Hillary autobiography exposes bisexual having an affair with the beautiful woman in the White House

Xinmin Evening News at 10:43 on May 16, 2013 I have something to say (participation)

According to U.S. media reported on the 15th, she will write a new autobiography, to come clean and her political scandals or sex scandal insider.

In addition to admit there is bisexual, revenge Obamas “insulting”, Hillary Clinton will also disclosed the Obama administration all the dark political insider Obamas little-known family scandal!

The insider said, Hillary move to clear the way, do not let any privacy scandals competitors attacked her as “Lethal Weapon” in order to run for president in 2016.

Confidential 1

Exposes Bi-sexuality: Was having an affair with a beautiful woman while in the White House

The insider disclosed in Hillary Clinton publicly for the first time in his autobiography blockbuster decades, she has been hiding her authentic sexual orientation; she is actually a bisexual!

As early as 2000, the U.S. media quoted a veterinarian that Hillary has a tendency to be “gay”. The Veterinarian revealed to a journalist to the White House an incident when he was called to give the Clinton’s pet cat “Socks” medical treatment after an accident and claimed he saw Hillary in the hallway with another woman hugging in more than a friendly embrace among friends.

It is reported that Hillary Clinton would like to take in the 2016 presidential election, winning more support and vote of homosexuals.

Confidential 2

“Little Three” provocation against Clinton’s Health and child

The second blockbuster, Hillary will disclose for the first time in 17 years that she hid the secret of Lewinsky wanting one child from Bill Clinton and that she viewed Bill Clinton as having been completely taken away from her.

As early as 1996, when being involved with her husband, “Lewinsky actually blatantly told Hillary, his wife, that she had called Clinton and that he had claimed that he really loved her, not Hillary, and that Clinton has been contemplating divorce, and then she and Clinton would marry and have children to start a family!

This “fact” left Hillary shocked, and caused her to rush into the White House bathroom, vomiting.

Confidential 3

The Obama insurance and Clinton fight

The insider said, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, was frequently betrayed, ‘insulted’ and ‘treated like a dog’ by Obama and his wife. Bill Clinton at the time, was suffering from a serious heart condition; but he was regardless of his health and physical safety everywhere for Obama’s presidential campaign.

The Obamas were determined to win re-election; they began openly or secretly to attack Hillary and Bill Clinton! It is said that Obama told aides he has no further need for Hillary and that he hoped that she could go out the door as quickly as possible.

The insider said: In 2011 at the Andrews Air Force Base golf course, Clinton and Obama had an argument, Clinton said Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States, the two men almost got into a fist-fight, and finally the Secret Service agents had to forcibly separate them. ”

Confidential 4

Powerless in the face of the Obamas “humiliation”

Hillary suffered “humiliation” by Obama and his wife giving numerous examples of where Michelle allegedly banned Hillary Clinton from attending White House dinners several times; Hillary was even blocked at the door of the Oval Office, and forbade her to participate in the meetings with Obama and several foreign heads of state who were meeting.

A source said: “Michelle was very jealous of Hillary, she could not bear to see Hillary Clinton going beyond her own inner desire to represent the posture of a strong woman on the world stage. Obama, she said to Hillary’s senior staff, is not willing, but he must appoint her to be Secretary of State in order to garner the support of her constituents’ and their opinions. ”

The insider said: “Hillary plans to disclosed in the book that the Obamas put a knife in her back secretly behind everything.”

Confidential 5

The first couple often quarreled, dubious

Hillary will also disclose that the Obama family represent a scandal of crazy alcoholics in the White House and that he and Michelle’s relationship is dubious, and they often quarrel in the White House!

There was a time she said when Obama said to her some do not agree with her and her husband, then Michelle Hillary said, saw Michelle kicking the President under the table with her feet on his thigh. She said the only times they show loving moments, is in the face of the media camera lens!

The insider said: “This book will undoubtedly anger Obama and his wife; but Hillary believes she will be very popular in the 2016 election, [and] do not need Obama’s support.”

Bill Clinton said: “Americans need to know these things!” Clinton also boasted a friend saying: “My wife is more popular than the current president and will be welcomed by the people!”

Hillary will get the high price of royalties of $ 25 million; although she has not yet decided when to begin, she has yet to get $ 14 million in pre-paid royalties. (Want)

Original Article:

希拉里自传自曝是双性恋 与美女白宫偷情
2013年05月16日10:43 新民晚报 我有话说(7人参与)
  自曝是双性恋 曾与美女白宫偷情
  希拉里将获得2500万美元的天价稿酬,尽管尚未动笔,她已拿到了预付的1400万美元稿酬。 (旺旺)


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  1. Yvonne says:

    Well, if a bisexual woman did become President, we might get a first man AND a first lady in a 3-way marriage that follows from the reasoning that persons must be allowed to marry in accordance with their “sexual orientation.”

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