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forced entry letter

IMPORTANT! must read:

When Guy and I arrived home today at 11:35 am from a weekend trip, we immediately discovered that our townhome had been broken into.  However, it does not seem as if anything was stolen. We immediately videotaped evidence of the breakin and reported details of this discovery to the leasing office personnel in our apartment complex.  We let them know that we will prepare a report of this incident for their files today.  Management is fully aware, and has been kept abreast of our complaints regarding harassment, retaliation, witness intimidation and unlawful surveillance that is currently under investigation by the Vancouver Police Department Professional Standards Unit.

Those who continue to  terrorized us under the COLOR OF LAW have made little effort to conceal their attempts to attack our credibility and integrity through overt efforts to create a fictitious criminal background associated with both our names.
To date, Guy has been victim to two malicious arrests absent confirmation of probable cause, and in a blatant retaliatory act on November 4th, 2014, we were both placed on BOLO (be on the lookout) as OFFICER SAFETY RISKS based on a third party claim by VPD Sgt. Andy Hamlin that we made “DEATH THREATS” to a member of the city attorney’s office …who was informed by Deputy Prosecutor, Jennifer Nugent… who allegedly spoke on the phone with Josephine Townsend… who allegedly insisted that Guy and I displayed irrational aggression as we disclosed planned acts of violence against Ms. Nugent to Ms. Townsend during a meeting in her office the previous day. Guy and I have no relationship whatsoever with Josephine Townsend, and we were no where near her office on that day. Every shred of this outrageous tale is false.
In light of the above, as well as the rapidly escalating exposure of

18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law

we fear there is potential that something has been planted in our residence to either falsely indicate criminal activity on our part, or to seriously harm us could be the purpose behind the recent break in. 

Bill and Jim-

Guy and I just wanted to express our gratitude again for all the support and encouragement we have gained from your efforts via “Welcome to the Blog of Jim Craven” and “Corrupt Washington,” as well as from the personal interest you have both taken in our situation. At this point, everything we release is automatically “approved for redistribution” in any way you see fit, as our connection to your efforts has proved invaluable.
Attached is the letter Guy has written to be filed with our apartment manager regarding the forced entry into our townhome. Also, I spotted a sentence structure error after I sent my email regarding the break in (final sentences should say:  we fear there is potential that something has been planted in our residence to either falsely indicate criminal activity on our part, or to seriously harm us.
We have made a decision to move forward swiftly, but with precise strategy.  We will be representing ourselves–Pro Se– in separate tort actions. The attorneys we have spoken to who have the power to take this on, have little to no desire to do so.  One actually stated [indicating Clark County], “That’s a rat’s nest I won’t take on…good luck.”  We have realized however, that we are our own best legal advocates because we have analyzed every detail of Garrett Smith’s case as well as our own.  We will keep you posted!
Traci Eccles and Guy Bini
Traci Eccles and Guy Bini
html { font-family: “Color Emoji”, “Calibri”, “Segoe UI”, “Meiryo”, “Microsoft YaHei UI”, “Microsoft JhengHei UI”, “Malgun Gothic”, “sans-serif”; }message to “involved parties,” whether complicit, coerced or unaware:

John Garrett Smith was wrongfully convicted of Attempted Murder II and Assault II on December 3rd, 2014 in a Clark County, Vancouver, WA courtroom. On November 3rd, three weeks prior to trial, the defendant opted to fire his defense team and proceed Pro Se.  Over the next two weeks, Judge Robert Lewis, who would act as the sole trier of fact in the upcoming bench trial, prevented Garrett access to justice by denying him the following in open court:

  1. ADA accommodations for defendant’s qualified disability of Asperger’s Syndrome
  1. The ability to quickly and efficiently submit motions to the court by requiring defendant to seal, stamp and send all documents through the USPS rather than allow them to be delivered directly to the recipients in the building adjacent to the county jail
  1. Refusal to provide proper technology to view the “redacted” discovery provided to the defendant in CD format a full week after the November 7th hearing. (Incidentally, despite the week delay by the prosecutor’s office to deliver this critical evidence in an inaccessible format, no redaction had been done, suggesting that it was never a concern that the defendant would actually view the evidence)

As a direct result of #3 above, Garrett Smith had no option but to rehire defense attorney Josephine Townsend to represent him in trial.  [SEE ATTACHED VIDEO CLIP FROM EVIDENTIARY HEARING HELD MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH, THE DAY AFTER TOWNSEND WAS REHIRED]   Ms.Townsend would go forward to play a key role in the prosecution’s conviction of her client.

After Garrett Smith’s wrongful conviction in a bench trial with a crooked judge after being coerced out of his right to a jury, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for Attempted Murder II and Assault II, crimes he did not commit. When Garrett was transferred into custody of the DOC in February 2015, he requested that Guy and I pick up his personal belongings from Clark County Jail.

While reorganizing Garrett Smith’s personal effects for storage, we discovered two manila envelopes containing 20 discovery CDs and an 8 gig thumb drive (**see image below).  Clearly someone from the prosecutor’s office botched the job by failing to retrieve the “dirty discovery”.  The hidden medical records, unknown  and highly exculpatory audio-taped depositions of State’s witnesses, blatant proof of misconduct, and implication of widespread collusion spilled out of those envelopes. The originals were handed over to Garrett Smith’s appeal attorneys, the John Henry Browne Law Group in Seattle, WA.
The CDs were downloaded to expose the “rats” that currently infest the Clark County Criminal Justice System, and to direct the attention of the governing bodies of Vancouver and Clark County, both locally and in Olympia, to the liability in front of them. There bares an overwhelming similarity between the methods used to wrongfully convict John Garrett Smith to those applied in the wrongful conviction of now exonerated former Vancouver Police Officer Clyde Ray Spencer 30 years ago.

**For more information click the following link:   GARRETT’S VOICE

The purpose of this correspondence is to alert all those individuals potentially implicated through the suppression of exculpatory evidence by Deputy Prosecutor, Jennifer Nugent, in direct violation of Brady v. Maryland.

A summary list of previously hidden information follows:

  • Suppressed State’s witness depositions
  • Medical evidence directly refuting claims of Deputy Prosecutor, Jennifer Nugent
  •  Scandalous discrepancies in police reports allegedly written by Vancouver Police Officers Ly Ratha Yong, Sandra Aldridge and Sgt. Andy Hamlin
  • Altered video surveillance tapes from Clark County jail during early AM June 3rd, 2013 booking of defendant
  • Verification of crime scene spoliation
  •  Identities of key witnesses (VPD, Clark County Sheriff’s Office and medical professionals) suppressed by prosecution
  • Falsified photo evidence
  • Tampered digital forensic evidence, including destruction of portions favorable to defendant
  • Appearance of medical insurance fraud

All citizens have a moral obligation and a civic duty to report criminal activity. Along the same lines, it is the constitutional right of every citizen who adheres to that duty to have the benefit of protection from retaliation as Federal and State law mandates.  Whether or not you had direct knowledge of the circumstances under which you were included in the harassment and retaliation of myself and/or Guy Bini, or connected to the the previously suppressed discovery in the case of State v. John Garrett Smith, it is your right to be made aware that, as a result of the bad acts of those who abused their power and discretion within the criminal justice system of Clark County,  WA, you may be an unwitting accomplice to criminal acts.


**DISCLAIMER:  The material material provided in this letter is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.  Additionally, said information has been shared through exercise of 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech, as a direct response to obligations of Title 28 U.S. Code § 4: Misprision of felony, and under the protection of Title 18 U.S. Code § 241: Conspiracy against rights as well as the Federal and State whistleblowers Protection acts.

, I do not believe in coincidences, and since VPD has been keeping you both under surveilance for months, it would seem … more than likely …  VPD certainly should have noted  

a ‘stranger danger’ in your residence area.  
Isn’t VPD still ‘sitting’ on your doorstep? Set featured image
This vandalism appears to be a vicious harassment / intimidation attack of agression.
A vicious ACT which the “sicko” doer hopes will cost you money.   
Can you think of anyone who would act in such a sicko manner?
1.  File a VPD Police report.  
2.  File a report with whatever other policing agencies you deem 
should receive notification of this event.
Be safe.  Be Alert.  Report this matter ASAP.
Luv Yu,  


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