Allegations and Supporting Evidence of DVPC Medical Insurance Fraud

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I shared “Unprecedented Medical Insurance Fraud -WA Dept of L&I” with you in OneDrive

Unprecedented Medical Insurance Fraud by the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office – the Domestic Violence Prosecution Center has been falsifying restitution reports and bilking the State while adding the fee to an innocent man’s restitution. We’re blowing the lid off this scam. This explains why we were being harassed by the VPD and the PAO.

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Clark County Prosecutor stealing from the public trust in the name of justice…this is an outrage.

Ms. Hartl,

Unprecedented is the fact that medical insurance fraud is being perpetrated by the Vancouver Domestic Violence Prosecution Center that operates in privity with the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the Vancouver Police Department, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the Vancouver City Attorney’s Office. We are angry citizens and refuse to sit idly by as the criminals in the Clark County criminal justice system falsely accuse and convict another innocent person then steal from the state’s treasury in the name of justice.

Attached is sub # 353, the Supplemental Order Setting Restitution dated July 24, 2015. It was our understanding that from the January 30, 2015 sentencing date for Garrett Smith that you were not in agreement with the restitution. We want to bring this to your attention as page 2 has a unique looking signature attributed to you. It appears to be an electronic signature that was not e-filed. However, your WSBA # appears to be handwritten. If this is your signature then please pardon the interruption. If not, then add it the list of fraudulent behavior in the Clark County Judicial System.

We have uncovered extensive evidence of medical insurance fraud involving the Domestic Violence Prosecution Center. Sub # 350, the June 23, 2015 restitution report, has Garrett Smith listed with the following crimes:

Assault 1, Assault 2, Murder 1, Murder 2.

Garrett Smith has now been attributed in court record with three crimes he was NEVER convicted of;

Assault 1, Murder 1, and Murder 2.

Garrett was wrongfully convicted of Attempted Murder 2 and Assault 2. Can you please demand the DVPC to correct their misrepresentation of the crime Garrett was actually convicted of?

In the mean time, Sub # 350 is a wealth of information. When compared to Bates Stamp 55 the Peacehealth “Emergency Record” the night of June 2 – 3, 2013, the “TRIAGE ACUITY” box is marked “2”. Also known as the “Emergency Severity Index”  (ESI), a person with a rating of 2 is referred to as “emergent” and it is defined as:

A) a high risk situation, or
B) confused/disoriented/lethargic, or
C) severe pain.

ESI 2 is the most challenging to diagnose and requires further analysis by the triage nurse. Given the fact that Ms. Cresap was admitted to the hospital because of her “acute intoxication” with a BAC of .194, Ms. Cresap was likely feeling no pain. So “A” and/or “B” are the most likely reason for marking TRIAGE ACUITY BOX #2.

Ms. Cresap was then assigned a “Trauma Alert Code 3” by the Peacehealth triage nurse [name unknown]. The code, or “level III”, is the lowest priority status of the three levels. Level III is defined as “Patients with moderate risk of having sustained significant injury and do not meet the higher priority criteria for Level I or II.”

It is important to note this fact and understand Ms. Cresap’s condition when she was admitted to Peacehealth on June 3, 2013 in order to sufficiently explain the medical fraud that is about to occur in the days, weeks and months to follow.

Ms. Cresap’s injuries were not life threatening. There were no signs of strangulation because it did not occur. There was no urgent medical condition, other than the self inflicted intoxication, that would have prompted the triage nurse to grade Ms. Cresap with a life threatening TRAIGE ACUITY of 1. Ms. Cresap’s life was never identified to be in danger. It’s a lie that has been perpetuated in order to steal Garrett’s intellectual properties and to steal from Medicaid and the Crime Victims Fund through MEDICAL INSURANCE FRAUD.

Gluten Allergy:

Bates Stamp 71, Hematology report, identifies Ms. Cresap’s white blood cell count as follows:
Admitted to hospital at 00:06 AM.
– 6/3/13 at 00:21 = 14.0 High
– 6/3/13 at 05:27 = 11.8 High
– 6/4/13 at 05:29 = 7.2 Normal
A high white blood cell count that metabolizes relatively quickly is indicative of a food allergy such as gluten in a certain types of alcohol. Ms. Cresap’s food allergies are conveniently missing from the Trauma Alert diagnosis. The omission of this information is indicative of fraud.
Bates Stamp 72, Toxicology report, determines Ms. Cresap’s Blood Alcohol Content to be .194, an hour after she calls 911.
Really? This begs the question, what was Ms. Cresap’s Blood Alcohol Content when she attacked Garrett? 2.0? 2.2? 2.4? Was Ms. Cresap taking pulls from the Jack Daniel’s bottle in one hand as she was flinging empty beer bottles at Garrett with her other hand? So what if she throws like a girl? The fact remains, Ms. Cresap was inebriated at the time of the alleged attack and is an indicator that she was trying to provoke Garrett and poisoning herself in order to inflate and distort her face via an allergy reaction to alcohol that she admitted she had during the 9/16/2014 deposition testimony.
Questionable release date from Peacehealth:
Throughout the trial, Ms. Cresap’s discharge date was brought into question but never challenged. Medical records indicate that Ms. Cresap was discharged on June 7, 2013. Found within Sub # 350 on page 3 of 31 is the hidden away Peacehealth medical reimbursement page. Talk about a treasure trove! The following itemization indicates June 4 as the discharge date:
6/4/2013  DX X-RAY/CHEST             9/10/2013      365.00        59.50
6/4/2013  PHARMACY                      9/10/2013   4,408.50      718.59
6/4/2013  DRUGS/INCIDENT RAD  9/10/2013       100.00        16.30
6/4/2013  ROOM-BOARD/PVT        9/10/2013   6,009.00      979.47
6/4/2013  CT SCAN/BODY                9/10/2013   8,316.00   1,355.51
6/4/2013  LABORATORY OR LAB     9/10/2013   1,186.00      193.32
6/4/2013  ** EMPTY **                    9/10/2013   9,205.00   1,500.42
6/4/2013  EMERG ROOM                 9/10/2013   4,700.00       766.10
6/4/2013  MRI – SPINE                      9/10/2013   2,534.00       413.04
6/4/2013  CT SCAN HEAD                9/10/2013    3,682.00       600.17
6/4/2013  MED-SUR SUPPLIES        9/10/2013       472.00         76.94
6/4/2013  OBSERVATION ROOM    9/10/2013   2,166.00       353.06

The **EMPTY** line item charge immediately jumps to the forefront of any analysis. What medical service that was allegedly provided cost $9,205.00 but was not given a description of service in the bill details? Really? The June 4, 2013 date is a summary of services for June 3 & 4.
Sub # 350, page 4 of 31 identifies the ONLY services to be listed between June 5, 6 & 7, 2013. They are as follows:
6/5/2013  SUBSEQUENT HOSPITAL CARE     10/8/2013     164.41      38.33
6/6/2013  SUBSEQUENT HOSPITAL CARE     10/8/2013     164.41      38.33
01326832062002700   FEBINGER DENNIS L MD
6/7/2013  HOSPITAL DISCHARGE DAY          10/8/2013      163.03      42.79
There are no other hospital tests, charges or explanations for the alleged hospital stay between June 5 – 7.
We intend to provided further detailed analysis to the WA Dept. of Labor & Industry and the WSP in complaints that will soon follow. We are determined to have Garrett’s voice heard in the court of public opinion. A tsunami is building and the criminals hiding behind their black robes and a wall of blue will feel it in the days, weeks and months to follow. Please use this information to expedite the release of John Garrett Smith, a man convicted of a crime he did not commit.
Guido A. Bini & Traci D. Eccles
Concerned Citizens, Vancouver, WA


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