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In the interest of full disclosure my knowledge of certain FBI Programs like COINTELPRO goes way back and partly from being a target. This was and still is, under new management, a broad program against organizations like the American Indian Movement, Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, anti-war Quakers, Central American Relief, SDS, Black Panthers, and other organizations past and present.

These were all legal organizations, that were targeted and have had more crimes done against them than done by them in my opinion and of many scholars who have studied them. My knowledge and experience with these types of programs, comes not only from books but from direct and very personal experience that continues to this day as readers of this blog will know by now.

As a public employee of the Government of the State of Washington, and as a tenured professor, I am obliged and mandated, under law, that if I have a good-faith-based belief that crimes under the jurisdiction of FBI are going on say where I work, or somewhere in public employment that I have witnessed or someone tried to recruit me to participate in, I am mandated to report them and in my case have done so.

It does not matter that I am no fan of the FBI on so many levels for so many reasons. It does not matter that one of the last places I want to be is near or interviewed by them. It only matters if for some reason fate has put me in a place to witness, or perhaps be the target of what I believe to be are crimes, going on.

Does this mean if I only hear about a crime and it is hearsay, I still should make sure by some way those charged with stopping it are made aware? That depends upon the credibility of the hearsay overall (details supported by independent sources) and of course all hearsay has to labeled as such. But all investigations start with some hearsay not admissible in court leading to evidence that is. The point is that we are all responsible to obey the laws we assert for our own protection, And if a law is unjust and must be broken to test it, then it has to be broken openly with full acceptance of the potential punishment that may follow.

Why this obligation under law? Because crimes are not just offenses against particular persons and their lives and property as with Torts; they are offenses against all of society which means many innocents affected. Even if someone you hate is suffering crimes, it must be reported, if not to law enforcement because of justified fear of going near them or having anything to do with them, then at least to leave what one knows needs to be documented, with those who can and will do so, in some ways that can be used by someone to stop the crimes and expose the “PERPS”.
That is what this whole blog site is all about.

As I put the case in another piece on this blog of documents at Clark College:

“When people say to me “I’m not a cop or a snitch, it is not my responsibility to be a cop or try to act like one, I understand, as a Leftist, that sentiment VERY well and on certain levels agree. But I cannot and will not hang on ideological purity to watch and allow unreported, and undocumented, crimes and their real-life victims, because of some notion that any contact with law enforcement, for any reason, is snitching. And if I am a public employee, as I am as a tenured professor at an Agency of the Government of the State of Washington, then law takes over and this decision is no longer mine. As a public employee, if I have a good-faith-basis to believe that crimes are going on threatening real people, that’s it some way has to be found to make it public to try to stop it.

That is what I am doing with all my essays and so on with respect to some of the institutions, including where I work, where I believe, and have asked for rebuttal in writing to all my allegations and supporting evidence in writing and none is given, that crimes may well be going on and students and others are being harmed in real ways.

But I then I also ask a simple question: “What if someone bragged to me about having done some rapes and got away with it, and, subsequent to my “choosing” not to report it [because I do not want to go near cops or because I hated your sister or the person suffering the crimes I know about or you], he went out and raped your sister?” How would you feel about my “personal preferences” and “choices” that also impacted upon your sister and whole family?

And the reason why crimes must be reported even by non-public employees (Misprision of a Felony) is that all crimes are not only offenses against persons and property (torts), but they are offenses against all of society. We expect others to report and try to stop a crime they witness against us, we must do the same. “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.”

Because public employees are using public resources and have a public trust, and because of that they are subject to duties and laws that private-sector employees do not have, they also have Constitutional and other rights with the legal responsibilities that public-sector employees do not have. No power, perks, pay, position, promotions or permanence without accountability; and reciprocally no accountability without some power etc. to influence that for which one is held accountable.

And if those offenses go unreported, and the “PERPS” are not caught and made accountable, not only does the chain of abuses and crimes go on as with the uncaught rapist, but also legal precedents are lost that could be used to capture and convict more “PERPS” before they can continue and create more victims.”

Real people suffer real damages and that will continue unless stopped. That is why those on the Left who have reasons not to want to go near law enforcement, and who regard law enforcement as one of the armed wings of a state that is the “Executive Committee of the Bourgeoisie”, they must then still leave a record of what they know so that the record can be used by someone to stop crimes and educate the public of the dangers.

Plus if law enforcement does not act to stop possible crimes that have reported that too must be documented too. And I have done that and will continue to do that too on this blog. We do not need to be “Socialites” like Jill Kelley and her twin sister, “wired-in” and “hooked-up” with FBI to have a right to be heard and submissions of possible crimes at least considered, and if rejected, then with specificity as to why as a matter of law and evidence or perhaps resources and priorities.

That is what my whole blogs (Jim Craven10, Radical Blackfoot and The Sixth Estate) are all about: Real and useful resistance to imperialism and other crimes that derive from it. I am leaving a record not only of ideas for debate, but actual evidence of crimes for others to pick up and use to stop the crimes against themselves and others.


I should also note that my military service in the U.S. Army 1963-66 included both logistics and intelligence at enlisted levels. I was originally sent to school at Fort Gordon Georgia which was an ASA school at the time and a NSA base still today.
From there I was eventually sent to Europe and other places. I worked in an Army headquarters G-2 alert room among other places, did courier duty, and so I got to know some of the mentalities and reasons why people went into national security and intelligence agencies and why they went through some heavy changes one way or the other.

I was also in Puerto Rico from 1982 to 1985 and part of my time was as an Economist and “Planning Analyst VI” in the Planning Board of the Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico in addition to being a Professor of Economics at Interamerican University in Bayamon, PR.. I had several jobs including working on the whole input-output matrix for the Puerto Rican economy. I was assigned to develop and run a whole analysis of the “Sociometrics” and “Econometrics” of the Puerto Rican underground economy from the ground-truth level up.

What that means, is to find ways, methods and approaches and then carry them out, to identify and quantify with some meaningful numbers, the types of relationships and networks (Sociometrics) and Economic linkages of inputs and outputs (Econometrics) of the underground economy of Puerto Rico: Drugs (Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana and Pharmaceuticals) Prostitution (Places, Numbers of Prostitutes, Average Tricks per Day, Average Price Per Trick, Living and Spending Arrangements, Nationalities), Bolitos (a form of gambling or the numbers rackets) and Tax Evasion.

I was a working Economist and not in Law Enforcement ever, but worked with them and had access to them. This is a sample of the type of “Inductive Analysis” img243PR (Specific DATA and FACTS to Generalizations) rather than the usual “Deductive Analysis” (General Assumptions to Specific Conclusions) that we developed and the type of work that we did.

Up to that point, what they had is the usual “Deductive Approach”. A bunch of DEA suits would often be filmed next to a huge stash of dope and pile of cash they had nothing to do with busting, it was undercover grunts like Mike who did that, but they were there like suits usually do, to take credit for the work of people like Mike. And they would say, we “estimate” or “assume” that the dope we are busting is about 12-15% of the total dope be used here and or X % of the total dope passing through, and since the dope we are busting has a wholesale value of X dollars, or a retail street values of Y dollars, we thus “deduce” from these assumptions that the total dope being used or passing through is Z Dollars. That approach is total nonsense as the specific conclusions, predictions or applications depend upon the quality of the general premises or assumptions that are the starting point of deduction.

Of course their estimates of percentages of totals seized are based on dope busts elsewhere; and Puerto Rico is Puerto Rico and not somewhere else. It has its own geography, history, culture, economy, politics, laws and status as an “ELA” or “Estado Libre Associado”. That was the reason for this first-ever ground-up study in Puerto Rico. I still do not know fully why I was picked to design and run it but perhaps my background in the military and work on the whole input-output matrix and planning system of Puerto Rico was the reason. But I was the only “Gringo” at the Planning Board and did not speak, read or write Spanish when I was hired (I had worked in other languages however which made learning Spanish easier) which was also interesting.

This “Inductive Approach” is based on the premise that in underground economic activities that are criminal, supply has to be able to reliably, low-cost, and relatively safely “hook-up” with demand over time and space and vice versa–demand has to reliably find supply. That means that criminal activities agglomerate over time and space. The users know where and how Supply and Demand hook-up over time and space covertly and are in a position to report on the level of action if they are properly motivated and do not believe they are snitching in ways that can be used against them or others specifically.

No one ever got busted because of me; my job was analytical. The purpose was to find out how many users of drugs, the types they used, how much they spent on the average, where and when they used typically, and their usual sources, and how much their sources were making annually. But these drugs were causing real harm to real people on so may levels and the profits of these drugs were being used by the Contras and those types for funding all sorts of terrorism. Misery producing only more of itself and other forms of it.

In the case of prostitution, we worked with former prostitutes who were activists, plus informants inside, to assess: which bars and brothels or street locations?; in which towns?; with an average of how many women or men (also assessed homosexual prostitution)?; of what nationalities?; turning an average of how many tricks per day?; and charging an average of how much per trick?.

How much do they earn per year on the average?; how much do they spend in Puerto Rico and how much is shipped out as most of the prostitutes then were from Columbia, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and lived only part of the year in Puerto Rico?; How many live in a house on the average?; how long do they work in Puerto Rico and how much of their earnings to they ship out of the economy?

With Bolitos and Tax Evasion we did random surveys of vendors and users of Bolitos and other commodities with high rates of tax evasion, blind-coded so they would never be subject to law enforcement use of my data for arrests of particular individuals. We used standard extrapolation and interpolation methods to take the sampling from the particular to the general and annual figures.

In my work in Puerto Rico I never ran into Mike but I was most certainly in some of the same places he was in as I had access to some of the same three-letter U.S. and Puerto Rican agencies that Mike worked with and for and even some of the same places and persons. It was not until I came back to the U.S. and left P.R. for good after my mother died that I got to read Mike’s first book “Deep Cover” which is still used as a textbook in undercover tactics.

I have known Mike for some 17 years through being on each other’s shows, correspondence and calls. Mike is a member of the Association of National Security Alumni as was I once, and I got to speak directly with Mark only recently on the show I did on Geronimo as a code name for bin Laden, but have heard them since the first show back in the early 1990s and Mike Levine is one of those in government you can really say “Thank you for your service”. Mark does a wonderful job not only for his technical and literary skills, but as a skilled observer, questioner and someone able to see the essence buried in a lot of crap.

I have been a “Leftist” over 40 years yet never hated all cops because of the “class nature of the state” and typical role of police in it as some on the Left posture and profess to try to show some kind of radical bona fides. First of all, as they say in China, even the saint has a past, present and future. I have personally known individuals who were (now deceased), and or still are, former FBI, CIA, DIA, Delta, NSA and other agencies that, even when they were in those agencies, were not ideological ultra-rightists or proto-fascists as some were and are. They were like Mike, the real deal. They really hated corruption in all forms including, especially, in their own organizations, because they knew that corruption inside their own organizations, meant that “PERPS WALK” instead of “PERP WALKS”. Wesley Swearingen, formerly a FBI “Black Bag” Specialist is an example:

FBI books

I have known others who were hard-core rightists but still had some decency in them and the cognitive dissonance finally got them when the contradictions between NAKED IN-YOUR-FACE FACTS versus SACRED BELIEFS AND/OR EMOTIONS-INTERESTS got beyond the point of further denial possible. They saw that the real criminals, ruining the lives of innocents, while J Edna and his same-gender-marriage partner Clyde Tolson were shitting all over the U.S. Constitution, destroying lives and marriages, causing suicides, framing radicals who just wanted to stop un-Constitutional wars founded on lies and cherry picked intelligence like Iraq and Afghanistan, and while the Mob that J Edna denied existed, made sure he never lost at the track.

And by the way, if there is all this clamor to rename buildings from the names of the Penn State crowd, why is the FBI Building, part of the “Justice” Department, still named after a proto-fascist thug, extortionist of presidents, homophobic hypocrite, conspirator against the Constitution and just plain criminal? Why not a shelter for battered women named after Ted Bundy or a B’nai Brith building named after Eichmann?

But it is also true that the intelligence agencies are increasingly dominated by ultra-rightists who demand absolute loyalty and not to the U.S. Constitution. In fact all over the world, the forces of reaction, with critical shortages of their own kind they can trust, are forced to rely more and more on very sophisticated surveillance, collections, analysis and delivery systems with fewer and fewer really trusted not to turn into a Bradley Manning or a Phil Agee (for them the scariest kind of defector is the one that goes over for ideological conversion reasons because they beg the question: Why? Who and how did someone get to him or her and what did we do to assist them?)

Someone who goes over like Ames, or Hanssen for the usual reasons as in the acronym M.I.C.E. MICE stands for the usual reasons why people defect from a cause or commit treason and the like: Money, Ideology (not as converts but where opposing all along) Compromise (blackmail, love, addiction, family, dependence) and Ego (includes revenge).

But someone who started out as a true believer like Ralph McGeehee former CIA, or Phil Agee with whom I once spent a wonderful in Seattle day talking about all sorts of things, and from whom I got a special book as a gift, they are the ones that are terrifying to the ultra-rightists. This is also true of the global paramilitary forces that are designed to be increasingly mobile, flexible, lethal, adaptive, rapid, standardized and specialized, accurate, responsive, trusted and “loyal”.

?Phil Agee 51KgfO65cBL._SL500_AA300_

So the humans who work the systems are increasingly the hard-core macho militarist types desperate to prove not only their ideological bona fides, but also military prowess as well as in the areas of bootlicking, toadying, sycophancy, climbing, socializing, networking and the other methods of the Petraeuses and Broadwells of the military.


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Site news:

Mike Levine bigwhiteliepaperback-198x300

Michael Levine has issued a release on the recent news about The Big White Lie (La Guerra Falsa).

We’ve added a spanish-language documentary to the library from the early 1990s featuring Mike and The Big White Lie.


FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power

“In 1977, The Daily Californian, Berkeley’s student paper, filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents bearing on FBI surveillance in Berkeley during the 60’s and early 70’s. In 1981, Seth Rosenfeld, then a Daily Cal reporter, started reading those files that the FBI turned over. He published some initial reports. Later that year, having observed how many files were missing or blacked out (“I wondered whether the bureau was America’s biggest consumer of Magic Markers,” he writes), he filed an additional request for “any and all” records on former UC President Clark Kerr, former Free Speech Movement leader Mario Savio, and more than a hundred other individuals, organizations, and events. Five lawsuits, many more Magic Markers, and 30 years later, he had succeeded in retrieving more than 300,000 pages of records, a federal judge having ruled that the FBI had no legitimate law enforcement purpose in keeping them secret.”

-Todd Gitlin, FDL Book Salon

Tonight, Mike and Mark speak with Seth Rosenfeld, who spent 30 years researching and writing this groundbreaking book.

Subversives traces the FBI’s secret involvement with three iconic figures at Berkeley during the 1960s: the ambitious neophyte politician Ronald Reagan, the fierce but fragile radical Mario Savio, and the liberal university president Clark Kerr.

Through these converging narratives, the award-winning investigative reporter Seth Rosenfeld tells a dramatic and disturbing story of FBI surveillance, illegal break-ins, infiltration, planted news stories, poison-pen letters, and secret detention lists. He reveals how the FBI’s covert operations—led by Reagan’s friend J. Edgar Hoover—helped ignite an era of protest, undermine the Democrats, and benefit Reagan personally and politically. At the same time, he vividly evokes the life of Berkeley in the early sixties—and shows how the university community, a site of the forward-looking idealism of the period, became a battleground in an epic struggle between the government and free citizens.

Part history, part biography, and part police procedural, Subversives reads like a true-crime mystery as it provides a fresh look at the legacy of the sixties, sheds new light on one of America’s most popular presidents, and tells a cautionary tale about the dangers of secrecy and unchecked power.

About the guest:

subversives rosenfeld-300x224

Seth Rosenfeld is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco. He was an investigative reporter for the San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Chronicle and has won the George Polk Award and other journalism honors.

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