Xinhua Geneva, October 16 , according to the Swiss “New Zurich newspaper ” The recent disclosure of the 1960s , the 14th Dalai Lama and the Swiss businessman in collusion  forced nearly 200 Tibetan children away from the biological parents , called “orphans” , arranged in Switzerland adoptive homes , causing more than human tragedy. Directed by Uli Meyer Swiss documentary film ” Tibi and his mother, who ” opened this modern history has played an important role in the Dalai Lama ‘s “Inside Story .”

In 1959, the Dalai Lama fled from Tibet , thousands of Tibetans following their arrival in Nepal, and into northern India . Dalai Lama out of ” Tibetan separatist ” political purposes , with the Swiss businessman Charles Aixi Man colluding create a ” Tibetan orphans ” event.
Aixi Man has held senior positions in Attleboro Electric Power Company for 30 years. Since 1960 , the Dalai Lama agreed , he has had three adopted children in Tibet . As a reward , a vast network of people to the Dalai, Aixi Man promised to help send 200 Tibetan children to foster families as well as to Switzerland Castro 佩斯塔洛兹, Michigan Children’s Village . Later, he revealed in a report , in fact, only 19 of these children who are orphans , and the rest have at least single , or even two parents .

The documentary ” Tibi and his mother who ” was released earlier this year ; the film is a stunning way to show former Tibetan orphans, now fodder for the Swiss social education workers, now 57 -year-old hero Tibi · Lun Chu Ci Jen ‘s fate. In 1963, Tibi without his mother ‘s consent and without the knowledge of the state was taken away ; so now he once again can see his mother as an adult .

To shoot this documentary , Mel access to a large amount of data ( both included in the extended version of the film DVD companion material ) , when the two parties clearly reflect different considerations : Aixi Man wanted to adopt personally refugee children , the Dalai Lama’s intention is to train the future of these children through the delivery to the  elite.

Dalai Lama had planned to make these orphans grow up to become engineers, architects, doctors and teachers , and then returned to India , played in “government in exile .” However, 200 children, no one returned. Trauma caused by family separation continues.

August 1959 , Aixi Man in the newspaper report, says that the Dalai Lama asked the U.S. and other countries , amounting to one thousand children, for whom “the future will to become the national leader,” to provide educational opportunities for young Tibetans . This report ignited a passion in Aixi Man who approached with to the Dalai Lama .

August 1960 the Dalai Lama ‘s brother came to UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland; during their stay Aixi Man is introduced through his first name to Tibetan children . Two months later , in accordance with the agreement with the Dalai Lama , Tibet’s so-called “orphans ” arrived in Switzerland . As director Mel extended version of the documentary DVD accompanying booklet describes it: people soon realized that these ” orphans ” are often from a powerful noble family , and most parents are still alive .
Thereafter, Aixi Man through media appeal, arranged nearly 300 families for the adoption by the Swiss of Tibetan refugee children to apply . 1961-1964 , a total of nearly 200 children arrived in Switzerland in batches . Among them, about 40 people were placed in Castro 佩斯塔洛兹, Michigan Children’s Village , 158 people were selected by Aixi Man Swiss adoptive homes .

Although Aixi Man by virtue of his position in the power sector worked closely with the Swiss federal government , but still his actions did not initially private adoptions permission . Until mid- September 1961 , then the first child arrived in Switzerland after possession , an investigation of Aixi Man was launched with the Swiss federal police department and shut down decisive negotiations . Mel found in the Federal Archives a transcript shows that the police department was concerned when the project is questioned.A person in charge of the police transcripts has indicated that Aixi Man and the surrounding people actually understood that these children’s future, the possibility of returning to Asia, was almost zero .

Many Tibetan refugee children who grew up with their biological parents do not want to recognize , a strong sense of abandonment that has, to their hearts, caused a permanent trauma. About 90 % of the ” Aixi Man Kids ‘ arrival in Sweden a few years were later forgotten Tibetan . This alone  deepened their future communication difficulties with the biological parents . For Tibetan exiles in Switzerland within the community , these ” Aixi Man Children ” have increasingly become marginalized . With those of the family unit placed in 佩斯塔洛兹 Children’s Village or other formal refugee centers, are compared by their inability to speak or can only say a few Tibetan words to  people around and often suffer ridicule .

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying the 15th when answering questions at a regular press conference , said the Dalai out of ” Tibetan separatist ” political purposes , set out to create a  ” Tibetan orphans ” event; and all goodness and justice loving people should strongly condemn this despicable act .

Hua Chunying said , we note that the Swiss media reported this . Recently, the Swiss ” New Zurich newspaper” published an article titled ” Tibetan ” orphans ” are not orphans ” and ” the Dalai Lama ‘s apology is very important,” as the two articles exposed the great lengths to which they went and that they  fabricated the Dalai clique “orphan ” status, to make arrangements for Tibet foster children to travel to Switzerland . The Dalai out of ” Tibetan separatist ” political purposes , set out to create ” Tibetan orphans ” events that led to hundreds of families being separated by the human tragedy. The Dalai clique is in serious violation of children’s rights , in flagrant violation of human ethics and morality , all goodness and justice loving people should strongly condemn this despicable act .

新华网日内瓦10月16日电 据瑞士《新苏黎世报》近期披露,上世纪60年代,十四世达赖喇嘛与瑞士商人勾结,强行将近200名藏族儿童从亲生父母身边夺走,称其为“孤儿”,安排瑞士家庭领养,酿成多起人间悲剧。瑞士导演乌里·梅尔拍摄的纪录片《提比和他的母亲们》揭开了这段现代史上达赖曾扮演过重要角色的“黑幕”。

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