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Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for some of the private communications I have received and for your concerns. I have been called away on several matters that are, in some ways, and in other ways not, related to  the issues of networks of corruption and criminal activities including by those supposed to enforce without fear or favor the laws not serially break them with fear and favor.

Traci and Guy and many others are fighting for others and for justice and their cause is just, as evidenced by the resistance and harassment they have suffered and are suffering, in their fight to expose the framing and imprisonment of an innocent man serially deprived of basic due process; just as I was as well.

In my own case all I need to show is that at the last possible chance, I was offered $100,000 of public money, NOT to have a termination hearing (you would think they would welcome it to document my unfitness and being deserving of termination to protect them from future litigation they know is coming) and to rescind my current criminal complaints, never to say anything disparaging about nor ever file civil or criminal complaints against, ever, for any reason, any agent or employee of Clark College.

This means I was being offered to join in a conspiracy to suborn perjury, obstruct justice and against rights of others, before and after the fact; to breach duties under 18 USC 4; to join in conspiracies to commit a long list of other felonies; and this “offer” was made with the full knowledge of the Clark Board of Trustees, the WEA, my assigned attorney (who had represented Dennis Watson against whom I was one of two whistle-blowers for alleged collecting and disseminating child pornography on Clark College computers previously) , Miller-Nash Law Firm, Attorney General, the little ex-Judge James Stonier, they hired to conduct the hearing (the transcript of which shows it was like being a Jew in a Nazi Court or Black person in some Louisiana court with KKK white trash as the “Judge” and “Jury”) and more were all involved; and will be named in civil action as well as have been named in criminal complaints.

They were proposing that I take public money, hush money, not only to aid and abet my own oppression and that of my family, but to commit crimes such as 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony by rescinding formal criminal complaints I had made, as had my friend and witness Dean Lookinghawk, a former police officer himself, and witness to felony crimes being committed  He was also threatened with arrest by some knuckle-dragging barely literate thugs wearing badges and guns at the Clark County Sheriff and later by a little corporal at VPD (who it turns out is buddies with ex-“Judge” Wulle part of a network of some smugly and proudly white “settler” and “pioneer” types who run these little subterranean power and racist networks infesting “Vantucky” or “Couve Holler”)

Traci and Guy and some others are trying to fight for justice and are up against some very vicious, powerful and ugly forces with a lot to lose and they are inside as well as outside of law enforcement and government. But there are also some honest people inside, like moles, waiting for the chance to surface and strike but understand they get only one shot so it has to be lethal from a legal standpoint of presenting a compelling case when outing these forces and demanding their prosecution.

And here I keep getting stuff from Inslee who asked me personally to send evidence of corruption and crime by Republicans; his team had asked me to do the same prior to his election; but it appears when I sent him evidence of  both Democrats and Republican crimes and corruption he was no longer interested; but the fool and his people keep asking me for money when I want to see him impeached and charged with 18 USC4 Misprision of a Felony, 73 Obstruction of Justice, 242 Conspiracy Against Rights Under Color of Law, and felony impersonation of a human being: and

Jay Inslee

8/31/2016 5:34 PM

Dear James,

I promise to make this quick. I just checked in with Aisling, Tracy, and the rest of the team.

We’re close to making our fundraising numbers for August — but we’re not quite there yet.

So, I am asking one final time before our official (and public) mid‌night fundraising deadline:

My advice to anyone who has a sincere and founded basis to believe they have witnessed the actual commission of a felony crime, must report it asap under 18 USC 4 Misprision of Felony (up to $5000 fine and 3 years in prison for failure to do so), the statute says you can report to any of the following:

18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

I would not recommend going to VPD, Clark County Sheriff, local FBI or any judges in Clark County; but go with a witness and ask to record, to a military unit such as USMC known for a sense of honor and duty or to Washington State Patrol. But the corruption appears to so many, with hard evidence and experience to back it up, of extensive in Clark County and Washington State, as well as in FBI, VPD and the Clark County Sheriff’s office, prosecutor’s office, Clark County Clerk and more, and their reprisals (even the Italian Mafia does not go after families) so vicious, that one must be careful and have allies with the same interests, agenda and character or reasons for their opposition to corruption–not just personal agenda or revenge.

8/31/2016 5:34 PM

Dear James,

I promise to make this quick. I just checked in with Aisling, Tracy, and the rest of the team.

We’re close to making our fundraising numbers for August — but we’re not quite there yet.

So, I am asking one final time before our official (and public) mid‌night fundraising deadline:


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Ms. McJilton,

 TRACI August 27 PDR[99767]

Attached is a request for public records disclosure regarding surveillance technologies/equipment currently being used by VPD personnel during investigations (including but not limited to Stingray I, Stingray II, Hailstorm, Kingfish, Triggerfish, DRTbox or any other model of Cell Site Simulators), as well as policies/procedures and training requirements regarding deployment of surveillance technology.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Respectfully submitted

Traci Eccles, resident of Clark County, Vancouver, WA

About jimcraven10

About jimcraven10 1. Citizenship: Blackfoot, U.S. and Canadian; 2. Position: tenured Professor of Economics and Geography; Dept. Head, Economics; 3. Teaching, Consulting and Research experience: approx 40 + years all levels high school to post-doctoral U.S. Canada, Europe, China, India, Puerto Rico and parts of E. Asia; 4. Work past and present: U.S. Army 1963-66; Member: Veterans for Peace; former VVAW; Veterans for 9-11 Truth; Scholars for 9-11 Truth; Pilots for 9-11 Truth; World Association for Political Economy; Editorial Board International Critical Thought; 4.. U.S. Commercial-Instrument Pilot ; FAA Licensed Ground Instructor (Basic, Advanced, Instrument and Simulators); 5. Research Areas and Publications: International law (on genocide, rights of nations, war and war crimes); Imperialism (nature, history, logic, trajectories, mechanisms and effects); Economic Geography (time and space modeling in political economy; globalization--logic and effects; Political Economy and Geography of Imperialism); Indigenous versus non-Indigenous Law; Political Economy of Socialism and Socialist Construction; 6. Member, Editorial Board, "International Critical Thought" published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; International Advisory Board and Columnist 4th Media Group, (Beijing); 7. Other Websites publications at;;; 8.Biography available in: Marquis Who’s Who: in the World (16th-18th; 20th; 22nd -31st (2014) Editions); Who’s Who in America (51st-61st;63rd-68th(2014) Editions); Who’s Who in the West (24th- 27th Editions);Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (3rd to 6th, 8th, 11th (2011-2012) Editions); Who’s Who in Finance and Industry (29th to 37th Editions); Who’s Who in American Education (6th Edition). ------------------- There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e. the voice of conscience even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state, to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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