Terrorism and Reprisals Against Whistle-blowers through BOLOs by Vancouver Police and other Government Agencies

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Dear Friends, please see the letter below from Traci Eccles, put on BOLO (Be on the Look Out) for local law enforcement for no reason other than she is a whistle-blower, along with her partner Guy, dealing with apparent serial misconduct and more by local police, prosecutors and others. I have seen some of the paperwork and I myself have documented my own dealings with some of the same, some different excuses for human beings that should never be allowed to wear a badge and gun, at local FBI, VPD, Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Clark County Clerk, Washington Human Rights Commission, Clark County Prosecutor, AG, Governor Inslee and more.

There is a vast network of criminals and crimes in both private and public-sector positions, including in police, judges, administration, prosecutors (we need volunteers to do network analysis based on resumes and public records) they are in both parties, they are not all, but there are key individuals and their minions and hangers-on, networks and associations and organizations among and within these various agencies mentioned.

They operate through civic associations, local law firms, various businesses, civic associations, like the  Rotary, Masons, other closed white male clubs, they have the likes of The Columbian as nothing as it is as one of their apparent mouthpieces, and various churches, mostly Calvinist (Methodist, Congregationalist, Baptist, Presbyterian or Mormons) in orientation or influence, but even as they hate Mormons and vice-versa, they work together, just like Republicans and Democrats and the Machine; their literature and political polemics show they have the same basic racist and terrified of change mentalities and interests but many of the Democrats have slicker masks and single-issue gimmicks than the Republicans more open about their mentalities and agenda.

Many of them fancy themselves “settler stock” or “pioneer stock”, and are so smug and proud of their pasty-white skin they had nothing to do with, their inbredness, afraid of the “purity of their garden” violated by “invasive species”, immigrants, non-Christians, or their type of Christian, brown or off-color people, and many of these local in-breds,  are not veterans but are chickenhawks, they swagger and posture macho, scream for wars and the military they never showed up for, so with cogntive dissonance issues and more, they kiss the assess of the few veterans, some of whom are old racists and were nothing in the military themselves, but tell a few war or hanger stories-lies and shine as tiny veteran frogs among chickenhawks in a small inbred and stagnant pond full of chickenhawks, inbreds who have never been anywhere and are terrified of change and losing their little turfs, cabals and fiefdoms. They are pathetic on one level but vicious and need to be exposed and taken out of the positions they are manifestly unfit to hold and brought to the bar of justice they pervert and subvert for their own agenda and ends.

They fear the sunlight and they have their minions in the police, school boards, Clark College and Trustees, WSU and Regents, various schools, and in private-sector employment, they can do and hire whom they wish unless there are fiduciary issues, but in public employment, nepotism, cronyism, cabals, contract fixing and bidding avoidance, all that treat public resources as private clubs, turfs, dynasties and the rest are crimes as well as practices that cause waste, derivative corruption and crimes, cover-ups and derivative cover-ups and more.

We need people to take matters in their own hands locally, form groups to investigate and film, file public records requests, find out where the likes of Rotary and others meet, and with0ut breaking the law, without approaching them in any way, find out who they are, film the cops if you see them making an arrest, keep witnesses with you at all times. But I an others have been up-close to some, not all, but there are enough of them, knuckle-draggers, thugs, racists and proud of it, otherwise unemployables, overweight, ignorant and smug and proud of it, barely literate, or some of them just plain psychopaths on a power trip. Like the chickenhawks who promote wars and military they and their kids never show up for, and thus can be played and used by the military to support wars founded on lies, so it is that many wimps in the public, liberals and conservatives, grateful for any hired muscle to “keep them safe”, they are used by the thug and corrupt elements of the police, and their cognitive dissonance issues, to garner blind toadying and sycophancy by some of the public.


Imagine what Traci and Guy are going through with BOLOs on them and the shootings by police we see have caused riots all over the nation, and knowing what kinds of apparent corrupt thugs and criminals wearing uniforms and carrying badges and guns can be found in the local law enforcement (and by the way for sure local FBI knows very well what is going on with the VPD, Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Clark County Prosecutor, Governor Inslee, the AG, Clark County Clerk, and others and they are part of the corruption if for no other reason than 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony, and I have receipts of the hard evidence they ignored and tried to bury making them criminals also).


Chief McElvain,

Contrary to what my harassers (Officers Aldridge & Hamlin) would like the entire department to believe, I am not “law enforcement unfriendly,” nor do I pose an “officer safety risk.” After over a year of attempts to clear my name from a “law enforcement hit list” in Vancouver, Clark County, WA, I have failed at my attempts to have my unlawfully displayed photo and personal information with warnings of “OFFICER SAFETY RISK” and “APPROACH WITH CAUTION” removed from its nearly two-year posted position on the walls of the Domestic Violence Prosecution Center.

I am writing to you today for some advice. During this nearly two-year ordeal, I have had a recurring nightmare more than half a dozen times… usually triggered when brutal shootings of civilians (usually Black) are plastered all over the news and social media.  In the dream, I am pulled over for a routine traffic stop by a local Peace Officer. As I glance in my rear-view mirror, I see that officers are approaching with weapons drawn…ready to shoot. At this point in the dream, I look at my hands and panic… I don’t know what to do to save my own life…raise my hands above my head, or keep them on the steering wheel.  In the dream, I hear shots fired and I am catapulted awake in a state of hyperventilation. After realizing it is just the “OFFICER SAFETY RISK” nightmare, I am able to calm myself down, but the intense fear and feelings of trauma usually remain for two to three days, and I am tortured with the inability to answer the question in my mind before I am shot to death in the dream.

Maybe you could share with me which would give me a better chance of remaining alive in a scenario in which a misinformed Vancouver Peace Officer does pull me over for a routine traffic stop, and, after running my license plate, falsely believes that a 30-year veteran school teacher, who had never owned or handled a gun in her life, and has not one instance of violence or criminal record for a lifetime of over 50 years, might be armed and dangerous and need to be shot for the officer’s own safety…  HANDS UP IN THE AIR, OR KEEP THEM CLENCHED ON THE STEERING WHEEL?

Your advice in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Traci D. Eccles, alleged “OFFICER SAFETY RISK”

and concerned resident of Vancouver, Clark County, WA



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