Folks Fighting Serial Corruption in the Legal System

The National Liberty Alliance – The largest organized effort fighting legal corruption


I’ve been following the progress of John Darash and the organization he founded, The National Liberty Alliance, for a few years as they work to bring ‘reform’ to our corrupt legal system. Over those years Darash has attracted ten’s of thousands of loyal supporters and people dedicated to the cause and willing to put their heart and soul in working to bring “truth and honor” back to a system that is as far from truthful and honorable as day is from night.

Darash believes, and he cites legal authority in support of his beliefs, that the only way to hold judges and lawyers to the laws that they swear to uphold is by establishing “Common Law Grand Juries.” These CLGJ’s have the duty to “investigate” and then “indict” those judges and lawyers who are found to be law-breakers based upon the results of their investigation. Said another way… citizens are assembled to oversee the behavior of judges and lawyers. And I AGREE 100% with this citizen oversight idea! Clearly the “self-regulation” that characterizes our present “legal system” has destroyed public confidence in our system of justice. The distrust brought about by the outright criminal activity occurring in our courts is moving all those who learn of the crimes being committed IN OUR COURTS to either join Darash or take personal action to expose and fight to restore the lost trust. The latter is my approach as well as efforts by Anne Block (reporter for the, John Scannell (candidate for WA State Supreme Court) … not to mention all those who tried earlier in time but were viciously retaliated against by the legal enterprise … like, Doug Schafer, and Bob Grundstein to name a couple.

John Darash is no joke, he is playing in the major league ballpark… through these CLGJ’s, based in their investigations ‘formal’ (as opposed to what is accepted as ‘legal’) processes have been issued – such as WRITS and INDICTMENTS. For the most part these processes have been symbolic as none of those to whom these WRITS or INDICTMENTS are directed consider them valid. BUT do they have political power?…. I believe they do and of course John Darash claims absolutely these processes are having a positive effect. John says,

Recently we collected and spent $16,000 to fax seven mandamuses [over one million pages] to “ALL” US Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, State Judges, Sheriffs, US Marshals, FBI Special Agents, Joint Chief of Staff, US Congress, US Senate, 50 State Senates, 50 State Assemblies and 50 Governors.

You can download pdf copies at We also filed embossed sealed copies via U.S. Mail in all 94 Federal District Courts with powerful results. We have filed two Writ Habeas Corpuses that successfully released two People from jail.

Presently we are in the process of filing over 100 Writ Habeas Corpuses; Presentments a/k/a indictments against four federal judges, two US Attorneys, one FBI Agent and one clerk; re-filing Presentments against 8 top New York judges.

We are also planning to file numerous other court documents that we cannot talk about at this time. In order to file these papers we also need to fax all these papers to all of the aforementioned servants.

In my mind, any positive result in moving a corrupted system back to a respected branch of government is a success. And Darash proves that such success can be accomplished in the power that a well organized effort can accomplish. But organizations and what these organizations do requires a lot of money to execute on their strategic plan. John Darash has recently emailed his supporters asking for their help cover the costs in moving his efforts forward. He writes,

Since we started faxing we have been searching for a more affordable plan for faxing. Recently we found a company selling mass faxing software with 16 phone-line ports @ $440.00; 16 port (modems) hardware @ $2400.00 and 16 phone lines @ about $30/month each x 3 month; totaling $4280.00 plus approx. $800 for envelopes, paper, toner and stamps to file each document in all 94 district courts for a total cost of about $5000.00. This plan will allow us to send unlimited faxes for three months; and “ONLY” $480, for unlimited faxing, for each additional month after the next three months.

We must finish what we started; we cannot letup on the pressure we are building in the federal courts. Therefore we need $5000 ASAP to continue with our mission to save our Republic. Please donate over this Independence Day weekend. To donate by, credit card, check or money orders go to >

While I am not a member of the NLA, I admire all that John Darash has accomplished – both in organizing and executing a plan to address our failed judicial system. He is one of my present-day heroes who I celebrate this Independence Day.

Well done John… and God speed!

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2 Responses to Folks Fighting Serial Corruption in the Legal System

  1. Bruce Gambill says:

    Whether the United States Organized Crime Criminal Felony committing Federal Judiciary is willing or not to recognize the efforts of the National Liberty Alliance or the International Criminal Court, I do know that I myself am down for doing what I can to fight these infections to our Government & society.
    As I spend another hot 4th of July day preparing documents for the presentation of my criminal case against both this Washington State and Federal Judiciaries, amongst other corrupt RICO Associates of theirs.

    While I do this, I know for a fact that because of this Organized Crime State & Federal Government scum, their Organized Crime associates are presently out on my personal custom built dock on the ;lake at my home. Inside of and around my custom built home of the last 32yrs that they criminally converted/flagrantly stole with the help of the terminally corrupt Pierce County Sheriff, Governor Inslee, Congressman Heck & Reichert, Senator Becker, the FBI, U..S . Attorneys Durken, Gorman & Westinghouse.

    This bothers me a great deal, in fact I have yet been able to locate any sane rational person that it wouldn’t bother, or cause them to pop right out of gear and make the News Papers! But that is exactly what this demented scum wants, to have a reason to finally just kill me and bury this case as fast as they can.

  2. jimcraven10 says:

    Bruce, I was busy today checking on various July 4th park parties where the little subterranean network that tries to run this place surface and expose themselves and their ties. So I went up to the Clark County Sheriff’s stall at a park, and spoke with one of the officers there; he was very polite and knew who I was. He also did not know what 18 USC 4 was or what “Misprision of a Felony” was so I had to quote it to him from memory: “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. ”

    So I gave him a scenario. Suppose he were investigating say a bank robbery and interviewing witnesses. Someone says that they knew me and saw me filming something near the time of the robbery, and tells you that maybe I have the robbers on film (suppose I do in the background leaving the bank, taking off their hoods, jumping into the car and the license plate is visible but have not checked the film because I did not know a robbery just went on). So you show up to my place and tell me what happened and that I may have evidence that could stop the robbers, who by the way have already committed other crimes and will go on to do more until stopped, and ask to see the film. Suppose I ask if you have a warrant and do you know I have evidence of a crime on film; and you say no we just need your cooperation. So I tell you, well sir, the last time I and my friend a former police officer and a separate witness to what he believed were felony crimes that he had just witnessed in a hearing, came to see you with hard evidence, not rants or allegations, tapes, documents, transcripts, citing 18 USC 4, we were threatened with arrest by some knuckle-dragger they sent out, and not told we had no case but sent to VPD where we got another one, a little corporal and buddy of ex-“Judge” Wulle, who noted my license number but would not take a formal complaint. The next time we came we got an African-American IA officer and another on crutches who just sat and looked at us, took no notes and made no formal complaint to sign. So what if I told you to just buzz off and get a warrant and suppose those criminals got away to do more crimes?

    I told him to tell Commander Horch, who was Sgt Horch when I sent him hard evidence of felony crimes including evidence for allegations of perjury and derivative felonies against Bob Knight, president of Clark College,( he never said we do not have jurisdiction, and he said he would get back to me and never did).congratulations on his promotion and I’ll be seeing him and the others in civil litigation named personally, but again, there are crimes past, present and will continue until they are exposed and stopped. I told him I would be publishing all my correspondence with FBI, VPD, Clark Country Sheriff, Washington Education Association, Clark County Prosecutor, Washington Court of Appeals Division II, Thurston County Superior Court, Washington Employment Security Department, Clark College, Washington AG, Washington Auditor, Governor Inslee, and others.

    One of the persons I sent evidence of crimes, Mr Jim Brittain who is a criminal investigator I sent materials to in the Washington Auditor’s office, where the Auditor is under indictment, today I saw a message from him asking to link-in on my link-in account; I linked him not remembering his name until later who he is and how I heard his name; I have my correspondence with him. My point is they, like all these other little Fergusons with their backroom and subterranean networks of power and white privilege are being dragged out into the open and into the sunlight and we must use the law to take back the law, from the lawless who are supposed to be writing, enforcing and adjudicating the law; we have no other alternative as corruption kills literally.


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