NOTE: This is what 18 USC 241 Conspiracy Against Rights and 242 Under Color of Law looks like. This is Matt L’Hommedieu in Court, I am way in the back with others as witnesses, Matt really is a former SEAL, USAF PJ, Fire Department Captain, and here is the judge who has put him in jail for contempt for refusing a psych exam ordered because he must be delusional to claim he was once a SEAL; see  AND LINKS

PLEASE NOTE: Imagine if someone really was a Navy SEAL, USAF PJ (double Tier 1 Special Operator), and you have a judge saying that claim sounds like delusion so we need a psych exam to see if this person can represent himself pro se on a one-year-old misdemeanor charge, and that person is what he says he was:

1) He is prevented by the oaths he took not to reveal that which establishes his bona fides to a judge who did not even bother to ask for his DD214 (also two former SEALs came to court to vouch for his bona fides who were ignored by his assigned PD lawyer and the Court);

2) As a former SEAL and PJ with an active Top Secret clearance, there are protocols to be followed when he is incarcerated to protect him, the secrets he knows, protection from reprisals etc all ignored because his claims were ignored by this judge, the assigned lawyer and others in the Clark County Sheriff’s Department and jail;

3) the FACT that Matt was a former SEAL and USAF PJ entrusted with some of the nation’s deepest and darkest secrets and operations, speaks to his candidacy for bail, speaks to his own claims being heard and considered; which is clearly why this judge and this lawyer assigned to Matt, against his expressed wishes, were observed by us (I am in the back with others taking notes) colluding with the lawyer Jeffrey Barrar for over 30 minutes ex parte in a courtroom not the judge’s assigned one, during this hearing moved from its original scheduled time and made difficult to locate at the front desk.; problem is how to keep Matt quiet and not putting on the record his own accounts, his story, evidence of his resume, that reveal the monstrous treatment and apparent coordinated conspiracy against his rights going on here in Vantucky; they have to have a lawyer assigned to him that can be counted on to keep him quiet, sell him out, speak instead of him and not for him and those intent on framing him need a reliable judge working with the lawyer which is what we witnessed and we believe is shown here in this court hearing.

4) This judge, the prosecutor, the Vancouver Police, the Clark County Sheriff’s office, the Jail, this lawyer and others will find out soon they have this time apparently from the evidence here and elsewhere, tried to frame and railroad the wrong guy; he is what he says he is and more and the Special Operations Community has been notified and now from various angles and levels, will come, searchlights, followed by spotlights, followed by flashlights and lasers, from the macro to micro. This town, is regarded by many who live here, as an inbred cesspool of cabals and networks of smug, hidden, cowardly, racist inbreds, who fancy themselves “Pioneer Stock”, in reality nothing but common thugs with nothing resumes, embellished with nothing awards to each other, that, along with the various institutions they infiltrate and occupy,  run this place known commonly as “Vantucky”, like some kind of pre-Civil War plantation coupled with a Spanish Inquisition level of local “Justice”.

They know that his case and some others threaten to tear this place wide open along with the various civic organizations, law firms, public offices and officers, law enforcement at all levels, all of them that are the necessary “working parts”, of regular and serial conspiracies against the rights of the vulnerable, immigrants, people of color, that his place and the backroom cabals running it, along with some knuckle-dragging corrupt cops doing their thug work, are well-known for eng;ging in, with so many documented cases over so many years left un-examined and unaddressed.

In Matt’s case he worked both with Congressman Zinke and Admiral McRaven as a SEAL and former PJ. Matt is in a SERE situation a prisoner of corrupt elements, deep in, that did not do their own due diligence, some drawn into corruption by others as favor payback now realizing how deep they have been drawn in and the forces being arrayed against them and that this time they got and railroaded the wrong person, not just some down-and-out derelict easy to railroad out of town, slap into jail, terrorize into signing away his rights, or some meat for PD-Prosecutor-Police-Judicial collusion to ensure an easy conviction and no rights being pushed by some PD with a fixation on Justice and responsibilities of an attorney and officer of the court rather some sweet deals and regular business with the indigent and defenseless–they thought.

Notice that neither the judge, nor the prosecutor, nor the lawyer, nor the head of the jail, none of them bothered to just ask for a DD214 to establish that Matt was a former SEAL and PJ or to talk with the two former SEALs who came to Court to vouch for Matt that he was not delusional, still holds an active TS clearance, was and is trusted with the nation’s deepest and darkest secrets WHY? They cannot dare now let him speak, they need anb assigned lawyer to prevent him representing himself pro se. Look at this tape carefully and realize that we in the back of this excuse for a courtroom saw much more than is on this tape.


Dean Thank you for the tag, when I look and see the beauty all around me and how very blessed I am, how can I not thank God for what… show more

Hi Dean thanks so much for the kind thought and tag and this is wonderful. By the way, my friend, who is being railroaded horribly, I am working with him to expose the corruption, he is not only a former SEAL but also PJ (double Tier 1 Navy and USAF) who the judge, without even bothering to ask for a DD214, ordered him for a psych eval and then put him in jail for contempt for resisting it, because: “he must be delusional and unable to represent himself claiming to be a former SEAL, PJ and Fire Department Captain with a current TS clearance–never asking what IF he really is what he says he is and is being framed by the corrupt cop who arrested him based on a complaint from his ex wife the cop was having an affair with?) because he is a USAF former PJ as well as ex SEAL, you know there are national security issues here, he cannot defend himself and had to go into SERE training he cannot answer as he is bound by his oaths, this is something for OSI on the Air Force side and NCIS on Navy side, they had him 35 days in jail no bail, he was threatened inside, put in solitary, forced on drugs and mo

good luck with this very sad case Jim, he’s lucky to have you, and we’ll be praying for you dear brother 💜

Professor James Craven: I’m sorry to hear that it sounds very similar to a case I was involved with assisting a Vietnam Nam Vet Wild Weasel Pilot. Our Judges sometimes have no respect for those service members who at one time wrote a check up to the value of their life, to see judges NOT honor them is atrocious!

Hi Dean, thanks so much, and this is literally life-and-death no hyperbole, the evidence for your and other trained eyes in OSI and NCIS, and this has been sent also to JSOC, CENTCOM as Matt worked with Admiral McRaven and Congressman Zinke as a SEAL, there is deep corruption here Dean, you know from your training that if you have any kind of conspiracy against rights, there has to be motive, there has to be coordination, and there has to be moving and working parts some of which must be counted upon to do what they say they can when needed. I worked undercover in Puerto Rico as a project head, designed and executor to examine the underground economy of PR, drugs, prostitution,bolitos and tax evasion, I did recruiting and running of CIs, for that and other work I am Court-qualified as an economist and forensic economist expert witness, and went to FBI and others under 18 USC4 (Misprision of Felony duty to report knowledge of commision of a felony crime but that means I am liable if I have told one lie or attempted to misuse them for nefarious purposes) but there is extensive corruption in local law enforcement who of course horse trade with local FBI. Even if Matt were lying and he is not, two SEALS came to court to vouch for him with photos of them in gear and the judge made no move to hear them



I received the following note from Matt and met with him today and there are serious issues here on so many levels: Lawrence Matthew L’Hommedieu is an innocent man, who as a former U.S. Navy SEAL, USAF ParaRescue (double Tier 1 SOF Operator) as well as DHS-cleared Fire Captain and former Firefighter, has had his life, family, his children alienated and abused, and reputation turned upside, down by forces now so deep in their apparent corruption being exposed in layers daily, having committed so many crimes so far, they have no way out, they apparently think, other than his total destruction, his sanity questioned, his resume and service to America denied by creatures who could never make a footnote on his resume.

WE have more than what FBI calls “predicate evidence” to warrant full federal investigation under 18 USC 4 (Misprision of Felony); 241 & 242 (Conspiracy Against Rights & Under Color of Law); 73 (Obstruction of Justice); 28 USC 455 (Duty of Report and Recusal of Judges for Cause) and so much more.

From: matt l’hommedieu

Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2016 6:43 AM

To: James Craven

Subject: Re: Update needed


My phone is

It would be great to meet up if you have the chance. I have an appointment with my doctor at the VA today to try and clarify my [deleted]

I have written a document that I will be taking them outlining my reasoning for being …. [quotes added]

It is enclosed for your viewing pleasure. It may be repetitive, and garbled. It is difficult for me to go over this without being triggered, so I fight through it and just try and get my words and ideas on paper.

While they may be garbled, and of course grammatically butchered, it is my attempt at recording the events that have transpired over the past couple of years.

The thing about the truth, it never changes. It appears that after Traci posted the article on December 5, 2016 regarding this being reminiscent of the [deleted] case, that the State of Washington has put the murder for hire plot on the back burner for a bit. Make no mistake, they are going to present this charge at a later date.



They have woven this story and are getting ready to present this charge against me with their 3 or 4 witnesses.

Instead of waiting for this to happen, I am presenting this document to my VA physician letting him know about my paranoia, and the reasoning behind it.

I am also thinking of ….

Your thoughts and counsel would be greatly appreciated.



Dear Matt, Traci and Guy,

Here are some thoughts after our discussion today: [Snip]….The point is the pure FACT, FACT, nothing more than that, never mind allegations, especially on a misdemeanor., that when an accused in response to a direct question from a judge, notes he is not only a former U.S. Navy SEAL, but also former USAF PJ with an active TS clearance, that FACT alone, bears directly on that man’s fitness for bail, bears on listening carefully to ANYTHING he has to say about the charges against him, AND it most certainly bears on any allegations about that man’s sanity or character, anyone ordering an examination of his sanity and ability to represent himself pro se; and certainly the credentials and legal authority for anyone designated to examine him; but it also bears directly on serious national security issues:

1) Potential notification of and immediate loss of any security clearances presently active for anyone even under investigation let alone being charged;

2) vulnerability of accused to extortion, compromise, pressure, revenge from prisoners with personal agenda or being paid to do a hit against him while in jail and/or by those running the jail and/or by those responsible for his being in jail;

3) possible secrets entrusted to this man from past positions in government and military held, some of America’s deepest and darkest, being let out during sleep or due to medications ordered against his will weakening his resolve and ability to resist;

4) foreign or domestic agents of treason or crimes attempting to recruit and use and leverage him and his situation for nefarious purposes;

For these and other reasons there are serious national security issues here that demand outside high-level federal investigation urgently:

1) Especially when there is evidence that this man, Lawrence Matthew L’Hommedieu, has not only been mocked and his court statements (that can be used against him if untrue), that he is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, USAF ParaRescue PJ, Firefighter and Fire Captain DHS-cleared and trained, holder of an active TS clearance, summarily mocked and dismissed by the judge, Zimmerman, with no concern or care taken to verify this claim, and thus his Matt’s statements not only summarily dismissed by this judge demonstrating his own biases and thus unfitness to continue to sit on the case per 28 USC 455, but Matt’s claims of having been a SEAL and PJ were then were asserted to be per se “evidence” of his being possibly delusional, and thus unable to conduct a pro se defense or even assist in his own defense with an assigned public defender, against a misdemeanor allegation from a year ago; the supposed “basis” to order a psych exam, ordered from an apparently unqualified but specially selected person;

2) This judge went on to appoint as pubic defender, not requested by Matt L’Hommedieu who never waived right to a speedy trial and declared he would represent himself pro se, someone, John Terry, who turns out to be a friend an acknowledged personal friend in court, also the friend and former employee of another lawyer, Jeffrey Barrar, also a friend and major instigator and escalator of the charges against this Matt;

3) Many serious apparent felony crimes have been committed and are being committed against Matt L’Hommedieu in an apparent calculated, sustained, and coordinated campaign against him, and thus his children alienated and suffering child abuse, by his ex-wife and her apparent lover an ex-police officer for both Vancouver Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s office, assisted by coordinated prosecutor, defense, judicial and police misconduct and conspiracy, they have every incentive and no way out, except to try to continue to attempt to slime and defame this man, use and abuse his children against him, inflict serious and calculated psychological and physical harm on him;

4) BECAUSE OF THE OATHS HE HAS TAKEN, he is unable to reveal facts that would establish his bona fides, (even two fellow SEALs who came to Court hearings repeatedly to vouch for him were never called to be heard by the Court or the lawyer assigned to him); thus it is up to the SOF Community at JSOC and SOCOM to assist him because he is fighting against forces arrayed against him, unable to expose hard facts that bear on his eligibility for bail, the veracity of and motives behind the charges and those making them against him; there are present and future dangers to national security because of the oaths he has taken, with all sorts of possibilities on the horizon, if discovery requests are made on either sides. It is imperative that this all be investigated immediately from outside including from JSOC/SOCOM/FBI at highest levels including of all those making charges against him and their own life histories and profiles.


Just Received to identify those involved:

[deleted name]

Actually, JT is Vancouver attorney John Terry (left in the photo) and KC is Kris Carracos (right in the photo).  Like Josephine Townsend and so many other WA State Bar Association members who victimize the innocent, these two attorneys strike an unethical deal in the background of ongoing hearings in Judge Zimmerman’s courtroom. This type of behavior violates the rules of professional conduct and federal laws, but most significantly, it demonstrates by example the case fixing that has become a part of the culture of the Clark County judicial system.

Wow, what a find. Just to clarify…”J.T.” is Josephine Townsend, correct? Do we know who “K.C.” is?




Family, friends and supporters of Matt L’Hommedieu,


Anthony O’Leary is the Compliance Manager for Complaints and Incident Management for DSHS at the State level. The fact that Matt is still being held indefinitely in this situation with NO BAIL, and no hearing scheduled in District Court for the opportunity to address the bail issue until January 11, 2017 is outrageous. We are hoping for a prompt resolution. Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Mr. Terry,

Matt is confused (as are his friends and supporters) as to exactly why he is being held at this point without bail on misdemeanor charges that he bailed out on in 2015…. or to mandate a 10.77 evaluation that he submitted to 20 days ago. Superior court is not holding him without bail for the 2nd evaluation that was ordered to cover up the botched first one, so why is District Court demanding the indefinite incarceration of Matt L’Hommedieu?

Outside of court appearances and sitting in to influence the :”in-custody” 10.77 evaluation for a finding of incompetence, you have met with your client exactly 1 time (in jail) since you were appointed on September 13, 2016.  That must be some kind of record in the category of Clark County’s “Do-Little-or-Nothing” court-appointed defense.

I have attempted to answer this question myself by obtaining all court records filed in Matt’s case. This has been fruitless as there is no explanation in court record. It is not unreasonable for me to ask for an answer to the question of bail since I speak with Matt on a daily basis, and since you have consistently refused to inform your client of the status of his situation. Irregardless of the lack of respect you and I may have for one another, it is inhumane for you to treat your client, or anyone for that matter, in this way.

Thank you for a response to the question as to why Matt continues to be held without bail, and when there might be a change in that status.

Thank you for a quick response to these questions.


Traci Eccles, friend of Matt L’Hommedieu

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Guy Bini <>

Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 10:10 PM

Subject: complaint: abuse of process

To: “” <>

Cc: Traci Eccles <>, Guy Bini <>

December 12, 2016

Dear Mr. O’Leary,

We are writing to inform you about procedural errors that have created a travesty of justice that has been inflicted upon one of our nations hero’s.

On November 14, 2016, Lawrence Matthew L’Hommedieu (Matt) was taken into custody for violation of a court order for failing to submit to a frivolous 10.77 mental health evaluation.

On August 8, 2016, Clark County District Court Judge Darvin J. Zimmerman ordered the evaluation when Mr. L’Hommedieu attempted to proceed as a pro se defendant in a misdemeanor harassment case that had been languishing since February 24, 2015, nearly 18 months. Judge Zimmerman stated that he believed Matt to be delusional and challenged the veracity of Matt’s statements in open court that he was in fact a US Navy Seal Team 1 veteran, a US Air Force Para Rescue Special Operator veteran and a retired fire captain and paramedic of the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue. Attached is a copy of Matt’s DD-214 from the US Navy, certificate of graduation and SEAL designation as a combat swimmer.

As of the date of this letter, Matt L’Hommedieu will have been held for 28 days without bail. On November 23rd, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, DSHS evaluator Patricia A. Gribble [fka Patricia A. Rice] performed the 10.77 evaluation. Matt has stated it took her only 45 minutes to complete. This was nine days after Matt was taken into custody. Ms. Gribble reported her findings that Matt was “competent to understand the case against him” but “incompetent to assist counsel in his own defense.” Ms. Gribble’s report made no mention of Matt’s background as a high level special operator in the US military, or as a retired fire captain.

Due to the questionable circumstances of the Nov 23rd evaluation, a 2nd evaluation was ordered on December 2nd. As of the date of this letter, the 2nd evaluation has not been scheduled.

As a tier 1 special operator in two of the four branches of the US military, Matt received “Code Q” security clearance. He has been entrusted with high level national security secrets. In addition, as a captain and paramedic with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Matt was given Homeland Security Clearance.

At this point, it should be obvious to anyone with a room temperature IQ that Matt is authentic and the Clark County criminal justice system is creating additional liability for themselves and for the State of Washington. What Matt needs now is a hero to save him and the residents of the State of Washington from the burden of unnecessary liability. Will you help prevent this travesty of justice? Please let us know.


Guy Bini & Traci Eccles, concerned citizens

Vancouver, WA

“In a democracy, the highest office is the office of citizen.” ~ Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter

Approved for redistribution

Mr. Terry,

I was just looking for the DSHS Ombudsman information so I could file a complaint about your mishandling of Matt L’Hommedieu’s defense (including your refusal to speak to your client or adhere to his wishes of challenging the 10.77 evaluation done nearly 20 days ago), as well as the Courts neglect to adhere to Trueblood mandates in Matt’s case.  I ran across these gems and thought you may be interested in brushing up… especially on a “hot off the press” link regarding the recent escalating costs of FAILING in this area.  Thanks!

Milestone: December 5th, 2016



PLEASE NOTE: Lawrence Matthew L’Hommedieu is under siege, put on various medications, kept on Clark County Jail without bail, with apparent serious judicial, prosecutorial, attorney and police abuses and outright felonies apparent with sufficient predicate evidence to warrant a federal investigation. This is an emergency, Matt L’Hommedieu is under siege by forces with past histories with him on several levels now using law and piling-on of false charges, to keep him in jail without bail, order psych evals of him without cause, a judge openly calling him delusional for suggesting he was once a U.S. Navy SEAL, USAF Para-Rescue, still holding a TS clearance, this judge even today mocked him, claimed he has heard of new charges coming down that Matt supposedly solicited snitches in the joint to do hits for him. see where this is going?

There is so much serial abuse and denial of his rights that these creatures are deep in it now, they have no way out except to have Matt seen as totally insane and/or up on serious felony charges from the misdemeanor charges now they have turned into felony charges while he was in jail with no bail for contempt of court for exercising his 5th Amendment and other rights not to submit to a psych eval without basis and cause;



From: Traci Eccles

Sent: Friday, December 9, 2016 7:01 PM

Subject: RE: Matt L’Hommedieu


Matt has been taken out of solitary confinement, moved back into general jail population, and has been informed that no charges will be brought against him regarding the recent allegations of “solicitation to commit murder” by the Jeffrey Barrar law firm. Matt’s next hearing will be Monday, December 12th at 9 am in Clark County Superior Court. His attorney, Jennie Clark, intends to contest the 10.77 evaluation results and has been working on arranging for an outside (unbiased) assessment. Matt is in exceptionally good spirits due to this reverse in direction that has recently occurred. He has expressed an interest in finding out if he qualifies for Clark County’s Special Therapeutic Veteran’s Court. A special thanks to all those who have taken the interest and time to support Matt, in the courtroom, on Facebook, and behind the scenes. While Matt’s situation is still concerning since he is still being held in jail without bail, with the continued efforts of his SEAL brothers, friends and supporters, it seems likely that Matt will be released in the near future.

Mr. Terry,

Matt would like you to contact him as soon as possible at Clark County jail. He would like you to appeal the mental health evaluation and Judge Zimmerman’s order for restoration. He understands there is a 10 day window for that action to be taken so contact with you in the matter is necessary. Also a new discussion regarding bail seems appropriate. Thank you for your efforts on Matt’s behalf.


PLEASE NOTE: Lawrence Matthew L’Hommedieu is under siege, put on various medications, kept on Clark County Jail without bail, with apparent (see tapes for yourelf) serious judicial, prosecutorial, attorney and police misconduct, serial denials of basic due process, abuses and outright felonies apparent with sufficient predicate evidence to warrant a federal investigation.

This is an emergency, Matt L’Hommedieu is under siege by forces with past histories with him on several levels now using law and piling-on of false charges, to keep him in jail without bail, order psych evals of him without cause; a judge openly mocking him and calling him delusional for suggesting he was once a U.S. Navy SEAL, USAF Para-Rescue, still holding a TS clearance, (all of it true and this Judge Zimmerman made no attempt to verify it is all true) this judge even today mocked him, claimed he has heard of new charges coming down that Matt supposedly solicited snitches in the joint to do hits for him; charges the prosecutor had not even heard of. See where this is going?

And I of course know for a fact that elements in the Clark County Sheriff’s Office as well as VPD are rotten to the core as well as local elements of FBI who have also been made aware of this case and situation but I was unable to speak to a local FBI agent about 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony; 18 USC 241 Conspiracy Against Right s and Under Color of Law; 28 USC 455 Recusals of Judges for Bias, Animus and Conflicts of Interest; [see “Hush Money” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” here  see also ]

These are some of the same elements that have run and run down Vancouver, known as “Vantucky” a little shit hole run by backroom cabals of frightened and proudly, smugly white [trash] so proud of their supposed white skin and “pioneer genes” they had nothing to do with but wear it, along with their considerable obesity and pot bellies in many cases, with exaggerated and unearned pride. These inbreds, along with elements of the local police and government, routinely fix jobs and contracts not only in the private sector, but in the public sector, and they seek and run non-transparent, non-accountable power networks and need to be exposed as we are doing and as Matt’s case is doing.

There is so much serial abuse and denial of his rights that these creatures are deep in it now, they have no way out except to have Matt seen as totally insane and/or up on serious felony charges from the misdemeanor charges now they have turned into felony charges while he was in jail with no bail for contempt of court for exercising his 5th Amendment and other rights not to submit to a psych eval without basis and cause;




Jim Craven, Supporter of Matt L’Hommedieu

From: Traci Eccles

Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 11:02 AM

To: AB

Subject: Fwd: Patricia Gribble Rice

Below is a message I sent to Matt’s court appointed attorney this morning per his request.

Attorney John Terry (formerly of the Jeffrey Barrar law firm) has continued to contact attorney Jennie Clark against his client’s expressed wishes that he not interfere with that separate case. He (John Terry) has also failed, again, to make any contact with Matt while he has been in solitary confinement. Mr. Terry’s goal seems to be to ensure that Matt is found to be “criminally insane”. Mr. Terry has not denied that, and makes no bones about indicating that being the direction he wishes these proceedings to go. There is no telling what twisted events will come out of today’s 1:00 hearing that is supposed to be a status hearing regarding release.

After speaking with Matt yesterday during his 1 hour out of “the hole” he expressed concerns that his military benefits will be discontinued due to this indefinite incarceration and that he will be stripped of any ability to continue to afford defense in any of these ridiculous allegations being levied against him.

We will provide an update following today’s hearing.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Traci Eccles <>

Date: Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 10:12 AM

Subject: Patricia Gribble Rice

To: John Terry <>

Cc: matt l’hommedieu <>

Mr. Terry,

Will you be able to confirm the qualifications of 10.77 evaluator Patricia A. Gribble Rice as well as her current employment status with Western State Hospital? There seems to be some confusion about her current status and qualifications. And in light of the circumstances surrounding the previous diagnosis made by Ms. Gribble (Rice) after having spent less than one hour with your client, she certainly is not going to be the one to do a second evaluation correct? As of last night’s phone call, Matt had yet to hear from you about anything.

I promised Matt, once again, that I would pass on his desire to speak to you, as well as his request that you NOT communicate with his actual attorney, Jennie Clark.

Thank you,

Traci Eccles, friend of Matt L’Hommedieu


Matt L’Hommedieu’s situation in connection with the Clark County Criminal Justice System is going sideways quickly, and not due to anything he is doing. The attack on Matt has been escalated to a level that has precedent in Clark County and typically concludes with a false conviction and lengthy prison sentence.

This is a playbook maneuver to avoid the only thing that those individuals involved in multi-generational racketeering in Clark County fear– liability and wide-spread exposure. Favors are being called in, backs are being covered, and there will be little to no chance for justice to step anywhere near Matt’s case(s) without outside intervention at this point.

There is a clear effort underway to deplete Matt’s funds and ensure that he loses disability income through long-term incarceration… but it is far worse than that. Matt is being accused (not yet charged) with solicitation to commit MURDER. These allegations and the surrounding circus show began last Friday, and were the main event during today’s hearing.

The hearing was held in a private courtroom as a special set (no other cases being heard). When we arrived (early), there were only three individuals in the courtroom: Judge Darvin Zimmerman, attorney John Terry, and attorney Jeffrey Barrar who is the accuser in the recent Superior Court charges of Harassment-Death Threats against Matt, as well as the brewing claims of Solicitation to Commit Murder. The three men had been chatting it up when we entered, but Barrar left abruptly as we seated ourselves. A total of five of us were spectators in the courtroom(all in support of Matt).

Matt was marched in to the courtroom, medicated to the point of minimal coherence, in full shackles, surrounded by four armed guards and the director of the jail. So to reiterate… Judge Zimmerman, John Terry, the prosecutor, five supporters of Matt in the courtroom, and five heavily armed jail staff. What occurred from that point forward focused on the informal hearsay conviction of Matt by the Judge for crimes which which he has yet to be charged. Zimmerman even threw out “17 years in prison” as Matt’s prospective future. We ordered the video immediately after exiting the courtroom and will post it in its entirety as soon as it becomes available.

Matt desperately needs some powerful people to intervene on his behalf. He has not done what he is being accused of, these people have made a mess of this situation and in order to avoid liability and bad press at a time when they are under the radar at a federal level regarding a tremendous amount of wrongful acts and rampant misconduct, they are pooling their resources to avoid being exposed further. A good attorney, who is disconnected from the local politics, will be able to rip these baseless allegations apart. The only way those who have targeted Matt will succeed in this is to keep it all in house.

We know Matt has powerful friends and SEAL brothers across the US. We can not do anything more for Matt than we already have. We will continue to support all efforts to free Matt from the Clark County Rat’s Nest, but it will take a lot more to stop this runaway train. Please feel free to contact us.

Traci Eccles (360) 907-3738

Guy Bini (360) 907-3841

To: Matt L’Hommedieu’s friends, family and other interested parties:

jerry spence 51z+H1Zv7uL__SX328_BO1,204,203,200_


Matt’s next court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6th at 1:00 PM in Clark County District Court.

Matt has been kept in solitary confinement in Clark County Jail for 6 days, and was denied visitors this afternoon. This outrageous mistreatment stems from new claims from the Jeffrey Barrar law firm (Vancouver Defenders) that were inappropriately brought forth in an unrelated hearing on Friday of last week.

Mr. Barrar has a known conflict of interest through ties to ten years of land use litigation against Matt that went to the level of WA Supreme Court. [Dennis & Elizabeth Lane v. Skamania County et al–Lawrence L’Hommedieu & Jane Doe L’Hommedieu] Dennis Lane, an attorney and party to this legal action, was a partner with “English, Lane, Marshall, Barrar PLLC at that time. THIS CAN BE VERIFIED THROUGH RECORD AND HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE COURT.

Mr. Barrar has shown up to be recognized by the judge and has been allowed to make disparaging remarks and outbursts, as well as to bring forth claims against Matt in numerous hearings captured on video over the past 3 months.

For Tuesday’s hearing, Matt’s court-appointed attorney continues to be John Terry, formerly of the Jeffrey Barrar Law Firm. The case fixing doesn’t get much more obvious than this!

As the unsubstantiated allegations against Matt appear to be coming out of the woodwork, “eyes in the courtroom” continues to be the best method to curb Clark County misconduct and prevent this ongoing 3-ring circus!

Please attend Tuesday’s hearing in support of Matt! Thank you!

Traci Eccles, friend of Matt L’Hommedieu

RE: 16-1-02278-2 felony harassment with death threats.

powerful 06e18d4c-4315-4ca5-a479-d385cec28258-medium

Here is the audio file of the phone call to VPD dispatch. It was not a 911 emergency call.

The call was made at 12:12 PM on August 10 regarding ‘emails’ that were sent. You can hear that [deleted] Barrar in the background coaching McLoughlin.

In the call, drill down or probable cause, there was no mention of the Jeffrey Barrar Law Firm being 1) evacuated 2) locked down or 3) death threats being made.

The call to VPD was made by a Co-worker, Melissa McLoughlin (last name spelling is incorrect but sounds like).

This is an example of the burden from the state’s inept case of misdemeanor harassment assault IV DV [ 215019D] dating back to Feb 24, 2015 to felony harassment with death threats [16-1-02278-2]. Neither event happened. I thought that making false statements was a crime.

Here are both case numbers that are being charged in Clark County.

  • Clark County District Court case file No. 215019D – misdemeanor Assault IV & Harassment; filed Feb 24, 2015
  • Clark County Superior Court case file No. 16-1-02278-2 felony harassment with death threats; filed Nov 10, 2016

We’re putting a timeline together for Matt’s friends and family to have a better perspective as to what has transpired.


COURAGE twaincourage

From: Traci Eccles
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 3:54 PM
Subject: Matt’s alleged Felony charge


Attached are the dispatch audio and event drill downs from August 10th, the day Matt is alleged to have sent “death threat” emails to his newly assigned attorney Katie Kauffman.  There are so many concerning details that don’t fit what has been stated in open court over the past two months.

Also, in the audio, the caller states there were 14 emails sent from Matt. According to the sent box from Matt’s email account on that morning, up to the time of the call to police dispatch, there were nowhere near that many emails.  Could there be “death threat” emails floating around that came from another author/source and are being attributed to Matt? Should the emails actually sent from Matt be authenticated?

Short of one or two quoted lines on the attached audio call and in the Oct. 5th police report, I don’t believe the actual emails have been produced or disclosed by the prosecution.

I have also included a list of questions I posted on my blog and on FB regarding questions surrounding the new charge against Matt.

Thank you!

Traci Eccles



Thank you Jim! Talk soon!

On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 5:12 AM, James Craven <> wrote:

Dear Traci and Guy,

I went to FBI after the court, I and that other SEAL who came were at 1 pm court with Lewis but they came and said no court. The clerk at FBI knew who I was and that I had been there before, also under 18 USC 4 duty to report knowledge of actual commission of a felony crime cognizable by a Court of the U.S. the same authority I cited to speak to the Court in the interests of Justice, per duty under 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony, to inform of possible Judicial and Prosecutorial misconduct and obstruction of justice per 28 USC 455 on mandatory recusals of all magistrates, judges and justices when there is even the appearance of conflicts of interest, malice, bias; under 18 USC 242 I believe I am witnessing Conspiracy Against Rights Under Color of Law.

I noted to Wendy the FBI clerk, she said she was not a Special Agent and that all the FBI special agents were away, yet while talking to her in the hallway, one of them came out in TAC gear, and she wrote down this: “FBI Public Access—line 1-800-225-5324 and she told me to call the number with my evidence and allegations and they will be notified if this is a matter for their jurisdiction.

Last time they took and ignored two full boxes of documents, tapes and direct physical evidence, gathered and indexed for them, complete with texts of relevant case law, even putting in writing no evidence crimes they could see or act upon.fbireceiptdocsScan0006 and fbirollinsScan0007 and fbirespoinseScan0008

But I had to try again and will continue because there are crimes going on and fraud upon the Court PLUS remember there are also national security implications here; Matt as a former SEAL is a former Tier One Special Operations Warrior and thus carrier and keeper of some of the deepest and darkest secrets and in his case he noted to the judge that he still has an active TS/SCI clearance which the judge Zimmerman ignored and even mocked. And that former lawyer was in court, he obviously got the message I mistakenly hit reply all to you so he knows he will be fully investigated, where he comes from, who he knows, all of it, along with the prosecutors, and some of the cops.

I cited this statute to FBI, a Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Smetana Badge No 3463 as well as to the Clark County Superior Court Clerk Office as my legal authority to request to speak to the Court in the interests of Justice, per my duty under 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony, to bring what I believe to be predicate evidence of actual commission of felony crimes under 18 USC 4 (also duty of law enforcement and judicidary) 28 USC 455 on Recusals of Judges for conflicts of interest and demonstrated animus or bias, and 18 USC 242 Conspiracy Against Rights Under Color of Law:

18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 684Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(G), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

I cited this hearing tape on Youtube as part of my basis for alleging that I have witnessed and am witnessing actual commissions of felony crimes by members of the judiciary, Clark County Prosecutor’s Office, Clark County Sheriff’s office,

From: Traci Eccles
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2016 9:32 PM
To: Omahkohkiaaiipooyii1
Subject: Oct 13 video

Matt L’Hommedieu Oct 3, 2016 hearing

I was obstructed in this duty despite my protests and quoting this statute as my legal authority and duty to address the Court with information being denied the Court not only by the prosecutors but by defense attorneys imposed upon Matt as we was denied his right to represent himself pro se and summarily labeled incompetent and even a liar by a judge with no basis and who refused to provide legal findings requested by Matt for his denial to represent himself pro se and imposing a psych eval and various gratuitous comments for the record by the judge piling on profiling of Matt as crazy, delusional, making fantastic claims of having been a SEAL, with an active TS/SCI clearance etc.

  1. U.S. Code› Title 28 › Part I › Chapter 21 › § 455

28 U.S. Code § 455 – Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate judge

Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

(a) Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.

(b) He shall also disqualify himself in the following circumstances:

(1) Where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party, or personal knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the proceeding;

(2) Where in private practice he served as lawyer in the matter in controversy, or a lawyer with whom he previously practiced law served during such association as a lawyer concerning the matter, or the judge or such lawyer has been a material witness concerning it;

(3) Where he has served in governmental employment and in such capacity participated as counsel, adviser or material witness concerning the proceeding or expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy;

(4) He knows that he, individually or as a fiduciary, or his spouse or minor child residing in his household, has a financial interest in the subject matter in controversy or in a party to the proceeding, or any other interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding;

(5)He or his spouse, or a person within the third degree of relationship to either of them, or the spouse of such a person:

(i) Is a party to the proceeding, or an officer, director, or trustee of a party;

(ii) Is acting as a lawyer in the proceeding;

(iii) Is known by the judge to have an interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding;

(iv) Is to the judge’s knowledge likely to be a material witness in the proceeding.

(c) A judge should inform himself about his personal and fiduciary financial interests, and make a reasonable effort to inform himself about the personal financial interests of his spouse and minor children residing in his household.

(d) For the purposes of this section the following words or phrases shall have the meaning indicated:

(1) “proceeding” includes pretrial, trial, appellate review, or other stages of litigation;

(2) the degree of relationship is calculated according to the civil law system;

(3) “fiduciary” includes such relationships as executor, administrator, trustee, and guardian;

(4)“financial interest” means ownership of a legal or equitable interest, however small, or a relationship as director, adviser, or other active participant in the affairs of a party, except that:

(i) Ownership in a mutual or common investment fund that holds securities is not a “financial interest” in such securities unless the judge participates in the management of the fund;

(ii) An office in an educational, religious, charitable, fraternal, or civic organization is not a “financial interest” in securities held by the organization;

(iii) The proprietary interest of a policyholder in a mutual insurance company, of a depositor in a mutual savings association, or a similar proprietary interest, is a “financial interest” in the organization only if the outcome of the proceeding could substantially affect the value of the interest;

(iv) Ownership of government securities is a “financial interest” in the issuer only if the outcome of the proceeding could substantially affect the value of the securities.

(e) No justice, judge, or magistrate judge shall accept from the parties to the proceeding a waiver of any ground for disqualification enumerated in subsection (b). Where the ground for disqualification arises only under subsection (a), waiver may be accepted provided it is preceded by a full disclosure on the record of the basis for disqualification.

(f) Notwithstanding the preceding provisions of this section, if any justice, judge, magistrate judge, or bankruptcy judge to whom a matter has been assigned would be disqualified, after substantial judicial time has been devoted to the matter, because of the appearance or discovery, after the matter was assigned to him or her, that he or she individually or as a fiduciary, or his or her spouse or minor child residing in his or her household, has a financial interest in a party (other than an interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome), disqualification is not required if the justice, judge, magistrate judge, bankruptcy judge, spouse or minor child, as the case may be, divests himself or herself of the interest that provides the grounds for the disqualification.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 646, 62 Stat. 908Pub. L. 93–512, § 1, Dec. 5, 1974, 88 Stat. 1609Pub. L. 95–598, title II, § 214(a), (b), Nov. 6, 1978, 92 Stat. 2661Pub. L. 100–702, title X, § 1007, Nov. 19, 1988, 102 Stat. 4667Pub. L. 101–650, title III, § 321, Dec. 1, 1990, 104 Stat. 5117.)







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