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Dear Friends from Jim Craven:
I have been following this case and there is so much wrong here it is hard to know where to start. But this case involves some of the same players as in my own and other cases revealed here and that will be revealed here. I have had other pressing duties but we are collecting hard evidence to be presented outside of this state, of serial and deep corruption in major state agencies, FBI, VPD, Clark Country Sheriff’s Office, Clark County Prosecutor’s Office, Clark County Clerk, Washington Education Association, Governor Inslee’s office, Attorney General and several AAGs, Washington Court of Appeals Division II, Washington Human Rights Commission, Mayor Tim Leavitt’s office, a subterranean power network made up of various law firms, businesses, politicians, Clark College Board of Trustees, Clark College Administration,  and more; the documents will speak for themselves as they do here.
The documents you have read here we had no hand in originating were all sent to Governor Inslee per his own request and or his election committee to me before and after his election. He, FBI, the Mayor, the Clark County Sheriff, the VPD, Wa Human Rights all have evidence and knowledge of the commission of felony crimes and are in violation of 18 USC 4 and 73 for refusing to act on the evidence submitted to them and formal criminal complaints made.
Also the STTPML Collective will be putting out videos, on Treaties and other issues and will be exposing the power structures and corruption in Washington State and Clark County layer by layer like peeling away the layers of a corrupt onion.

Indigenous Nations and Treaties From the STTPML Collective | LinkedIn

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Garrett Smith update
To: Friends, family, supporters, and interested bystanders
CC: Elected officials and individuals in a position to address the serious problems within the Clark County criminal justice system
RE:  Status and progress toward the vindication of John Garrett Smith
We are finally beginning to see a significant impact from the efforts and persistence of many who have taken a stand in support of Garrett’s innocence.  Now, more than ever, evidence continues to surface exposing the depth of deception and disregard for justice demonstrated by those within the Clark County justice system directly involved.
Garrett has continued to hold on to his faith and has been working diligently on preparations for his upcoming appeal. He will be submitting additional petitions to the Court of Appeals to request post-conviction relief due to the fraudulent circumstances and motivating factors by which his wrongful conviction was accomplished. Guy and I continue to offer all the support we can to Garrett by keeping him updated as previously hidden information is revealed, and supplying him with evidence and documentation so that he can advocate for himself. Again, a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported and participated in efforts to demand justice regarding the wrongful conviction of Garrett Smith.
Despite the fact that Guy and I were following Garrett’s case closely in real time, reviewing, printing and analyzing each document as soon as it was entered into court record, the misconduct was too overwhelming for us recognize all of the malicious acts as they occurred.  While reviewing court documents of the December 2014 trial, I noticed something that symbolizes the kind of disregard for rights and procedure that goes unchecked in Clark County. **See official closing document (excerpt below):
A. Identifies “parties present” as Attorney Jennifer Nugent representing the State of Washington, Detective Sandra Aldridge V.P.D., Attorney Josephine Townsend representing the defendant, and Defendant John Garrett Smith.
“Parties” to a criminal case by universal definition include the government (prosecutor), the defendant and his/her legal representative.  Detective Sandra Aldridge was a State’s witness, and took the stand more times than any other witness in the case. By her own admission in a police report, Detective Aldridge stated to Garrett Smith that “given the evidence, Sheryl and Skylar’s statements, and inconsistencies in his version of events…” she believed he was guilty; this was within the first 30 minutes of meeting him in his jail cell… within 24 hours of his arrest!  According to record, Ms. Aldridge had arrived at work at 7AM on June 3rd, was assigned the case, and was involved in this non-recorded interview with no witnesses present at Clark County jail between 9-10 AM.
NOTE: Detective Sandra Aldridge has been under investigation by the Vancouver Police Department Professional Standards Unit for misconduct since March 2015. In the case against John Garrett Smith, evidence exists that Aldridge submitted multiple verifiably false police reports, violated policy and procedure regarding the handling of evidence, and participated in witness intimidation and the suppression of evidence favorable to the defense.
B.  Under “At Issue” the documented charges against Garrett Smith were:  Murder-I, Premeditated; Murder 2nd Degree; Assault I, Bodily Harm; Assault-2 Substantial Bodily Harm. 
The fact that a man would be charged with assault when woken from sleep by his highly intoxicated wife (.194 blood alcohol content when tested hours later at the hospital), attacking him and pulling his hair is questionable in and of itself.  The original “Assault-2” charge  was boldly escalated by the prosecution in December 2013 (6 months after arrest) to “Attempted Murder-1”. NEVER was or could there have been a charge/conviction of MURDER-1 OR  MURDER 2ND DEGREE.   Where there is no death, there is no murder.
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  1. Bruce Gambill says:

    It practically takes a full page just to list all of the directly related ,criminally corrupt , government actors/agencies who either executed these crimes, or were accessories during or after the fact, Either aided & abetted various criminally corrupt government Officials via Rule or Rights violations in procedures or proceedings. Plus those of who that have refused to assist or investigate after receiving more than adequate hard evidence or outright proof of criminal Felony Crimes being commissioned right in front of everyone’s faces. Further compounded by the total flagrant disregard for Misprisoning serious Felony Crimes and or corruption as if it their Official sworn Oath Duty to do so.

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