More Examples of Vantucky and Local Corruption–Alleged and Unrebutted– and its Masks and Agents

18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony | LII / Legal Information Institute

18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

Current through Pub. L. 113-296, except 113-287, 113-291, 113-295. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Garrett’s Voice post

The Aldridge Method

Recent update… tongue in cheek, but sadly true.  I am having trouble getting the audio links in the final slide to play, but will keep working on it!
Tremendous progress being made on a daily basis toward the vindication of Garrett Smith and the exposure of all those in positions of power who participated in this incomprehensible injustice.
Continued thanks to all those who have offered support to Garrett and to us in this battle against the corruption in Clark County.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” Edmond Burke

Sent to National Media

 Just a few who might benefit from the receipt of an email in support of Garrett Smith:

Vancouver VP Lt. Scott Creager who is is charge of the Internal Affairs investigation of Detective Sandra Aldridge’s conduct:

Presiding Judge for Clark County WA Superior Court

The judge who denied Garrett ADA accommodations for a qualified disability (Asperger’s Syndrome) and decided on the case in a bench trial citing Sheryl Cresap Smith as a “credible” victim/witness

Detective Aldridge’s immediate supervisor, Sgt. Andy Hamlin

The prosecutor who refused to act in an ethical manner even when she came into possession of undisputable evidence that Garrett was innocent of all allegations and that the complaining victim had engaged in a 20 year history of fraud through litigation for false personal injury scams.

 Submitted to Dateline and NBC News outlets @

Dateline:    (then his “contact Dateline” button)

NBC News -What should we investigate? Do you know of a story that we should pursue at NBC News? We’re about investigative reporting on topics that matter: corruption, conflicts of interest, broken systems, abuses by institutions and individuals with power, whether that’s government, nonprofits, or the press itself.

(what I sent to both):

My sister and her fiance’ have been dealing with a situation for over the past year that has caused them to fear for their lives in Vancouver, WA.  From early 2014, they have spoken up for a friend, Garrett Smith, who was charged with attempted murder.  They discovered the attempted murder charge was an elaborate scheme to steal thousands/millions of dollars from Garrett’s multi-million dollar company by his then wife of only a short time and another individual connected to the Vancouver Police Department, Detective S. Aldridge.

As my sister (Traci) and her fiance’ (Guy) stood up for Garrett in support of his innocence, they began investigating deeper, discovering the holes in his wife’s story of attempted murder accusations, corruption of the lead detective, Detective Aldridge, and also discovered that other local officials are involved in the corruption being used as pawns to manipulate the conspiracy or even possibly involved for financial gain as well.

Becoming the thorns in the sides of these corrupt individuals by speaking up for the truth, Traci and Guy have become targets of consistent police harassment, 2 false arrests against Guy, a BOLO on Traci’s vehicle, and a conspiracy to silence them through intimidation.  Traci and Guy have not backed down in their fight for the truth and this is why they fear for their life (due to incriminating evidence they have uncovered).  Detective Aldridge has a history of questionable activity as a police officer meant to uphold the law (Macon, GA and in Vancouver WA), and can not be trusted to not do something extreme to silence Traci and Guy.

Several months ago, Garrett Smith was convicted in Clark County of the attempted murder charge due to inadequate and conspiring legal counsel who were statically placed as part of the elaborate scheme to put him away because of all the money involved.  Garrett was moved to a new prison outside the county jurisdiction and has a new lawyer; they are in the process of an appeal.

This story needs to be investigated and exposed for Traci and Guy’s personal safety, to help get the truth out about police corruption in Vancouver/Clark County, WA and most importantly to share the story of an innocent man, Garrett Smith, being charged with Attempted Murder as a scheme by his wife and a Vancouver WA police detective to steal thousands/millions of dollars.   Please contact Traci Eccles,  360-907-3738  or Guy Bini, 360-907-3811 for more information.  Also visit Traci’s blog she has kept through this ordeal in hopes to get the truth exposed

Thank you for looking into this and I pray you expose this injustice through national media.

Teri (Eccles) Wymore

Millington, TN

Sergeant Hatley,    CRESA Drill Down – May 7, 2014 & Oct 24, 2014   traciDOC024
Is it VPD procedure for a supervising officer to assist with a false arrest and unlawful seizure of private property?
s it normal policy for a supervising officer to not identify themselves during an arrest with CRESA?
Page 1, the May 7, 2014 CRESA Drill Down sheet Sergeant Andy Hamlin is not identified by CRESA. Why?
Possibly for the same reason he failed to identify himself during multiple requests for a receipt for the iPhone which he refused.
He also refused to identify himself as the other arresting officer or provide the name of the other arresting officer when asked.
What is Sgt Hamlin hiding from?
It’s obvious to us. Sgt Hamlin did not want to get caught up in the web of lies that Det. Aldridge has created. By now you should have already included Vancouver Police Officer Sergeant Andy Hamlin of the Domestic Violence Unit as #2 to our complaint along with Aldridge.
The Oct 24, 2014 traffic emphasis will be made a further issue if Det. Aldridge and Sgt Hamlin continue unabated with their harassment of us.
Guido A. Bini

BOLO Flag Requests

Sgt Hatley,
Attached is a copy of the BOLO information on me, Traci and Traci’s car were obtained thru public records request.  traciDOC023
What is even more alarming is the continuation with false reporting and harassment.
1 – False reporting – The May 30, 2014 BOLO flag request, Probable Cause with Citation to arrest was alleged to have been entered on July 3, 2014 per supplemental incident report dated July 2, 2014.
a) probable cause for misdemeanor cyberstalking did not exist nor presented or ever produced after multiple public requests.
b) Citation for arrest not present or ever produced.
c) Detective Aldridge did not obtain supervisory approval to submit BOLO to CRESA.
d) Failed to remove bolo in timely manner.
2 – False Reporting, Defamation, Retaliation – November 4, 2014 BOLO – death threats to City Attorney’s. Say what?
    a) This one is truly unbelievable and despicable due to the fact we had never spoken with anyone at the city attorney’s office during this time period let alone made any death treats. Where is the proof? Why has no one come forward from the VPD to interview us about this issue? Or the City Attorney’s Office? These baseless assertions are further evidence of intimidation tactics as we do not feel safe anywhere in Clark County.
If the VPD officers are continued to be provided this propaganda thru normal broadcast channels then Traci and I are at risk, not law enforcement. Both of us have now become targets of more police harassment because of the abuse of authority. The reality of the situation is that Aldridge & Hamlin are trying to hide their failure to follow policy and misconduct by framing an innocent man for attempted murder. They fear the information that we have and are they are using any deplorable means necessary to diminish us and to prevent us from telling those such as yourself who can do something about.
We feel the VPD has put a “HIT” out on us by creating an alleged OFFICER SAFETY risk. Where is our voice in all of this? How do we counteract the lies of those that are abusing their authority? We are pointing out their misconduct and their illegal acts and we expect action to be taken. There is no basis whatsoever for police harassment and the abuse of process. NONE!
3 – Oct 24, 2014 Traffic Emphasis; The traffic stop initiating my arrest was based upon the falsely reported BOLO on May 30.
    a) There is no proof Traci ran a stop sign or any other stops were made that morning?
    b) according to our copy of the dispatch audio from Oct 24, 2014, she was the only car pulled over.
    c) morning radio chatter is suspicious as to purpose of the stop.
4 – the April 2, 2015 BOLO alert escalated to all surrounding area LEA’s after we escalate our complaints. Guido A. Bini and Traci D. Eccles are allegedly an OFFICER SAFETY RISK, approach with caution. Another example of escalated retaliation without a shred of proof that we threatened anyone. Great police everyone. Pat yourselves on the back.
The BOLO alert with Officer Safety Risk is a cowardly act by those who are trying to deflect their egregious misconduct.
More to follow.
Guido A. Bini

Re: False criminal information

Sgt. Hatley,

Just so we have a clear understanding regarding the VPD’s Internal Affairs complaint policy and to confirm we are still considered the “complainants,”

VPD Policy 902.5 (D) 5 states:

Complainants shall NOT be required to:

  1. Appear in person.
  2. Go to another section of the city or to PSU to lodge a complaint.
  3. Make another trip at another time to lodge a complaint.
  4. Prepare their own complaint form.
  5. Agree to participate in certain investigatory techniques, such as the polygraph, to have their complaint accepted.

The wording is perfectly clear. There is no requirement for a complainant to appear in person or to follow up on a complaint. That being said,  I would like to request a copy of the VPD’s Internal Affairs investigation questions to be provided to me in advance so that I can preview my response without the fear of the “undue influence” of entrapment. Remember, we are the whistle blowers. We have documented multiple  violations of VPD policy by Detective Sandra Aldridge that have occurred and continue to occur and we have done it IN WRITING with supporting documentation.

Furthermore, due to the recent and disturbing developments regarding the fabricated investigation in the State Vs. John Garrett Smith, my next complaint will identify multiple examples of police misconduct by Detective Sandra Aldridge that she wants to hide from. The anxiety that Traci and I have felt for the better part of a year caused by Detective Aldridge’s unlawful surveillance, defamation and the invasion of our privacy will now be shown to have been justified.

My concern regarding the VPD’s failure of executive leadership has crossed the threshold of disappointment to one of dismay. The lack of supervisory oversight of a rogue police officer will have a negative effect upon the accreditation process of any law enforcement agency.

We have several more significant examples of Detective Sandra Aldridge’s willful disregard to follow procedure. The consequences of which have negatively impacted the lives and families of innocent people, one of whom has a qualified neurodevelopmental disorder aka Autism. That being said, the adverse impact upon public safety of individuals with mental disabilities and the professional image of the department is a serious concern for the public. The appearance of preying upon the vulnerable can not be an image the VPD wants to portray. How the VPD Internal Affairs responds to the our next complaint of extreme carelessness, the omission of relevant information, the suppression of exculpatory evidence, the falsification of reports, the abuse of authority, witness intimidation and conspiracy to deny civil rights will determine whether or not I will make myself available for an interview.

For the record, I am exercising my constitutionally guaranteed civil rights with my criticism of Detective Sandra Aldridge and the VPD.

Lastly, the VPD is already in possession of many falsified reports by Det. Sandra Aldridge. And now, so are we.


Guido A. Bini

From: Hatley, Kevin

Sent: Monday, April 20, 2015 4:39 PM

To: ‘Traci Eccles’

Cc: Guy Bini

Subject: RE: False criminal information

Good afternoon, Ms. Eccles,

Please accept my apology for the delayed response to the email you sent on Friday. I was gone last week after having a scheduled medical procedure so I didn’t see your message until today and have been trying to catch up all day. Mr. Bini did have an interview scheduled for Wednesday; however, I saw an email where he requested a new appointment, so we will need to work to reschedule him. I’ve cc’d him in this email since he was on the original recipient listing.

I’d like to try to answer your request about coming with Mr. Bini and being interviewed with him, at least as I understand it. Whenever we interview someone during the initial intake of an inquiry or complaint, or during the course of an investigation, we interview each person separately; regardless of whether they’re a complainant, a witness to, or the subject of the inquiry, complaint or investigation. For example, we could interview two witnesses consecutively, but we would not interview those two witnesses in the same interview.

There are several reasons we talk to each person individually but the primary reasons are to protect the integrity of each person’s statement from undue influence by other involved parties, to promote an open dialogue between the interviewer and the person being interviewed, and to maintain consistency throughout the entire process for each person involved. It prevents anyone from intentionally or unintentionally dominating conversation, it helps promote a sense of confidentiality and openness in the interview, and, finally, each person’s statement has the ability to stand on its own merit.

You are certainly welcome to come to the department when Mr. Bini is interviewed but I would have to ask you to wait in the lobby during the course of the interview. Likewise, Mr. Bini is welcome to come and wait in the lobby during your interview but would not be able to be in the interview itself.

Thank you for providing the attached documents too. I haven’t had a chance to view them in earnest yet but it appears that they downloaded properly so I will be able to look at them and they’ll certainly be added to the investigation’s documents.

I’d like to get your interview scheduled as soon as possible. Is there a day and time that works for you between Wednesday, April 22nd and Thursday, April 30th?


Kevin Hatley | Sergeant

Professional Standards Unit

Vancouver Police Department

605 E. Evergreen Blvd

Vancouver, WA 98661

Desk: 360.487.7471

From: Traci Eccles []
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2015 9:06 AM
To: Hatley, Kevin
Cc: Guy Bini
Subject: Fwd: False criminal information

Good morning Sgt. Hatley,

I understand you are planning to interview Guy for the investigation of complaints we have filed regarding our complaints of harassment against Detective Aldridge on Wednesday afternoon.  I would like to come at the same time if that works for you.

Also, I have attached some documents to add to the investigation file.  These are items that unfortunately now come up in a search of Guy’s name.  Any potential employer would likely find these immediately and these are also quite damaging in the event that Guy ever chooses to run for a political office or even volunteer within the community.  While NONE of this shows up on his criminal record (the charges were false and probable cause was non-existent) the damage this event has done could live on forever and negatively impact the rest of both our lives.

Thank you.

Traci Eccles

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Creager, Scott <>
Date: Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 1:48 PM
Subject: Re: Lack of response
To: Traci Eccles <>
Cc: “McElvain, James” <>, “Hatley, Kevin” <>, “Luse, Doug” <>

Ms Eccles,

I am sorry for any misunderstanding in any previous communication regarding why an inquiry is the appropriate process for the current BOLO on your vehicle.  Had I anticipated this, I would have spent additional time explaining it to you when we spoke the other day.

I am committed to an appropriate investigation, and any opportunity to alleviate your concerns. Please understand that I am taking time away from my family on Orthodox Easter to try to address this with you in a timely manner. I don’t want you to have any unnecessary anxiety over this.

The inquiry and associated IAC number I provided is specifically regarding the current BOLO on your vehicle.  As the information that led to the current BOLO came from outside the Vancouver Police Department, a complaint is inappropriate because VPD was merely a conduit of this information to CRESA.  An inquiry, per our policy, describes an investigation into a policy or protocol of the department.

An inquiry is appropriate because it will determine if this BOLO is appropriate, and the required documentation has been filed. The inquiry has been assigned to Lt Luse for review because it involves the investigations division.

I have asked Lt. Luse to provide you with his response to the inquiry, and direct you to any documentation in support of the BOLO so you will have an opportunity to review the information.

The other concerns you have made about the various aspects of the previous BOLO and investigation are included in the internal affairs investigation assigned to Sgt. HATLEY. He will be contacting you later this week to try and schedule an interview for the following week.

These are ongoing investigations I am precluded from responding to all of the others who you copied in your e-mail.  I hope that you would take the time to clarify the situation with them.

As I stated last week, please contact me immediately through a Vancouver police patrol supervisor if an incident arises before this has been resolved.

Scott Creager

Vancouver Police Department
On Apr 12, 2015, at 10:31 AM, Traci Eccles <> wrote:
Lt. Creager;

Upon reviewing this email that you sent me on April 7th more carefully, I discovered some very disturbing details.

First, IAC #2015-070 is no more an INQUIRY than my COMPLAINT last May when a VPD Sergeant (Sgt. Andy Hamlin) crossed the street upon the command of his subordinate (Detective Sandra Aldridge) and snatched the iPhone next to my purse as I frantically grabbed for my belongings because I was uncertain what was going on.  The same line supervisor for the VPD did not identify himself as the one who took my iPhone when I called Detective Aldridge’s supervisor, one in the same, to report the incident.  The same VPD Sergeant (Hamlin) refused upon multiple documented requests to issue me a receipt for my unlawfully seized iPhone. Sgt. Hamlin then continued to authorize the rogue activity by Detective Sandra Aldridge to continue her quest to criminalize us.  Among these authorizations, she was allowed to place Guy Bini and I under constant surveillance, track my vehicle through a BOLO and initiate a second (admittedly “mistaken”) false arrest on an innocent man.

I, like you, have a very important job.  I am a law-abiding citizen of this city who has suffered extreme harassment and constant surveillance for an entire year due to the gross incompetence of someone you seem to feel the need to protect. As an educator, I too hear a great deal of professional criticism, much of it unwarranted. However, my willingness to support the actions of my colleagues stops at a clear line. I would never, for example, cover for a child-molesting teacher or coach based on some warped code of loyalty.

The criminalization of innocent people, whether done maliciously or just to save face, is unconscionable.  You are involving yourself in that action through your inaction.  I intend to make public your response to me, as well as your unwillingness to correct the unreasonable targeting of me as a threat to public safety.

Based on a more careful inspection of your email below, it seems clear that you and Lt. Luce do not intend to take these violations seriously, or do anything to correct them. To be perfectly clear, this is not an INQUIRY… it is a COMPLAINT.



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Creager, Scott <>
Date: Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 2:32 PM
Subject: RE: Lack of response
To: Traci Eccles <>
Cc: “McElvain, James” <>, “Hatley, Kevin” <>

Ms Eccles,

Please don’t be astounded.  At the time that you e-mailed me this morning I was actually in a meeting with the Investigations division Lieutenant over this very issue.

This inquiry has been assigned IAC #2015-070.  Lieutenant D. Luse is requesting additional documentation, and will review the justification for the BOLO based on the information provided by others who feel it is necessary.  He is also reviewing the verbiage in the BOLO to assure that the language is appropriate and reasonable based on what the concerns are of those who felt it was needed.

I have asked that he inform you of the results of his inquiry.

Scott Creager| Lieutenant

Valor, Professionalism, Duty



Vancouver Police Department/Headquarters

W:(360) 487-7501


NOTICE OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE: This e-mail account is public domain. Any correspondence from or to this e-mail account may be a public record. Accordingly, this e-mail, in whole or in part may be subject to disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56, regardless of any claim of confidentiality or privilege asserted by an external

From: Traci Eccles []
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2015 11:05 AM
To: Creager, Scott
Cc: McElvain, James; Hatley, Kevin
Subject: Lack of response

Lt. Creager,

Your lack response and apparent refusal to address my serious concerns and request regarding the BOLO inappropriately placed on my vehicle license plate is astounding.  It is a simple request.  If you feel it is legitimate, as your failure to remove it seems to indicate, then respond to me with your public safety related reasoning for such position, If none exists, remove it now and inform me that you have done so.

I have made this request multiple time over a two week period with no result. Please, once again, make this your priority. This has adversely affected my feelings of safety and ability to travel untargeted anywhere in this city and county. It has had a crippling effect on my life and sense of well being.

Traci Eccles, citizen of Clark County, Vancouver, WA

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Traci Eccles <>
Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 3:22 PM
To: “Creager, Scott” <>, “Hatley, Kevin” <>, “Luse, Doug” <>
Cc: “McElvain, James” <>, Guy Bini <>, Jamie Jackson <>

Victims of Integrity

The integrity of our justice system relies on prosecutors and judges who are committed to finding the truth, and witnesses who are free to tell the truth. This ideal was nonexistent in the case of State of Washington v. John Garrett Smith.  The resulting unlawful witness intimidation and retaliation that we (Guy Bini and Traci Eccles) have experienced at the hands of those public officials who have participated in this farce, is not an anomaly; it is a practiced and perfected art within the Clark County Court System. It has now been nearly a year since we lived without fear of harassment, intimidation, constant surveillance, perpetual investigation, false arrests, and unlawful search and seizure, with the goal of eventual criminalization.  If simply speaking out against unethical activity within the criminal justice system puts a target on our backs, then every law-abiding citizen is a potential victim to this abuse.

This is my Life…

  • I am a high school English teacher; this is my 27th year of teaching in this state
  •  I have no criminal record, have never been arrested or considered a suspect in a crime
  • I have never handled a weapon, been in a physical fight, or been suspended from school
  • Currently, and for the past 10 months, my vehicle has been listed on two separate BOLO (“be on the lookout”) alerts with the Vancouver Police Department.
  • The first resulted in a stop in October near my home during which I was detained and watched closely so as not to touch my cell phone, while two other officers went to my residence to arrest my fiancé, Guy Bini (for the second false arrest in less than a year)
  •          It was admitted that this, like the first arrest, was an unfortunate “mistake”, the BOLO was removed (which stated “probable cause for arrest; felony cyber-stalking”) and was replaced in November with a second BOLO (which identifies my vehicle with a nondescript warning of “threat” to all VPD officers)
  •        Despite the fact that I have been in continuous contact with high level superior officers within the VPD, and have expressed my serious concerns, I repeatedly have been denied removal of this absurd warning from my vehicle license plate… Why?

In a cultural climate where police officers have to fear for their own safety in the line of duty, it is understandable that a high level of alert and caution would be needed in high-risk situations. 

In a city where an officer was critically wounded in just such an incident within the past year heightens that level further. 

The knowledge that my vehicle is targeted within the system as posing a threat to officers and/or public safety in this climate, is a serious cause for concern, especially when that alleged “threat” is not only unfounded, but an act of harassment, retaliation and witness intimidation.

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Traci Eccles <>
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: YES or NO?
To: “Creager, Scott” <>
Cc: Guy Bini <>, Jamie Jackson <>, Judith McDonald <>, “McElvain, James” <>

Lt. Creager,

Do you take me for a fool?  If any citizen could call in and initiate a BOLO, you’d have a million of them… more than half false and vindictive.  You have forgotten, Sgt. Jedrey already informed us that the BOLO was regarding a “warning of threat”.

Again, when can I expect you to remove the BOLO and inform me of who would initiate such malicious action so that I can protect myself from further false allegations.  Are you and other officers of the VPD only obligated to protect some citizens?  And if so, how can I sign up for that list?

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 3:44 PM, Creager, Scott <> wrote:

Good Afternoon Ms Eccles,

Unfortunately this isn’t a single word answer response.  A BOLO is just a process that law enforcement uses to disseminate information, usually by attaching it to a person, vehicle, etc.  It isn’t always associated with an investigation and it doesn’t always mean that someone is wanted.

In the case of your vehicle, my understanding of the BOLO is that it is based on information received from a citizen regarding their concerns.  The BOLO is informational, and is not tied to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Scott Creager| Lieutenant

Valor, Professionalism, Duty


Vancouver Police Department/Headquarters

W:(360) 487-7501

NOTICE OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE: This e-mail account is public domain. Any correspondence from or to this e-mail account may be a public record. Accordingly, this e-mail, in whole or in part may be subject to disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56, regardless of any claim of confidentiality or privilege asserted by an external

From: Traci Eccles []
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 6:59 PM
To: Creager, Scott; Hatley, Kevin
Cc: McElvain, James; Luse, Doug
Subject: YES or NO?

Lt. Creager:

Yes or no: If there is a BOLO on my car, there is an active investigation of us. We would appreciate a single-word answer. Thank you.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Traci Eccles<>
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 4:30 PM
Subject: Black tar heroine, etc…
To: “Creager, Scott” <>
Cc: “Hatley, Kevin” <>, “Luse, Doug” <>, “McElvain, James” <>

Lt. Creager et al;

I have inquired at the state level what would legitimize a BOLO alert ordered on my car  from an entity outside of law enforcement.  I was told that nothing short of connections to terrorism, abduction and endangerment of a child, or transport of black tar heroine across the Mexican border should initiate such action. Since neither Guy nor I have involvement in these activities, I am having difficulty understanding why this matter was not easily cleared up when I first shared my urgent concerns with you nearly a month ago.
If anyone, whether within the VPD or from another Clark County government entity, is alleging that the long-term targeting of us as a potential threat is a legitimate and necessary act in the name of public safety, why have we not been informed and given the chance to defend ourselves against such allegations? With a 99 year crime-free history (between the two of us), how is it that we have lost our right to due process, and to confront our accusers?
I sat in a Clark County courtroom this morning and read from the wall in bold letters,
The actions of Detective Aldridge and the corresponding inaction of your department has proven this promise to be false concerning both LIBERTY AND PROPERTY. Allowing this false and malicious BOLO warning of “threat” to remain in effect on my vehicle puts the third, MY LIFE at risk as well.
When can I expect action to finally be taken on this potentially disastrous mistake? 
Traci Eccles, law-abiding, concerned citizen of Clark County, Vancouver, WA
Other “Dots” That Connect Webs and Networks of Corruption:

The WA State Bar: sued again for civil rights violation, unconstitutional practices… says Stephen Eugster, ESQ.

On March 12, 2015, Stephen Eugster, a Spokane area lawyer filed a lawsuit against the WA State Bar, (WSBA) and the following individuals: ANTHONY GIPE, President, WSBA, in his official capacity; WILLIAM D. HYSLOP, President-elect, WSBA, in his official capacity; PATRICK A. PALACE, Immediate Past President, WSBA, in his official capacity; and PAULA LITTLEWOOD, Executive Director, WSBA, in her official capacity; and BARBARA MADSEN, Chief Justice, in her official capacity; CHARLES JOHNSON, Associate Chief Justice, in his official capacity; SHERYL GORDON MCCLOUD, Justice, in her official capacity; CHARLES WIGGINS, Justice, in his official capacity; STEVEN GONZÁLEZ, Justice, in his official capacity; MARY YU, Justice, in her official capacity; MARY FAIRHURST, Justice, in her official capacity; SUSAN OWENS, Justice, in her official capacity; and DEBRA STEPHENS, Justice, in her official capacity.

The lawsuit seeks a judgment declaring that Plaintiff has First Amendment right against compelled speech and compelled association, and therefore has a constitutional right to not to be a member of the WSBA in order to practice law in the state of Washington; 2. Entry of judgment declaring that Plaintiff has First Amendment rights against compelled speech and compelled association, and therefore has a constitutional right to prevent Defendants from using his member dues on non- chargeable activities of the WSBA; 3. Entry of judgment declaring that the Washington State Bar Association is unconstitutional in violation fo the First and Fourteenth Amendments because it compels its members to pay dues for purposes which are not germane to the ethics and regulatory purposes of a integrated bar association. 4. Award Plaintiff his costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees in accordance with law, including 42 U.S.C. § 1988; and 5. Award Plaintiff such further relief as is just and equitable.

– See more at:

BREAKING NEWS: John Pennington TERMINATED from Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management reports GOLD BAR REPORTER

BREAKING NEWS: TERMINATED from Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management, an insider says – GOLD BAR REPORTER. The reports that John Pennington has been terminated as Director of Emergency Management..

The corrupt city of Gold Bar WA is a microcosm of the corruption in many WA State cities and counties. For the past 6-years Anne Block, investigative reporter for the has been investigating John Pennington, Gold Bar’s Director of Emergency Management (DEM). Block’s investigation of Pennington reveals massive corruption within the prosecutor’s office, the mayor and reaches to Duvall’s police department. Block reports Pennington was unqualified for the duties as Gold Bar’s DEM having nothing more than a “mail ordered diploma.” Documents uncovered by Block through public records request indicate Pemmington overlooked signs of the unstable terrain which eventually gave way in a massive landslide that killed 43 in Oso, WA about a year ago. Insiders tell Block that Pennington was concocting ways to retaliate against Block for exposing Pennington as a fraud, a wife beater, a child molester and one of two prime suspects in the murder of a 5-year old child. Block writes,

In 1992, a 5-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped, and then tossed along a Cowlitz County road like a piece of trash. According to Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, John Pennington became one of two prime suspects for the following reasons: (1) Pennington operated a coffee delivery route within six blocks of where the child was dumped; (2) he drove the same car; (3) Pennington was in the area at the time of the child rape; (4) Pennington’s picture from 1992 is almost a complete match to the child and witness’s sketch drawing of the pedophile; and (5) Pennington relentlessly convinced his ex-wife to call the police attempting to divert attention away from himself and onto another man.

The list of those tied to Pennington is long and reaches right to the WA State Supreme Court and state Legislators — the roles these people play is a frightening expose on the state of WA State.

Well done ANNE BLOCK! She deserves the congratulations from every WA State Citizen for ACTUALLY INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION – WHERE and HOW FAR it goes — and WHO are involved.

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About jimcraven10 1. Citizenship: Blackfoot, U.S. and Canadian; 2. Position: tenured Professor of Economics and Geography; Dept. Head, Economics; 3. Teaching, Consulting and Research experience: approx 40 + years all levels high school to post-doctoral U.S. Canada, Europe, China, India, Puerto Rico and parts of E. Asia; 4. Work past and present: U.S. Army 1963-66; Member: Veterans for Peace; former VVAW; Veterans for 9-11 Truth; Scholars for 9-11 Truth; Pilots for 9-11 Truth; World Association for Political Economy; Editorial Board International Critical Thought; 4.. U.S. Commercial-Instrument Pilot ; FAA Licensed Ground Instructor (Basic, Advanced, Instrument and Simulators); 5. Research Areas and Publications: International law (on genocide, rights of nations, war and war crimes); Imperialism (nature, history, logic, trajectories, mechanisms and effects); Economic Geography (time and space modeling in political economy; globalization--logic and effects; Political Economy and Geography of Imperialism); Indigenous versus non-Indigenous Law; Political Economy of Socialism and Socialist Construction; 6. Member, Editorial Board, "International Critical Thought" published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; International Advisory Board and Columnist 4th Media Group, (Beijing); 7. Other Websites publications at;;; 8.Biography available in: Marquis Who’s Who: in the World (16th-18th; 20th; 22nd -31st (2014) Editions); Who’s Who in America (51st-61st;63rd-68th(2014) Editions); Who’s Who in the West (24th- 27th Editions);Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (3rd to 6th, 8th, 11th (2011-2012) Editions); Who’s Who in Finance and Industry (29th to 37th Editions); Who’s Who in American Education (6th Edition). ------------------- There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e. the voice of conscience even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state, to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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One Response to More Examples of Vantucky and Local Corruption–Alleged and Unrebutted– and its Masks and Agents

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the rape of the 14 year old in West Vancouver a few months ago. It was hushed up by the press and the parents aparently settled out of court to keep the whole issue quiet.

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