Updated Small Victory Opens Door to Exposing Clark County Corruption

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To our friends and family that has been following our saga with having to defend ourselves against slander, defamation, false arrests, false accusations, false reports and false BOLOs from the Vancouver Police Department, I felt today’s victory needed a special broadcast. The following update was the outcome of this morning’s hearing regarding the petition for renewal of an anti-harassment order that has been used as a tool to intimidate us with multiple attempts to criminalize us.

At this morning’s hearing before Clark County District Court Commissioner, the honorable Jeffrey Witteman, a petition for renewal of an anti-harassment order (AHO) against me, the respondent, protecting the petitioner, Ms Cresap, was presented before the commissioner for an extension. The AHO had expired on May 28, 2015. An ex-parte petition for renewal was presented to the court the day before on May 27, 2015. Commissioner Witteman granted a temporary extension of 14 days on May 27 so the petition could have enough time to be properly serve the petitioner. The purpose of the hearing was for the petitioner to present evidence supporting her reasons why the AHO should be extended for another year.

When the case was called, my attorney, Therese Lavallee, had informed the court that the anti-harassment order had expired on May 28. The petitioner had claimed in her petition that respondent had allegedly sent via email:
“a two page letter to 7 people including DOL claiming horrendous things and lies, character assassination against me, against my brokerage real estate license and ongoing contact to my pro brokerage KW.”

The respondent had not been provided a copy of the alleged letter in the petitioner’s claim as this was the basis for her claims and reason for extension of the anti-harassment order. If the petitioner had a copy of the letter then by all means present it to the court for review by all.

The petitioner stalled by changing topic from the alleged 2 page letter to Traci’s blog. Petitioner rambled on about the blog by stating it was a vicious attack upon her and it was harassing her. Commissioner Witteman interrupted and stated “the blog is protected free speech” (and is still not the creation of the respondent).  Commissioner Witteman gave the petitioner another opportunity to present the 2 page letter to the court for review by the respondent as it was alleged by the petitioner that said 2 page letter was authored by the respondent sometime in April 2015. The petitioner had a stack of papers in front of her that she was shuffling around for a few moments trying to decide if she would present whatever was in front of her.

When pressed again by Commissioner Witteman, the petitioner declined to present evidence of the alleged 2 page letter that petitioner claimed was authored by the respondent even thought the “two page letter” appeared to be in the stack of papers in front of her. After all, this was the motivating factor for petitioning the court for renewal of the anti-harassment order.

Once the request for evidence was declined by the petitioner, Commissioner Witteman promptly declined the petitioner’s request for an extension of the anti-harassment order.
Thank you very much.

Traci and I are very aware the petitioner may request a new anti-harassment order but this time we are not going to take the bad advice we were given from prior counsel last year implying that we would be hit with a “slap” order (Google it). Traci and I intend to obtain our own anti-harassment order against the petitioner.

Furthermore, given the suspicious nature of the alleged two page email and recent evidence of “email header forgery” that allows for “email spoofing” and counterfeit email transmissions,  we will be gathering our evidence against the petitioner and a certain VPO detective  regarding counterfeit emails. We have been harassment by others hiding behind an “email alias”.
In addition, we have evidence of “spoofed emails” that involved business transactions that were transmitted to Garrett Smith in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Whatever this email discovery is about, we want it to end. There will be more on this issue in the days to follow.

And yes, the appeal is still moving forward as it questions whether or not Commissioner Parcher’s decision was based on law. Of course, we feel that it was not.

Thank you for your continued support.
Stay tuned,

Guy & Traci

Today was not a good day for Ms. Cresap. After all, she is the one that brought forward this action. She was the one that claimed such damaging and hurtful “evidence” exists. She was the one that made these ridiculously untrue accusations. Yet, when it became time for the supposed “victimized and harassed” petitioner to present such damaging evidence, she couldn’t do it. Ms. Cresap was pretty much exposed today, as a fraud, in my opinion. At the very least this particular case, concerning Guy, has been shown to be frivolous.

As a result of today’s proceedings, any reasonable and objective person would now have to ask one’s self: how deep do the false accusations go? How many other false claims, phantom evidence, and other fraudulent behaviors have been perpetuated, by this individual?
Also on this list of questions one might ask oneself are the following: How much help has she received, unduly, from law-enforcement officials, personnel in the City Attorney’s office , and/or Clark County court officials? Just how deep do these lies and false accusations go? Why had she, until now, been able to get so much traction this case, involving allegations that were so absurd, AND severely unproven?  Why was so much time, money, and county resources spent on behalf of this woman, who has done absolutely nothing to demonstrate that such expenditures were necessary?
Though this appears to be a small legal victory today, I think that its larger symbolic meaning CANNOT be overstated. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so I’d encourage everyone to stay tuned.
Well said, Kent!I couldn’t help clapping (although I’m alone) when I read Witteman’s DENIAL of the bogus extension of the bogus order.  FINALLY some justice has occurred in Clark County!!  It is so very long overdue.

The mightiest dam coming undone will start breaking with a single crack, will it not?

Although this is, essentially, just a return to normalcy (with respect to the AH order), I feel like congratulations are in order for Guy and Traci.  An axe has been lifted!



Yes, I mean the unraveling is only going to continue when some of these things are revisited in court. When the appeal is heard, we’re going to need to hear some compelling evidence about why this Anti-Harrasment order was put in place at all. Of course, this will be impossible to produce, because it doesn’t exist. When finally subject to LEGITIMATE and proper legal scrutiny, I think it will be clearly shown to be a very questionable and unwarranted decision.
There were many outlandish, bizarre, woefully vague, and unsubstantiated accusations made by Cresap during the original hearing. However, there was absolutely zero evidence, at all, to support them. Anti-Harrasment court orders cannot and should not be granted, based on the OPINION of the petitioner alone. There has to be some legal basis for it, and in this case there simply was not. During the original hearing, the blog was pretty much the only source of content that in anyway received much discussion and was “in play.”
However, as we know, Guy is not the author of the blog, it is not his blog. Shockingly, Guy’s then-defense attorney, refused to put Tracie on the witness stand to testify to the blogs’ actual authorship and ownership. Secondly, as was reiterated in court today, this blog is protected Second Amendment free speech. Even if it were Guy’s blog, which it wasn’t, it cannot be used as evidence in support of an Anti-Harassment Order against him. It was a totally inappropriate decision in the first place. However, this decision was necessary for “criminalization” of Guy…which led to the false arrest and unlawful incarceration of Guy over that three day period in 2014.
And so it goes, once you start pulling on the string, it all starts to unravel. The absolutely shocking and sickening amount of corruption, abuse and wicked behavior shown by Cresap, and her handlers, is going to be exposed. Justice for Guy and Tracie…AND for Garrett…will prevail. It’s now just a matter of time, the wheels are already in motion. This train has left the station. Amen.

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2 Responses to Updated Small Victory Opens Door to Exposing Clark County Corruption

  1. Bruce Gambill says:

    Congrats Jim, any little win must be so shocking. I personally have never experienced such a thing as of yet. However, I am still crazy enough to remain optimistic…

  2. David Evans says:

    While reading this I noticed I was grinning ear to ear. I eagerly await the counter-attack.

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