“Nowadays You Have To Think Like A Hero Just to Behave Like a Merely Decent Human Being”

Mike Levine a Warrior-Defender for Truth against all forms of oppression

Here is a story from Project Censored that highlights a true Defender of People and the Law without fear or favor, Mike Levine whose radio show and background may be accessed at his main site at http://expertwitnessradio.org/site/. One of my programs on Mike’s Show on Geronimo as a code name for bin Laden can also be ac accessed here.


Captured on Video – 1990 – First Time Drug War called a total fraud by DEA insider

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The publication of Deep Cover was kept as undercover as the life of the man who wrote it. In March 1990-, on the Phil Donahue Show, Michael Levine was the first high level DEA insider to call the…
Added on 5/27/13

Subject: Captured on Video – “Drug War a Fraud”

First time in the so-called history of the drug war that a top level DEA insider called the entire war a fraud, captured on video. March 1990, the publication of DEEP COVER by Mike Levine was done in strict secrecy by Delacorte Press and outed on the Phil Donahue show March 1990. Here is the moment on video. From this time on the perception of our war on drugs would never be the same, yet congress continued to turn a blind eye, as it does today.

I am reminded of the quote from John Le Carre’s “The Russia House when the central character, Barley Scott Blair was in a Russian Dacha drunk and waxing eloquent. He had inherited and pissed-away a publishing house that published Russian authors among others and went often to Russia for business when he was blackmailed into working for British MI6 against his will. He noted:

From the Screenplay to The Russia House by John Le Carre

Barley Scott Blair: “If there is to be hope, we must all ‘betray'[?] our country. We have to save each other because all victims are equal and none is more equal than others. It is everyone’s duty to start the avalanche…

Unidentified woman: “Oh Barley, you want everyone to be a hero”

Barley Scott Blair: “Listen, nowadays you have to think like a hero just to behave like a merely decent human being.”

Well Mike Levine is in my books a hero, a “mensch” or what we in Blackfoot call a “Niitsitapi” (a person of truth or a true human being) and someone who has thought like a hero and actually done what heroes do for a long time. And I’m sure he has never even contemplated “betrayal” of his country even as his detractors accused him of that and worse no doubt. He has no more “betrayed” his country than those who opposed Hitler from the inside were traitors to Germany or humanity.

Mike Levine on the CIA’s “Operation Scrub”

I call Mike a friend and he calls me the same and has on his show we did on Geronimo as a code name for bin Laden and why it was and is racist and offensive. We go way back, some 17 years or so and I am honored to be considered one of the “Charter Members” of his Expert Witness SWAT Team for Truth:

This signed photo has a special place in my office. For the nitpickers, please note that Mike most certainly does know the difference between “your” and “you’re” but like all of us, made a simple mental disconnect when signing this.

Expert Witness Radio Show http://www.expertwitnessradio.org http://www.policetrialexpert.com/

Mike’s Professional Expert Witness Site

There is a wealth of information, links, background and the like at Mike’s site and on his program which I hope will return to the air on WBAI soon. Why would I as someone clearly on the “Left” on many issues support, respect and be a friend of a legendary undercover DEA/ATF Agent? Because Mike is truly post-partisan. He is truly a “Public Servant” and not just a “Public Employee”. He has nothing to do with the excesses and forms of repression of the National Security State or American Imperialism, he has always opposed them even while in service and at great risk to his life and even harm to his family. As an Expert Witness on Informant Handling and Undercover Tactics, as well as an instructor to various police agencies, Mike has never taken the defense or prosecution only sides but takes the side where he feels the truth is without fear or favor. He is not simply some “gun-for-hire” or “theory-of-the-case” pimp as many supposed “Expert Witnesses” are.

And for his courage, he was repeatedly attacked and even set up to be left unprotected and uncovered with his partner while on assignment under deep cover. Not once has anyone from the U.S. Government taken him on or openly called his charges untruths or worse. Remember, as an Expert Witness for either side, he is wide open to having his whole life story and credibility open to intense scrutiny to try to impeach his testimony and value as an Expert Witness and no one has been able to do that. He is squeaky clean in the ways that count the most.

Wikipedia Profile

Mike’s Resume


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