More Repression Against Whistle-blowers and Corruption in Clark County

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Chief McElvain:

  • On November 3, 2015, I emailed you directly regarding heightened concerns for our safety due to past and present conduct of Detective Sandra Aldridge.  Included in that correspondence was the following excerpt:
“Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted to Macon Police Department, Bibb County, Macon, GA, we have come into possession of a 400 page Internal Affairs Investigation report involving Detective Sandra Aldridge during the time that she was employed by that Department.  Many parallels exist between her conduct in the Macon incident and her conduct relating to Garrett Smith’s case, and her subsequent targeting of us. Of the greatest concern to us however is the account in this report of Aldridge’s use of deadly force against an unarmed Black man at close range.  Aldridge claimed he was armed; he was not.  She claimed she feared for her life.  Aldridge claimed she shot him while he was facing her with the weapon in his hand. Aldridge’s supervisor stated bullet wounds were in the forehead and stomach of the dead man; the autopsy revealed he was shot in the back of the head and the back.  There are many other details that are disturbing in the report.”
  • On Friday, February 26, we finally received PDR documents detailing over 300 pages of Internal Affairs files regarding investigations of Aldridge’s conduct while employed with Vancouver Police Department.  This does not include the .majority of complaints filed by us that remain open and under investigation.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   AFTER READING THE FILES, AND SPEAKING WITH OTHER VICTIMS WHO SUBMITTED COMPLAINTS, CONCERNS FOR OUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS TARGETED BY ALDRIDGE HAS FURTHER INTENSIFIED.
  • Despite numerous requests we have made that Detective Aldridge be put on administrative leave during the investigation of our complaints to protect us from continuing retaliation, those requests have been ignored, and the retaliation has continued.
  • At thispoint I wish to go on record with the statement that we, Guy Bini and Traci Eccles, have not received equal protection under the law.  We have been intentionally put in harm’s way through harassment and retaliation by members of the Vancouver Police Department, Aldridge and Hamlin. VPD command staff have facilitated a “pattern and practice of violation of rights under the Color of Law” through failure to act regarding Detective Aldridge’s racial profiling (as evidenced through IA complaint files) and malicious harassment of those who challenge her authority. VPD command staff’s denial of wrongdoing, including discriminatory profiling, perpetrated by Detective Sandra Aldridge puts law abiding citizens at risk.
           Respectfully submitted,
           Traci Eccles, resident of Clark County, Vancouver, WA
ford f-150 IMG_20160227_135337658 FORD F-150 12 IMG_20160227_135337658
 In the back ground behind Amanda and Traci, is a black, lowered Ford F150 pickup. The two creeps in the background were sitting in the parking lot before we arrived to have coffee with Amanda at 11:40. As we were leaving at 1:50 PM, the two creepy dudes were still there and parked in the same location. Yes, we are still being stalked.

The Ford’s license plate was missing from the bumper but laying on the front dash in front of the driver. The driver had distinct tattoo markings upon and down both arms. Both were white males in their mid 30s. They were possibly playing under cover cops or licensed mercs.
Dear Friends, I have met with Guy and Traci several times and witnessed them being followed by more than one person, in all cases their tradecraft was so bad it was obvious and some of them were more obvious and intent on intimidation than others. Guy and Traci stumbled upon some tentacles of an octopus of corruption in Clark County and Washington State no different than places like Ferguson, Missouri have been discovered to be nests of and have actually been under Federal investigation for some time; each time the local elites with party connections have been able to delay and obstruct citizen complaints and hard evidence submitted to local FBIs, Sheriffs, Police about actual commission of serious felony crimes and crimes under color of law about which not only nothing was done, but those doing their duty under 18 USC 4 Misprision of a Felony were subject to reprisals and outright lying by law enforcement and others.
jerry spence 51z+H1Zv7uL__SX328_BO1,204,203,200_
All over America there are these small towns run by local elites, mostly frightened old white “men” and some women, people terrified of change, terrified of having to look for work with no real skills and no white privilege or patronage to place them in public and private employment they are manifestly unfit to hold , smugly proud of their white skin and supposed “Settler-Pioneer” genetic roots. They belong to various prominent churches, Mormon cults that work with right-wing “Christians” (that theologically should have nothing to do with Mormons with their own White Horse Prophesy of a Mormon theocracy). They belong to the Masons, Rotary, various Civic organizations; they infiltrate school boards and try to place their trusted minions into public employment. They are both Democrats and Republicans and they are very “bi-partisan” when it comes to corruption and aiding and abetting each others.
We need for all whistle-blowers and victims of corruption, or who have attempted to report knowledge of commission of a felony crimes to and suffered reprisals or no responses by FBI, local law enforcement, Clark County Clerk’s office, local FBI, Clark County Sheriff, VPD, Clark County Prosecutor’s Office, Governor Inslee’s office, Washington State Auditor, Washington Human Rights, Washington Education Association, Clark College faculty or administrators or Trustees, Mayor Leavitt’s Office, Washington Court of Appeals Division II, EEOC, Office of the IG for the DOJ, Miller Nash Law Firm, and any other agencies or persons, please contact me at, business and economics faculty at Clark College, Battleground School Board, Hudson Bay Alumni, Vancouver High school Alumni, Antherians, The “57” cult of fellow alumni 1957;
We have some people and need more to file public record’s requests for resumes, academic transcripts, to do surveillance of places and photograph where some secret groups meet, and to correlate and show hidden networks of patronage and corruption in public employment, law enforcement and politics, as s prelude to launching both represented and pro se legal actions, to expose through civil action crimes to be sent to Washington DC outside of this area, and to some forces well aware of the corruption here and elsewhere and who have capabilities to expose and attack on all fronts.
We will find out much more in depositions in civil actions but need sold intelligence on their networks, open and hidden, key payers, fronts and tradecraft, other victims suffering reprisals or intimidation. We need to photograph them if they attempt surveillance, and need to know how to deal with police who may or may not be corrupt.
fbi donttalkFBI-375x268
My advice is that IF ANYONE has knowledge of the actual commission of a felony crime, they MUST as a matter of law and basic decency, to report it to any law enforcement, judicial or military authority. I advise, based on personal experience documented on this site,  against going near FBI or local police if possible but take your evidence to a military authority cite 18 USC 4 Misprision of a Felony, take witnesses, and if dealing with law enforcement, always: 1) have witnesses and an attorney if possible; 2) demand all representations in writing and a detailed accounting of all materials submitted; 3) demand taped conversations or if refused, a third-party person taking notes; 4) get full names, badge numbers, names of supervisors for all law enforcement or anyone dealt with.; 5) understand that some cops are corrupt and stupid or arrogant enough to flat-out lie but will try to avoid going to paper for any accountability.
It is time to identify, locate, expose and drag these corrupt and inbred smug and entitled creatures out to where they fear the most: into the sunlight, transparency, accountability of civil and criminal and constitutional law. I have been up-close to them, they are mostly stupid, frightened, frauds and poseurs, tiny frogs in small corrupt little ponds, legends in their own minds, with nothing but their white skin they are so smugly proud of; as if something they had nothing to do with as some kind of accomplishment and credential; they are what my mother and father called “the real white trash”; not trash because of being poor and unschooled, but the real white trash because of their smug and entitled mentalities and behaviors. And they tolerate a few off-color minions to do their bidding and give some kind of cover for their racism and inbredness.

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  1. jane doe says:

    You really think you can change any of this; think again.I ve been involved.Ill leave it to God.

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