stupid26images (1)Dear Friends,

Prior to Governor Inslee’s election, I was asked by a member of his executive committee to send evidence I had of corruption and serious felony crimes and was given an email address to send my documents and other evidence. I did so, and those who have read my submissions here should be able to see enough to warrant a full investigation of Clark College, Clark College Board of Trustee, Washington Education Association Executive and certain field agents, Clark College AHE, Clark County Sheriff, Vancouver Police, Washington Court of Appeals Division II, Washington Employment Security Department, Vancouver FBI Special Agents Montoya and Rollins as well as Special Agents in Portland FBI, Washington State Auditor, Washington Human Rights Association, Miller Nash Law Firm, as well as named individuals.

This whole county is riddled with corruption that needs to be exposed layer by layer like peeling away the layers of a huge rotten onion.

Further, at a fundraiser for the Democratic Party I spoke briefly to Governor Inslee spoke of serious and serial corruption and felony crimes in Clark County as well as at Clark College, and he said to send him what evidence I had and did.:

This is all I ever got back:


Did you read Rick’s email earlier this week?

Rick is a great friend of mine, and I’m so grateful to have his support — and yours. Republicans are aligning their support around our opponent, and the Republican Governors Association has our campaign in its sights for defeat. Rick asked, and now I’m asking:

Will you contribute $25 right now before our end-of-October deadline?

With so much at stake, falling short of our October fundraising goals is not an option. I can’t do this without you. Thank you so much for your support.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

Why was I offered $100,000 1) quietly retire; 2) never to disclose the existence of an agreement or its terms; 3) mutual non-disparagement; 4) never to file any civil or criminal complaint against any Clark College employee or agent for anything ever (and thus also to repudiate existing criminal complaints not acted upon);

The offer was given the last day before a scheduled termination hearing (hearing examiner picked by Clark College, committee composition by Clark College) at which the president of Clark College, Bob Knight who was under subpoena had to either expose and repudiate previous perjury in an Employment Security Department Appeal by Clark College that found against me due to his perjury, or he would have had to commit perjury again, as he did, this time opposed by two union officers, who sworn testimonies again exposed Bob Knight as a perjurer with a lot to lose. He and his cohorts have been protected by criminal conduct on the part of the FBI, Clark County Sheriff”s Office, Vancouver Police, Governor Inslee, Mayor Tim Leavitt, Clark County Prosecutor, Washington Human Rights, Washington AG, and more who have all been sent primary evidence of felony crimes by Bob Knight, and others and per 18 USC 4 Misprision of a Felony and Chatper 73 Obstruction of Justice and other statutes, are complicit before and after the fact in suborning perjury, conspiracy to suborn perjury, and a long list of other felonies both federal and state.

I have been busy with many things but we are setting up a whole site to collect and cross reference documents from people who have suffered corruption in Clark County or by certain agencies, law firms, persons, groups, we will drag out into the sunlight and bring mass action against them in lawsuits and formal filings against police and others involved. We are the militia. Act like it. Take these scum out of office with the very laws they have contempt for. They are nothing I promise you.

WEA Phase II Apeal January 29

WEA Exchanges on Appeals

4 file tort claim against county, prosecutor’s office _ The Columbian

AG Motion Against Termination or Postponement WEA Notice of Com

hush money Settlement Proposal 4

Memo in Opposition to Motion in Limine

Clark Admin solicits and policy460

WEA Exchanges on Appeals





response to misconduct

Clark County legal secretary’s arraignment delayed _ The Columbian

Employee in prosecutor’s office won’t face charges in email case _ The Columbian

10.21.14 J. Craven Final Order-Dismissal

Emergency Request for Clark College Time Extension and other is


WatsonFile – Copy

CCS and VPD Submissions Refused427

Deputy Robertson and Sgt Schanaker 423

Horch and Dougher Zoom 422

EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image


About jimcraven10

About jimcraven10 1. Citizenship: Blackfoot, U.S. and Canadian; 2. Position: tenured Professor of Economics and Geography; Dept. Head, Economics; 3. Teaching, Consulting and Research experience: approx 40 + years all levels high school to post-doctoral U.S. Canada, Europe, China, India, Puerto Rico and parts of E. Asia; 4. Work past and present: U.S. Army 1963-66; Member: Veterans for Peace; former VVAW; Veterans for 9-11 Truth; Scholars for 9-11 Truth; Pilots for 9-11 Truth; World Association for Political Economy; Editorial Board International Critical Thought; 4.. U.S. Commercial-Instrument Pilot ; FAA Licensed Ground Instructor (Basic, Advanced, Instrument and Simulators); 5. Research Areas and Publications: International law (on genocide, rights of nations, war and war crimes); Imperialism (nature, history, logic, trajectories, mechanisms and effects); Economic Geography (time and space modeling in political economy; globalization--logic and effects; Political Economy and Geography of Imperialism); Indigenous versus non-Indigenous Law; Political Economy of Socialism and Socialist Construction; 6. Member, Editorial Board, "International Critical Thought" published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; International Advisory Board and Columnist 4th Media Group, (Beijing); 7. Other Websites publications at;;; 8.Biography available in: Marquis Who’s Who: in the World (16th-18th; 20th; 22nd -31st (2014) Editions); Who’s Who in America (51st-61st;63rd-68th(2014) Editions); Who’s Who in the West (24th- 27th Editions);Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (3rd to 6th, 8th, 11th (2011-2012) Editions); Who’s Who in Finance and Industry (29th to 37th Editions); Who’s Who in American Education (6th Edition). ------------------- There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e. the voice of conscience even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state, to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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  1. NWES says:

    On Pages 50-51, Fund writes:

    One of the most serious cases involving ACORN came out of Seattle, where prosecutors in July 2007 indicted seven ACORN workers. They were accused of submitting phony registration forms in what Washington’s secretary of state, Sam Reed, called “the worst case of voter-registration fraud” in the state’s history. (Three of the seven pleaded guilty later that year.) The list of “voters” registered in Washington included former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, New York Times columnists Frank Rich and Tom Friedman, and actress Katie Holmes, as well as nonexistent people with nonsensical names such as Stormi Bays and Fruto Boy. The addresses used for the fake names were local homeless shelters. Given that the state doesn’t require the showing of any identification before voting, it is entirely possible that people could have voted illegally using some of those names. Local officials refused to accept the registrations because they had been delivered after the 2006 registration deadline of October 7. Initially, ACORN officials demanded that the registrations be accepted and threatened to sue King County (Seattle) officials if they were tossed out. But in early November 2006 – just after four ACORN registration workers were indicted on charges of fraud in Kansas City, Missouri – the group reversed its position and said the registrations should be rejected. But by then, local election workers had a reason to scrutinize the forms carefully, and they uncovered the fraud. Of the 1,805 names submitted by ACORN, over 97 percent were found to be invalid.
    The King County prosecutor, Dan Satterberg, said that in lieu of charging ACORN itself as part of the registration fraud case, he worked out an agreement by which the group paid $25,000 to reimburse the costs of the investigation and formally agree to tighten supervision of its activities, which Satterberg said were plagued by “lax oversight.”

    On Page 219, Fund attributes his claims to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
    51 The King County prosecutor — Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 27, 2007.
    The Post-Intelligencer, however, reported that Satterberg said the fraudulent registration forms had not been used to cast votes, despite Fund’s suggestion to the contrary: Workers for an activist group’s voter-registration drive made up names of voters, forged signatures and submitted phony forms to elections officials last fall, King County prosecutors said Thursday in announcing indictments of four men and three women in the case. “This is the worst case of voter-registration fraud in the history of the state of Washington,” Secretary of State Sam Reed said at a news conference. But the scheme had nothing to do with an attempt to manipulate elections and everything to do with the workers’ efforts to keep their $8-an-hour jobs, prosecutors said. In fact, no votes were cast based on the more than 1,760 fraudulent registrations submitted by workers for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, interim Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said. “The defendants cheated their employers to get paid for work they did not actually perform,” Satterberg said. “The defendants simply realized that making up names was easier than actually canvassing the streets.”
    Made up names, really?
    Well guess what folks, I met and knew Ms. Bays for over a year and she is in fact a real person who has a felony record and is not and should not have been allowed to vote but she did 3 times. I have the voting, arrest and criminal records including photo’s of what she looks like. From what she has been used as an “operator” throughout the country” to get individuals personal information and set up.

    I know of one guy currently out of custody from the Federal (BOP), I know of another guy currently in the County Jail (KCJ) and from what I have heard a 3rd guy (I don’t know him) who was executed by the police in 2016. The first two I grew up with went to school with. Friend #1 was taken down by this operative. I believe that friend #2 was being gang stalked to the point that he finds himself jailed for. And the 3rd guy got taken down and executed by the police because of this operative. From what I’ve heard, and from where I can see the different regions in this county is that she has operated she does this everywhere she has been since 2000 / 2001.

    I have been and currently am being “Gang Stalked” for over 16 & 1/2 years now. This means being surveilled 24/7, harassed, computer and telephone surveillance, harassment and hijacking of accounts. Why do I mention Gang stalking?….This is attack profile. It may be related to the death’s of the young men and women in as reported to the other articles as written by the author of this website.

    Why do I mention Gangs talking?….Because, I have recently been selected to be set up for criminal prosecution. Not by Ms. Bays, and of course I cannot release any names at this time because I am currently going through a criminal case.
    Also my I believe that my business has also been selected for audit and collections by this State’s Department of Revenue, which has just recently “levying my personal and business bank accounts” as of this Tuesday, July, 12th, 2016, the day after I sent the information about Ms. Bays as well as the information contained within the articles written by the author of this site of the DA, Mr. (Satterberg) to my criminal defense attorney.

    Why do I mention Gangstalking?.. is because this is what they do to individuals that they have put on lists and targeted for their take-down, driven to insanity, criminality, get you to commit a crime for which they get to prosecute and then incarcerate you for. And finally get you killed by suiciding “they’re favorite”, death by cop, murder by cop.
    Check out these articles

    Don’t believe me, fact check it here on KIRO channel 7 had to say about this “Gang Stalker” and now convicted felon.
    KIRO 7 Everett – Gangstalker tried and convicted.flv – YouTube
    Broadcasted on Oct 2, 2011 –
    The perpetrator in question, one Christina Orozco, was tried and convicted of felony stalking. The tactics are all quite familiar to most Targeted Individuals.
    STATE v. OROZCO | Find Law
    Christina Orozco (Orozco) appeals her conviction for stalking. She argues that the trial court erred by refusing to disqualify the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office (the Prosecutor’s Office) because one of its attorneys assisted her victim in obtaining a civil anti-harassment order.   She fails to properly raise any relevant Washington rule, statute, or case to support her claim that a prosecutor’s office cannot assist a county employee in obtaining a civil anti-harassment order against another county employee and then later prosecute the offending employee criminally without creating an impermissible conflict of interest.

    We affirm. Subjects or (TI)’s Targeted Individuals like myself go through a series of orchestrated campaigns of harassment and surveillance over a vast period of time that appears to flare up here and there but actually it is a constant campaign of “terror” because it is by definition “Terrorism” that is currently in use by a lot of if not most of the local, state, federal police, the local county and federal DA’s offices all of which are supported and backed by the new (Illegal) laws in opposition to our State and Country’s “Constitution’s”.

    At the States level these laws were written by the states legislation’s that were lobbied by (PIG)’s Personal Interest Groups as explained in the author of this web sites in previous articles or executive orders.

    At the federal level these laws were written by the House with legislation’s that were lobbied by (criminals)’s and fast tracked through before Congress could have possibly have read the (Patriot Act’s) thousands of pages of acts, definitions, rules, legislation, exemptions, immunities and laws that were signed (Under Duress) into law.

    These laws were also written, decreed and ramrodded through by (Illegal) executive orders at the state and federal levels of governments to put into places to give cover to these activities that are going on in this country today.

    I fear for the life of Friend #2 currently being housed in (KCJ) and have let it be known to others so that hopefully he is not found dead while in custody by “Suicide” or killed by other inmates or jailer.

    To the Author/Narrator: You may contact me at 206.486.xxxx to verify and get copies of what I have for further fact checking. If for any reason your unable then please say so here within the comments so that I may monitor it from here.
    Much appreciation to everyone and to all take care and be safe…….NWES

    Additions added for this thread at 07.15.2016 12:55am PST

    Again, please allow me to give my condolences to the family of this young lady and others that are mourning the loss of loved ones. Reading her story drives it home for me and to others with eyes to see and ears to hear. That you are not alone and there are more of us out there to offer help in any way possible. I also want to remind everyone about the numbers. We feel like were alone, and not large enough in numbers to do anything about it. That is not true, throughout history around the planet and at all times there is a struggle between groups of people.

    This great country of ours (I will not speak in past tense because I will never give up) was founded by us “We the people”. For I still believe that the good things that this country has given us far outweigh the bad and the immoral things that this country has been allowed to do is also because of “We the people”. I’m going on memory so “It’s a Republic if you can hold onto it” B. Franklin. I believe that his meaning was that it is “Fragile”.

    Back to the numbers – I’ve never been into politics or felt the need to get a tattoo or put anything that would id myself or my cars or work vans. I recently purchased a vehicle that had several stickers on the it. I got rid of 3 stickers but kept the last one and so my ride sports a bumper sticker, One sticker and the only bumper sticker.

    It is a representation of one of the original continental flags with the thirteen stars in a circle. Within that circle is the Roman numeral for (3) or (III). From what I remember from history that I have read, because they didn’t teach this at my high school. What it meant was the three percent. Or 3%. Sometimes I’ve seen guys in motorcycle gangs sporting a patch with the same emblem. The next time I see one I will ask.

    Anyway’s, it signifies the 3% of the population that it took to drive “King Georges” British Army out and claim our birthright which for the most part being eroded away right in front of us. No “BANG!”, without a peep, just a whimper.
    Let me stay on point by saying that’s how many people who were in the actual Continental Army under Washington. More than half of the colonists were considered Loyalists, to the “Crown” of the King. but by the time Cornwallis had to march back in defeat do you know what he and his troops saw?… There were the young and the old, Men, Women, and children by today’s standard between 12 to 18 years old. They were climbing from out of trees from behind rocks and coming up from out of the mounds of earth.

    Yes, they were soundly defeated and had their asses handed back to them by old men and women and young children.
    Sound familiar? Know why? Because, they were an insurgency. No modern army has ever been able to defeat an insurgency once it has proliferated to numbers of 10% to 15% of the population.

    The US is no exception, everywhere we have fought a war since WWII we have lost and the why we lost is not unknown to those in power now. They have researched this, published white papers with the support of the think tanks all of which lobby the House and Senate to influence their agendas.

    Those currently in power also know this. That’s why they are in power now because they pulled off a coup right from under us and many follow them today so I have to say that they are by no means stupid or all of those things that we see portrayed on the Tee VEE and known as big government or Breads and circus, fat and lazy.

    (Disclaimer) Now before I go any further, please don’t place words in my mouth, because I don’t want I am saying here to be construed as being seditious or trying to incite a riot. I am a veteran of the USAF and still do believe in the oath to defend the constitution from all enemies Foreign & Domestic.

    Usually a small amount is needed to get the momentum going “The Spark” to prime the charge and get it to its flashpoint and there is a revolt, once there is a revolt, troops are sent to counter revolt, while countering they doing so sparks a riot. After a riot starts, gains momentum and if it is big enough over a geographic area and sustained for a period of time then “viola” before you know it you have a “Revolution”.

    They have planned for this too (War gaming) so we all have to look out for the “traps” that they have laid out for those they consider “Dangerous”. Hell, I’m have been going through it 16 + years now and never shows any signs of abatement.
    You can’t reason with them because they’re not interested in what you have to say. Reason and Logic has been thrown out the door long ago. They do still “Fear us” which is why they spend so much time on making sure that we fear them.
    When we the people fear their government(s) That’s Tyranny!
    When the governments fear we the people, That’s Liberty.

    Much appreciation to everyone and to all take care and be safe…….NWES
    Torn from the page books of history. Here it is So, we attack ourselves 911

    Now The reason I bring up Ms. Orosco is that it is very difficult to prove that you have been “Gangstalked” to the police or Sherriff’s because a lot of them know of it or are actively participating in it, let alone get anyone to believe you if they have never experienced it themselves. This case is important because “Gangstalking” once identified more than two times can then be petitioned for legislation as a criminal law, then enhanced to the level of “Domestic Terrorism” and prosecuted as “Treason”, which will be the point where the “FEDS” have step in. I believe that once the law is in place in one state, any state but I will do my best to start it in this State first. Once a bill of legislation gets some notice and others (TI)’s come forward, momentum will gather and as the “bill” gathers traction and becomes a “Law” in this or any other State then I predict it to cause a schism in all of the (LEA)’s Law Enforcement Agencies.

    This would force those who wear the uniform to start thinking about which side of the fence do they want to be on when the shoe drops. First you will see massive reassignments and resignations. I believe that this happened about 7 years ago within the Seattle Police Department when the command staff re-assign all of the Captains, Lt’s and SGT-detectives from their prior investigative units.

    From a Historical perspective, the SPD has been under attack (Politically) by the FEDs for some time now. It would explain why they have had a lot of Turnover in ‘Chiefs’ since 2000. I believe that the FEDS never gained the control of the “Chiefs’ or command staff the way that wanted to from the “Top Down” so they settled for the next option.
    Hegelian Dialect – Adam Weishkampt – Problem crises solution

    If there is no problem then create one, if we can create enough problems this will cause a crises. Once in a full blown crisis, then come with the solution and there will be one solution, our solution of course Infiltrate at all levels and begin conducting smear campaigns at all levels and departments within the SPD. Dig that dirt up on that Officer confiscating that kids weed, this officer for writing false reports that officer for cheating on his sergeants exam. I don’t care how trivial the matter, gimmie the fuckin dirt says the FBI SAC to the FBI ASAC.

    Keep them in disarray, keep them embroiled in lawsuits like they did with Microsoft throughout the 90’s until Gates finally capitulated by giving the FEDS back door status of Windows MS that they knew they wouldn’t be able to crack. As soon as Bill did that they dropped their cases for monopolizing the market. Which is what they are all about, because they always seek to be the ones and only ones to have it all, all the time. And in real time. Not prime time.

    That will be when the momentum of that pendulum blade starts to swing back to the other direction that we will begin to gain some of our lost liberties from being stolen from us. The moment that pendulum stops, the (dark) forces that have been getting away with this crap will begin their last ditch effort to fight to maintain their control because they know what’s at stake and will become desperate as they start feeling cornered and “Hemmed Up” for the treasons that they have committed.

    Believe this “Bodies will start to drop” all over the place when Gang Stalking legislation becomes law and Victims’ come forth and everyone begins to see how massive these operations have been going on since 2001/ 2002.

    The signs will be “Persons in high positions of authority quietly making their way to the exits”. They are the ones smart enough to see the writing on the wall and know that the best way not to become a target is to not be in authority at the “Event Horizon”. By this time, the quiet movement to the exit doors will turn into some shuffling and scuffling for those taking their cues from the first group.

    Next, media reports of resignations in Government, Police, DOC’s, EOC’s, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Contracting you guessed it (BIG GUNS, BIG BULLETS & BIG BOMBS) Manufacturers, (MIC) The Military Industrial Complex, The Courts, The Prosecutors’ aka the (BARS) associations, followed by (PIC1) the Policing Industrial Complex, followed by (PIC2) the Prison Industrial Complex and so on ad nauseam. Once this happens is when panic sets in and shit starts hitting the fan. If you are reading this and working for any of these entities pay attention and “BE ALERT” “And Be On Alert”. This is when the “proverbial rats” start leaving the (Stinking) sinking ship.

    Few have ever seen what rats do on a sinking ship. (Myself included)
    I went to take out the garbage one morning to find 5 rats in an empty dumpster. So I ran back into my apartment to find whatever I could and as fast as I could because I didn’t want to run to the store to get the Rat stuff (excuse the pun), “the (Right) stuff” to kill these rats, and I didn’t want any of my neighbors to allow these rats to get away by putting their garbage in the dumpster possibly allowing these rats to escape.

    So I grabbed whatever I could get my hands on because I wasn’t going to allow them another chance of escape, I can’t explain it but it was visceral. Without getting into how they came about their demise is unimportant. Rats die a rats death, period. The point of this, as I listened for the sounds and noises of the shuffling and scuffling, as each rat were trying to save their own lives while climbing onto the backs and heads of their fellow rats until their noises stopped. It took about 3 to 4 minutes and I will never ever forget them.

    Be ready to get out of that environment and move so as not to become their “fodder” or “RATS Fodder” because they will say anything and do just about do anything to save themselves from what’s coming.
    Long live the Republic!

    And to the Republic for which it stands. One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
    Tell everyone that you know how much you truly really love them.
    Like as if it were your last days on earth or if you know that you might not see them again.
    Take care and be safe

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