. Then of Course Icing the cake with the same old Standard Exit line consisting of “It sure sounds like you need a good attorney” Which of course is necessary to win a case between two litigants from the public, because to win, they need a trusted and controlled by the Bar/Judiciary fellow member of the Bar to get the cash to the Judge so as to buy yourself some justice.

    But if you have a major issue with the judiciary, then the attorneys job is to string you along with the standard menu of theatrics for awhile, then after bleeding you financially and emotionally , they desert you . So leaving the victim just that much worse off , less financially capable , emotionally and mentally exhausted, to the point even those of who that are around the victim , are kind enough to suggest to them that they should just give up and pursue their lives.

    When in fact their lives, everything they have worked and sacrificed for their entire adult lives has just been criminally stolen by the corrupt Judiciary and crooked and accommodating Legal profession.

    having the remainder of County Council members , Senators , etc be so intent on brown nosing the judiciary and defrauding the victim that voted them into Office. Chumming it up with this self professed elite Group who just snicker and laugh all the way to the bank. Over confident with their RICO thinking that they have it all wrapped up, under their thumbs and in complete control of other peoples lives, homes, assets, children, futures and or fruits from past achievements.

    Confidently knowing for sure well in advance that the FBI, U.S. Attorney and local Law enforcement will not do one damn thing regarding upholding the Law, Constitutional Rights or Investigating Judicial Criminal RICO Public Corruption. Nor will the U.S. Trustee. If you find yourself telling them or the criminally corrupt Judiciary that you will be suing them , filing complaints etc., Well then, let that be the reason why they send down the U.S. marshals to attempt to intimidate you, Threaten you, flat out refuse to adhere to DOJ Guidelines uphold the Law or your guaranteed Rights openly right in front of your face.
    Doing so with a juvenile spiteful smirk on their faces
    Clearly attempting to portray themselves as being superior, superior with the authority to refuse to uphold the Law, stop criminal acts from being executed against you by the judiciary. All because they are holding hands with other spineless nothing corrupt POS and as a group , are defrauding you and the rest of the people as well. So they get a little chance to screw someone over and briefly pretend that they are really something! 8am to 4:30pm 5 days a week. Then its back to their individual meaningless, screwed up lives over the weekend while they spend our tax dollars they receive for Aiding & Abetting Criminal RICO Public Corruption in robbing the victims of their Rights, their Assets, their Right to Honest legal services, their Right to Trust, their Right to home and property, privacy, Safety, their own hard earned good credit, their children, their public reputations now smeared .

    So like a crazy person myself, how have you been Jim? Its been the longest time since I have spoken to you. Even after we exchanged phone numbers and I tried to call you, we still have never spoken to each other personally.

    I am certain that you recall as to how the U.S. Marshals were stealing mass Data from my AT&T Account, hacking into my computer and making unauthorized access through my Google Account . With Google sending me Security notices accompanied with Street view maps showing the exact locatons of these hack ins being right outside the Federal court house and U.S. Marshals Office right on Stewart Street and 7th Ave, in Seattle, several right outside the Ninth Circuit down in S.F. Ca., once right on Penn. Ave in the District of Columbia, Wa. D. C..

    Now as of over the last 3 billing cycles, they have stolen ljke never before! Robbing from me over 123.8 Gigs of Data so as to make me come to a halt, wasting hours/days on the phone and online with AT&T trying to convince them that my single laptop and my Motorola Razr phone made in 2005 are not the Data using culprits here. Obviously my laptop nor myself have the ability to use 10 gigs of data in a couple hours.. End result being costing me several hundreds of dollars that I don’t have , time that I don’t have and reducing my speed to a snails pace so doing anything online is out of the question. Sick Bastards.

    Bruce Gambill ,

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