More Apparent Obstruction of Justice in Clark County

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Lt. Creager,

Based on your response from yesterday, I can only surmise that you habitually fail to read my emails past the first line or two.
I will make this easy… and let’s just call it an official FOIA request:
1.  What training (if any) do law enforcement investigators with the VPD receive regarding their duty under Brady v. Maryland to notify the prosecutor of any potential exculpatory information discovered during an investigation?
2.  What policy does the VPD enforce from their departmental regulations requiring officers to disclose exculpatory evidence.  What penalties may result from non-compliance (provided there is such a policy enforced)?
Thank you.

On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 1:11 PM, Creager, Scott <> wrote:
Dear Ms Eccles,

Unfortunately the e-mail you sent to me this morning contained no attachments, just the text below your explanation.  The purpose for my question to you was to establish when we received this request.  Fortunately Ms McJilton was able to quicky respond to both of us with the necessary information.  Here is a copy of the e-mail.

Scott Creager| Lieutenant
Valor, Professionalism, Duty
Vancouver Police Department/Headquarters
W:(360) 487-7501
NOTICE OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE: This e-mail account is public domain. Any correspondence from or to this e-mail account may be a public record. Accordingly, this e-mail, in whole or in part may be subject to disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56, regardless of any claim of confidentiality or privilege asserted by an external

From: Traci Eccles []
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 12:21 PM

Subject: Lt. Creager: IMPORTANT

Lt. Creager,

In reading your last email, it occurs to me that perhaps you are not taking the time to read beyond the introduction of my correspondences (if that).  Your question regarding this morning’sFOIA PUBLIC DISCLOSURE REQUEST was unnecessary as I copied the request to the email sent to you, and I clearly stated that in the email. This would certainly explain the absence of any response from you regarding my request for information in an email dated July 15th and titled “Substantive due process issue”… I am still awaiting the response on that one.  Might I suggest you take a moment to read it now?

In the same category of concern, I have a few follow up questions regarding VPD policies and procedures regarding the altering and/or “back filling” of police reports after they have been stamped into record by the CCSO.  And no, I am not talking about supplemental reports… I am talking about multiple different versions of originals.

In exercising our rights under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Guy and I have discovered something important to our vindication, as well as that of Garrett Smith:  The truth will be revealed… if not through the ethical channels we had been hoping for, definitely through the barrage of inconsistency and outright falsification that has become the unavoidable by-product of repeated attempts on the part of various city and county entities to cover up the kind of egregious misconduct that has put us all in this position in the first place.

I will continue to wait for an informed response from you regarding my July 15th email Lt. Creager.  Thank you.

Traci Eccles, citizen of Clark County, Vancouver, WA

July 21, 2015

probable cause 13-1-01062-3   probable cause 2 486-491, Counterfeit WI DI – 6 pges

Camas Police Chief Lackey,

Thank you for your prompt reply and for making available the 4 pages of orphan documents. At the present time, I do not have any complaints regarding the Camas Police Dept.

Maybe you can help answer the following questions regarding the Camas Police reports identified in yesterday’s email.

1) Assuming the VPD already had the 12/15/2012 4 page CPD report in their possession, what is the justification for the one page one paragraph report created dated 02/26/2014 and faxed from the CPD to the VPD?

2) Why does the 02/26/2014 report narrative state orphan documents: NONE?

I will look forward to your response.

Attached are two Vancouver Police reports that are the work of Vancouver Police Officer Detective Sandra Aldridge that reference ‘Jens Gerhardt Spangaard’ in 2 separate versions of alleged ‘alias crimes’ of John Garrett Smith. The first was a false charge for Criminal Impersonation (13-1-01062-3) that was later dropped and the second version alleges the use of a Counterfeit Wisconsin Driver’s License that was entered into evidence in the Attempted Murder case (13-1-01035-6). Neither version of alleged ‘alias crimes’ references the other and much like the attempted murder charge and conviction in the State V. John Garrett Smith, they are false.

These fictitious police reports have been shared with the Vancouver Police Department’s Professional Standards Unit as part of the Internal Affairs Investigation of Det. Aldridge and her immediate supervisor and approving officer, Sgt. Andy Hamlin. You were likely unaware of these attachments as I just obtained your email address yesterday.  The Camas PD and the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office are included in these emails in order to bring these involved law enforcement agencies into the conversation.

The actions of Det. Aldridge and Sgt. Hamlin are so shocking to the conscience that any and all certified LEA’s would likely want to distance their agencies from the conduct of these Vancouver Police Officers. Their actions have tended to implicate other unsuspecting officers and I felt it was my civic duty to inform the CPD.

It has been said that one does not need to wear a badge to have honor. However, it should be a mandatory to have honor to wear the badge of law enforcement. Honor appears to emanate from you. Thank you again for your reply and for sharing valuable information.


Guido A. Bini Concerned Citizen, Vancouver, WA

July 20, 2015
guy2 CPD 12-3079

Vancouver Police Department
Professional Standards Unit

Re: Internal Affairs Investigation – VPO Detective Sandra Aldridge
Fictitious Reporting Part II – Camas PD

The attached police reports should be added as an addendum to the complaint filed on July 16, 2015. These reports are the work of a zealot within the VPD and they exemplify a lack of supervision with no sign of any investigation work. These reports are the creation of a criminal mind hiding behind a badge and a wall of blue. They are the creation of Vancouver Police Officer Detective Sandra Aldridge. In addition, these reports now implicate the Camas Police Department (CPD).

The attached 1 page CPD report, ID 02/26/2014, narrative section states Orphan Documents “None.” However, page 2 of 4 of the CPD report, ID 12/15/2012, indicates Orphan Documents as “Skamania County Sheriffs Office Name/Call detail reports 4 pages.” Det. Aldridge has stated on record the SCSO report does not exist. Then why the contradicting reports? Now CPD is implicated with Aldridge through an alleged reporting that identified a Skamania CSO report in a Camas PD report that for all intents and purposes were falsely created and then reported by Aldridge.

Aldridge has already been proven to take liberties by creating and entering into evidence the fictitious evidence. Once she had the 1 page report from Camas PD, she then had taken the liberty to create more fictitious police reports that identify Camas PD & the Skamania SCO. The CPD report is disturbing because it demonstrates Aldridge had help creating these reports from CPD with the knowledge of her supervisors, PA Nugent and Sgt. Hamlin. It also indicates a willingness between LEA’s to assist with false reporting without question.
The 06/05/2013 declaration of probable cause filed by Aldridge appears to be back filled. The only question that one needs to ask is, “Why did it take CPD 8 months to fax Det. Aldridge and PA Jennifer Nugent on 2/27/2014 regarding a non-incident report that happened on December 15, 2012?  The answer lies with the lies of the fictitious report filed on 2/17/2014 and entered into evidence by VPO Detective Sandra Aldridge.
The VPD has a real mess and it’s going to get messier but let’s not forget the victim in this crime, John Garrett Smith, was falsely convicted of a crime he did not commit. This would not mark the first time this has happened in Clark County. Will he be the last?
Guido A. Bini
Concerned citizen, Vancouver, WA
(360) 907-3841
In the 18 months leading up to the December 1-3, 2014 trial of State v. John Garrett Smith, Deputy Prosecutor, Jennifer Nugent made emotion-filled, impassioned claims regarding the absolute guilt of Garrett Smith. She made accusatory statements, in open court, indicating that the alleged victim was continuing to fight for her life up to a year after the initial arrest.  When delivering these arguments (pre trial) Ms. Nugent frequently referenced “piles of medicals” alleged to have reached over 600 pages as of a February 17th, 2014 bail reduction hearing.

Those “piles of medicals” that were suppressed until discovery post-conviction, prove one of two things:  Either Ms. Nugent did not read ANY of the medical documentation… or she committed a level of perjury that can only be described as “shocking to the conscience.”
The attachments to this email were sent out today to those medical professionals whose documented assessments were grossly misrepresented by Ms. Nugent. In her overzealous determination to secure a conviction against John Garrett Smith, an individual with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome who was repeatedly denied equal access to justice, Ms. Nugent violated her oaths as a prosecutor in a vile, reprehensible manner.
July 16, 2015 Power of the Herd

Please view two minute video at the following link:

Buffalo & Croc v. Lions of Clark County

Thank you,
Concerned, law-abiding citizen of Clark County, Vancouver, WA

Vancouver Police Department Professional Standards Unit

Internal Affairs Investigation Complaint: Det. Sandra Aldridge

Re: Fictitious Evidence Report – Counterfeit WI ID

Case No. V13-8172:         Supplemental Report ID: 02/17/2014

Evidence Report ID:         1409-033 – Counterfeit WI ID Attempted Murder I:       13-1-01035-6  June 3, 2013 Superior Ct Criminal Impersonation: 13-1-01062-3  June 5, 2013 Superior Ct

Reporting Officer:            Aldridge, Sandra        PSN: 1409 Approving Officer:           Hamlin, Andy             PSN: 1095 Prosecuting Attorney:     Nugent, Jennifer        WSBA: 36833

486-491, Counterfeit WI DI – 6 pges   probable cause 13-1-01062-3


On June 3, 2013, John Garrett Smith was charged with Assault II domestic violence, a crime he did not commit.

On December 11, 2013, without warning, without probable cause nor medical evidence, the Assault II charge was escalated to Attempted Murder 1. In reality, Smith’s wife, Sheryl Cresap Smith, a woman with known mental disorders, assaulted Smith as he slept the night of June 2, 2013. Newly revealed evidence, along with contradicting testimony of State’s witnesses, indicates that Cresap had help the night of June 2, 2013 with a premeditated and carefully planned scheme.  Accusations made against Garrett Smith by Sheryl Cresap and Detective Sandra Aldridge are refuted in court records by the medical evidence and medical testimony; the alleged beating simply did not occur.

There is no better way to describe the fictitious reports filed by Detective Sandra Aldridge in this case than “shocking to the conscience”. The report filed on 02/17/2014 is based on manufactured evidence recycled from the Criminal Impersonation claim eight months prior. In addition, it will be revealed that Aldridge has a long history of manufacturing evidence during her career in law enforcement, as well as suspicious and unprofessional behavior while hiding behind the color of blue. Detective Sandra Aldridge exhibits characteristics of a sociopath and criminal.

On June 5, 2013, just two days after the initial arrest, Aldridge completed a “declaration of probable cause” for a second unrelated charge of Criminal Impersonation against Smith, 13-1-01062-3. This charge was arranged in order to hold Garrett longer and prevent him from making bail. It was another tentacle used with malice to keep Smith incarcerated in the Clark County Jail over the next 18 months. Imagine one day in jail for a crime you did not commit, then multiply that by 540. The act of holding the accused for extended periods of time is a common practice in Clark County. It also enabled the malicious prosecution that ultimately resulted in the wrongful conviction of Smith for Attempted Murder II on Dec. 3, 2014, a crime he did not commit.


Criminal acts inflicted upon Smith were perpetrated by those who abused their power under the color of law. These individuals betrayed oaths of office in an attempt to engineer another false conviction in Clark County. Their willful suppression of exculpatory evidence was done with malice and can now be reviewed in a methodical and deliberate approach that an honest investigation would have revealed.

The attached reports are just part of a series of examples that will shed light onto chronic falsification in police reports by Detective Sandra Aldridge. These fictitious reports should embarrass every honest Vancouver Police Officer and every honorable Clark County Prosecuting Attorney. As sworn peace officers and judicial officers, they are required to subscribe to an oath of office in which “We the people” give our consent to be governed by entrusting these officers of the law to uphold the constitutions of both the State of Washington and these United States. Fictitious police reports are not part of our consent to govern. Fictitious police reporting is a crime, and knowing about it without acting is a Misprision of Felony.

The police report entered into evidence on 02/17/2014 by Detective Sandra Aldridge (Aldridge) is entirely fabricated. The significance of Feb 17 report is that Aldridge completely ignores her own creation of a previous false report that involved the Camas PD created on 06/05/2013. Aldridge created an unrelated “trumped up” charge of Criminal Impersonation from a December 15, 2012 event in Camas, WA that was identified in a CPD incident report. She filed her fabricated charge of Criminal Impersonation on 06/05/2013 based on speculation as Camas PD did not send a copy of C12-3079 that occurred on 12/15/2012 until February 27, 2014, ten days after Aldridge entered the Counterfeit Wisconsin ID into evidence [for the second time] with the claim that it had been newly discovered by alleged victim in January 2014. There is absolutely no justification nor will there be to explain this blunder. It’s a false report that the VPD, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and Smith’s own defense counsel tried to suppress.

Conspiracy is spelled C – O – N – S – P – I – R – A – C – Y, and used in a sentence as, “the conspiracy employed to falsely imprison John Garrett Smith, and ultimately convict him of a crime he did not commit, involved the Vancouver Police Department, the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office as well as his own defense counsel.”  All three entities conspired to suppress evidence, spread false light, and defame the character of the accused.

Aldridge and her immediate supervisor, Sgt. Andy Hamlin, have initiated fraud upon the court in the State’s capital case Vs. John Garrett Smith, and Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Nugent has perpetuated it. Aldridge, Hamlin, Nugent and others to be named in the days to follow are the true criminals. They conspired to charge and convict John Garrett Smith of crimes he did not commit. Report ID 02/17/2014 should be the poster child for the fraud that represented the State’s false conviction of John Garrett Smith.

The assertions herein made have not been taken lightly nor were they made as a reprisal. The light of truth does not act with malice. It acts to cleanse and disinfect.

The information contained in the two police reports attached to this email is intended to inform decision makers in an effort to correct a deplorable travesty of justice. It is also intended to expose the type of false reporting and suppression of evidence that enabled this travesty in the hope of preventing it in the future.

The actions of Aldridge, Hamlin and Nugent, under the color of law, against complainants Bini & Eccles clearly demonstrate the State’s motive behind the witness intimidation and the tactics that were deployed by the Vancouver Police Department.

Countdown to TORT action begins in T minus 5. Sincerely,

Guido A. Bini & Traci D. Eccles Concerned citizens and residents of Vancouver, WA

*Approved for Redistribution





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