The premier of Canada will visit China to repair relationship
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Global Times | Friday, August 12, 2011, 16:24 Beijing
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harper The-premier-of-Canada-will-visit-China-to-repair-relationship-235x300

Stephen Harper, the premier of Canada, will visit China in November, to make sure the new basis of the economic and political relationships between Canada and China. The core goal of his visit is promoting the speed of developing the economics and trade relations between the two countries, reducing the dependence of Canada to the United States under the recession economy situation.

The Canada media commented that, the first visit of Harper in 2009, changed the cold intend between Canada and China, and got more effects than been predictions of leaders both in the two countries. And then the Chinese leader’s visit improved the development of the mural relations of them. It is necessary to the Harper’s second visit to make sure the institute of high-level visiting between the two countries.
Source: Global Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

B.C. [Canadian] Aboriginals ask China to raise Human-Rights issues with PM Harper on his visit to China

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Chris Wattie/BoB WeBer | Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 18:03 Beijing

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canadian genocide 261551_10151204035313071_1694923474_n

genocide paganmediathatbitescanadashiddengenocide

Aboriginals from British Columbia have asked China’s president to quiz Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Canada’s human rights record during his visit to the Asian country.

The Yinka Dene Alliance, a group of five First Nations that represent several thousand people in north-central B.C., has sent open letters to Chinese President Hu Jintao and to the Chinese media.

“We are writing to you to request that you raise our human rights concerns with Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper,” says the letter to Mr. Hu. “From previous reports we know that Prime Minister Harper always challenges your country on the human rights record.”

Sing Tao, Hong Kong’s second-largest newspaper with offices across Canada, confirmed it will be covering the story through its Vancouver bureau. The letter to Mr.Hu has been sent to his office as well as to the Chinese embassy in Ottawa.

Mr. Harper left Monday for a four-day trip to China. Travelling with him is a healthy selection of executives from Canada’s energy sector.

china harper -abori_1370956cl-8
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen wave while boarding their plane before departing for China, in Ottawa, Monday.

China has been increasingly involved with oil and gas development in Canada, investing in the oil sands and making commitments for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

But the Alliance wants China to think again.

The letter to Mr. Hu details a long list of issues from the number of missing and murdered aboriginal women to natives being mistreated by police to the outsized number of First Nations peoples in prison. It also says the Harper government is promoting resource development without aboriginal support.

“Open dialogue around human rights is a very positive way to create change and we hope that you hear our side of the story before this meeting (with Harper) occurs,” says the letter to Mr. Hu.

The letter to Chinese media focuses on the Alliance’s concerns about the Gateway pipeline, which would ship bitumen from the oil sands to the West Coast across land claimed by the bands.

“An oil spill on the coast would destroy sources of seafood and fish, like crabs, for thousands of people,” it says. “It could destroy the extremely rare spirit bear — a bear with white fur that is as beautiful as the Chinese panda bear.”

Chief Larry Nooski of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation, one of the signatories, acknowledges that it’s usually Canada bringing human rights concerns to China, not the other way around. Maybe bringing Canada’s problems to China’s attention will get some action, he said.

“In terms of tit for tat, this will give (the Chinese) ammunition and put some pressure on Canada. We wanted (Hu) to know that First Nations are not being treated fairly in Canada in terms of their aboriginal rights.”

He doesn’t apologize for bringing dirty Canadian linen to a Chinese laundry.

“I don’t see it as embarrassing. I see it as bringing up the facts of life as we see it as First Nations.”

Fellow signatory Chief Jackie Thomas of the Saik’uz First Nation was similarly forthright.

“I’m sorry we’re going to be an embarrassment to this country, but we have to let the facts and truth be known.”

She said the Alliance has previously contacted the governments of Japan and South Korea. It has met with the U.S. ambassador and members of the European Parliament.


Canada’s Pseudo-Christian Bigot: Aiding Israeli oppression in Jesus’ name

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Khalid Amayreh | Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 14:15 Beijing

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Stephen Harper, Canada’s eccentric prime minister, claims to be conducting politics, including foreign policy, according to the “way of Jesus.” However, it is amply clear that this man and his policies represent the exact anti-thesis of every sublime Christian ideal.

In 2011 Harper, having received a telephone call from Israel’s hawkish Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, insisted that no mention of Israel’s pre-1967 borders be made in the G8 Summit leaders’ final communiqué.

Harper’s “intervention” collided with the views of all other leaders who wanted the border line to be specifically mentioned. It also contravened the positions of the rest of the international community.

One European diplomat reportedly remarked that “Canadians were really very adamant, even though Obama expressly referred to the 1967 borders in his speech last week.”
Canada used to be a decent state that jealously safeguarded human rights and international law.

For many years the North American country represented a main destination for individuals and groups seeking redress after being wronged by despotic and tyrannical powers.

However, thanks to the monomaniac discourse of Mr Harper and the coteries of obscurant evangelicals around him, Canada has effectively become a zealous supporter of apartheid in Palestine-Israel, a defender of ethnic cleansing and justifier of scandalous human rights violations.

Harper and cohorts claim, obviously mendaciously, that supporting Israel’s systematic oppression against defenceless Palestinians is a religious duty mandated by the Bible, since Israel allegedly represents God on earth and that standing against or even criticising the Jewish nation-state goes, therefore, against the will of the Almighty.

For those who really understand the message of Christ, this is an obscene distortion of true Christian ideals, which urge Christians to stand for justice, to be on the side of the poor, the weak and the oppressed.

It doesn’t seem to matter to Harper and his government that Israeli policies and actions Canada is asked to support are decidedly evil, immoral, illegal and, in many cases, go beyond the pale of human decency.

It doesn’t matter that some of these acts would be absolutely and totally viewed as felonious and criminal according to Canadian laws. In the final analysis what is important for these fanatical Israel-firsters is to support Israel, whether right or wrong, no matter what Israel says or does. This abhorrent fanaticism has a name: moral blindness – and it is done in Jesus’ name.

I would like to remind Mr Harper, if he is prone to logic, that no previous Canadian governments recognised the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation that started in 1967. Even today, the Canadian Justice System refuses to recognise East Jerusalem as part of Israel. So, why this mindless, unethical and evil embrace of Israeli recalcitrance?

Interestingly, Harper’s government’s real stance on the 1967 borders has nothing to do with any objective viewpoint pertaining to the conflict.

Under the Harper administration, Canada doesn’t even say where the future borders between Israel and a putative Palestinian state should lie. In fact, Harper’s Canada doesn’t even believe in the two-state solution, whereby a viable Palestinian state, with contiguous borders, could be established on the West Bank.

Canada’s true, undeclared stance under this pseudo-Christian bigot is actually the evangelical stance, namely that those non-Jews, including thousands of Christians, have no right to human rights, political rights, dignity and civil liberties in Israel.

And in case one tries to challenge Canada’s premier on his manifestly oblique understanding of Christian values, let alone his scandalously skewed understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, he doesn’t hesitate to quote from the the Old and New Testaments of the bible.

Within a minute he can produce a text proving that non-Jews, presumably including thousands of Christians, living under the Jewish rule have to resign to a status of “wood hewers and water carriers” in the service of the Master Race, or Chosen People. So, here we have a classical example, vintage Canada, of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, being used to promote Israel’s lebensraum policies.

Indeed, in light of the ideological underpinning of his foolish embrace of Israeli fascism and jingoism, one can safely conclude that Mr Harper is effectively adopting the most racist policies of the Israeli right, including that of the settler groups, which openly offer Palestinians, including Christians, three choices: Enslavement as water carriers and wood-hewers, expulsion or Old-Testament-style physical extermination.

In his ostensibly infinite ignorance of the basic tenets of Christianity, Harper claims that the Almighty wholeheartedly supports the nearly genocidal geopolitical goals of the Israeli government. According to him, the Lord, who is portrayed as an avaricious real estate dealer, is an enthusiastic advocate of Israeli “lebensraum” policy in the West Bank and beyond.

Under this light, Christians have to back Israel unhesitatingly and under all circumstances, irrespective of the crimes against humanity Israel is committing non-stop against the virtually defenceless Palestinians.

Of course, Harper may continue to invoke Jesus to justify his un-Christian and immoral policies toward the Palestinian plight; policies that Christ would never support if only because they contradict basic morality.

Indeed, Jesus Christ, who some settler leaders openly and shamelessly refer to as the “Hitler of Bethlehem,” would be hounded and perhaps killed by the very same people Mr Harper is now supporting heart and soul.

But, alas, fanatics don’t hold ideas, they are held by them.

Besides, invoking Jesus doesn’t mean that one is really following Jesus’ ideals. Throughout history, many evil men, who were notorious agents of inequity and oppression, thought or gave the impression that they were serving the Lord when, in fact, they were doing just the opposite.

I have no doubt in my mind that Harper and his government are doing just that.

From mwc News by Khalid Amayreh,

Canada’s White Racist Government Like the Former Rhodesia and South Africa
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The 4th Media News | Friday, December 28, 2012, 17:30 Beijing

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By all measures of governing standards, the Conservative government of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper embodies the same racist policies as that of the governments of the former Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa. The Harper government’s patronizing policies over Canada’s First Nations is a case in point.

Coupled with Canada’s abhorrent support for Israel’s expansionistic Zionist policies at the expense of the people of Palestine, the Harper government’s attempt to wrest control of resource-rich lands from Canada’s indigenous peoples for exploitation by multinational corporations is reminiscent of the same policies that saw native lands of South Africa and Rhodesia crudely exploited by DeBeers and British American Tobacco…

The Harper government represents the most right-wing government in the recent history of Canada. With its Anglo-Canadian base, it has alienated the French-speaking province of Quebec, where independence sentiment has been renewed; Muslims and Arabs, with its pro-Zionist policies; and Canada’s First Nations, with its attempt to grab native lands protected by treaties.

The only area where the Harper government has shown itself to be “liberal” is that of gay rights. It should be recalled that favoring rights for homosexuals is not necessarily liberal. After the 1934 Nazi Party purge of Ernst Rohm and his coterie of working class homosexual supporters, gay Nazis like Reinhard Heydrich and Baldur von Schirach who originated from the German elite were permitted to hold high office and operate more or less in the open.

In the Canadian government of today, reputed homosexuals like Foreign Minister John “Rusty’ Baird and Immigration Minster Jason Kenney, sometimes called Canada’s deputy prime minister, follow in the footsteps of Heydrich and von Schirach in frolicking with fellow Tory gays at “Fabulous Blue Tent” parties in Ottawa. Similar parties in Berlin were attended by some of the Nazi party’s top lieutenants at the height of Adolf Hitler’s reign.

Most of Harper’s inner circle consists of white males, particularly four bachelors. In addition to Baird and Kenney, Harper’s chief of staff, wealthy businessman Nigel Wright and Heritage Minister James Moore, whose major cause is Canada’s arts – ballet, plays, opera, musicals, and the like – are also single.

All four are fiercely committed to Harper and Canada’s right-wing policies. Wright was formerly the managing director of the Onex Corporation, a Toronto hedge fund that has partnered with the George H W Bush- and CIA-connected Carlyle Group.

For public relations appearances, Harper has appointed minorities to his Cabinet but they hold minor government positions. Bal Gosal, a Sikh, serves as the relatively unimportant Minister of State for Sports; Leona Aglukkaq, the first Inuk appointed to a Canadian Cabinet, is Health Minister; Beverley Joan Oda, the first Japanese-Canadian Cabinet member; and Alice Wong, the first Chinese-Canadian woman in a Cabinet position, is Minister for Seniors.

Harper has sprinkled other women throughout his Cabinet but with exception of Marjory LeBreton, the Leader of the Tory government in the Senate; Minister of Public Works and Government Services Rona Ambrose; Gail Shea, the Minister of National Revenue; and Lisa Raitt, the Minister of Labor in an anti-labor government, all the top jobs are held by white males: Attorney General and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson; Defense Minister Peter Mackay; Public Safety Minister Vic Toews; Treasury Board President Tony Clement; and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

Even white minority-ruled Rhodesia included blacks in the government, but these were mostly black landowners and tribal chiefs. They were all puppets of the white minority government of Prime Minister Ian Smith just like a Sikh turbaned minister, a few Asian-Canadians, and an Inuk in the group photograph of the Harper government represent mere tokenism and a public relations ploy to hide the true nature of Canada’s leadership.

Harper fancies himself as a politician who can unite disparate factions. Harper has managed to lure some Liberal Party politicians to Tory ranks and he named the former premier of Manitoba, Gary Doer, as his ambassador to Washington. Doer, a member of the official opposition, the New Democratic Party (NDP), is more interested in pushing for the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that will pump bitumen from Alberta tar sands to Texas for refining.

Environmentalists in Canada and the United States have decried the left-of-center NDP’s sellout to the Tories and big business. What has occurred in Canada with the imposition of pro-corporate policies within the opposition NDP and the Liberal Party is what happens when big business takes total control of the political process.

Today, there is little difference between the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties and Britain’s Labor, Conservatives, and Liberal Democrats when it comes to total support for the corporate agenda whether it is social services slashing austerity budgets or potentially destructive environmental issues like fracking and oil pipelines.

In Canada, the United States, and Britain, corporations have, through large financial contributions, dulled the differences between major political parties by selling them on the concept of a pro-business “Third Way.” In many respects, the “Third Way” has the same commitment to corporate domination as did the Third Reich.

After the massacre of young school children in Newtown, Connecticut, Harper went ahead with plans to scrap Canada’s long-barreled gun registry system. That decision infuriated the separatist Parti Quebecois government of Quebec, which was already steamed at Harper for not requiring that all senior Canadian officials be fluent in French, an abandonment of Canada’s longstanding bilingualism policy.

Harper has laid down the gauntlet to Quebec Premier Pauline Marois by refusing to grant Quebec any additional powers.

With the Tory budget bill, C-45, Harper has also declared war on the First Nations by dictating how native tribe-controlled land will be managed.

On December 11, Atiwapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence went on a hunger strike and threatened to starve herself to death in her teepee within view of Parliament in Ottawa. Spence’s “Idle No More” cause has been taken up by First Nation leaders across Canada and Harper has smugly decided that he will act out the role of South African apartheid Premier B.J. Vorster in refusing to yield to the demands of Canada’s version of apartheid’s “kaffirs.”

Harper has refused to meet with Spence and is going ahead with plans to turn exploitative multinational mining companies loose on native territories.

Harper and his Tory gang want to introduce the concept of private property rights to tribes that have always believed in “group property” rights. When a few tribal elders gain ownership of communally-held tribal lands, the Tories reason, they will be more than willing to sell the properties and the natural resources found on them to eager corporate buyers.

Native peoples will soon find themselves being ejected from their historical lands by greedy capitalists intent on building hydroelectric dams, deplete fishing and hunting preserves, and conducting strip mining.

Perhaps the First Nation revolt in Canada will spill across the border where anti-Canadian protests among some American Indian tribes over the Keystone pipeline that will transit their own lands have already occurred.

What looms on the horizon is a united front of the descendants of the original inhabitants of North America – the Atiwapiskat, the Aamjiwnaang, the Lakotah Sioux, the Metis, the Anishinaabe, the Iroquois, the Nez Perce, the Inuit, and others — all jointly disregarding the colonialist-imposed U.S.-Canadian border and vowing to take their battle to the halls of power in Ottawa and Washington, DC.

Today, the Native Americans will find they have allies among the descendants of those who invaded and occupied their lands because we all have common foes in the greedy and environmentally-destructive capitalist corporations and their puppets who run the governments of Canada and the United States.

Wayne MADSEN | Strategic Culture Foundation


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