Hacking ‘Democracy’ (Full Length Movie)

A false and Faustian Bargain as old as humankind: trading away the illusion of freedom for the illusion of security. and as Franklin put it “those who would trade away their own (and that of others) liberty for some measure of security will neither deserve nor attain either.”

This movie is well worth watching even if it also promotes some of the liberal–neo con myths as well:

1) that America was or ever was any kind of “democracy” no matter what definition of democracy one chooses; and still is not one. America was founded on slavery, theft, genocide, war, treachery, hypocrisy, messianic zeal, exclusivism, triumphalism, exceptionalism, racism, sexism, Puritanism, and a whole lot of outrageous certitude, posturing, braggarts and braggadocio and of course naked imperalism. At the time of the founding of the Republic that Franklin was so cynical of being able to keep, Blacks were three-fifths of a person but only for purposes of inflating censuses to give the slave-holding South more Representatives in Congress; women could not vote or even hold property on their own; Indians were just to be “extirpated” of assimilated; and of the age-eligible white males, only about 10% could vote as they had to be propertied to vote. As John Jay, the first Supreme Court Justice put it: “Only those who own property ought to rule a system of property.”

America was and is to this day a Plutocracy” disguised under a phony divide-to-rule pluralism that is like the “pluralism” of the Nazi Party. In fact, the more the “pluralism”, the fewer votes it takes for a small cabal to take over power over the many under various masks and disguises.

Think about it. Say a total voting population of a community is 100 voters. Say there are two parties. Say on a good day, 50% of the age-residence-eligible voters vote. Say one candidate takes 51% of the vote; he or she has only a “mandate” from 50% of the population of eligible voters x 51% = 25.5 % of the total population elgible to vote which is not the total population of the society.

Now add a third party as with Ross Perot in 1992 that helped Clinton beat Bush and he took 19% of the vote and Clinton 43% of the vote. Say 50% of the eligible voters voted. That means that Clinton’s share was 43% of 50% of the eligible voters or 21.5% of the eligible voters.

Now add to that mix that not all of the age-residence-eligible voters are actually or really “eligible” to vote: some are convicted felons prohibited from ever voting in some states; some are immigrants who do not speak or read the national lanuage and/or fear any involvement publicly in politics of any kind; some have been declared mentally incompetent in some states.

Add also to that mix voter caging, voter suppression, voter intimidation, poll taxes, the Chicago-Machine-Model (vote early, often and dead), a menu of “choice” that is like the “choice” between Goebbels and Himmler, and voila, you have American “Democracy”–a total fraud and worse that we sell like cornflakes to the world.

“Buy American–Culture, Power, Stuff and Hegemony–or we will: bomb the shit out of you; “send in the clowns” (our proxies); encircle you, embargo you, destabilize you, social systems engineer you, and make your economy “scream”. We will make you our “Poster Boy” for evil in the world and put a target on your back that will remain until you are gone or we wind up having to rehabilitate you for another momemt of history. We are the Masters of the Universe, we meet in places you cannot imagine or spell, and we even own whole pereiods of time that we call ‘The American Century.’ or ‘The next American Century.’

Who is it that certifies us as the highest attainable level, model and inspiration to all of democracy, decency, progress, efficency, Godlines, virtue, genius, grace, pre-destination, morality, technological advancement, culture and civilization? We do. Why not? We know we are the ordained and anointed ones just ask us. The proof we are in God’s favor and grace, that we are the anointed or predestined or preordained ones, is in our wealth and in our own asserted certitude of our supremacy; that is our own evidence of our own greatness.

How could a people so sure of their superiority not have some basis for such certitude? Why am I not the best judge of my own worth, standing, capabilities, brilliance and the like? Who knows me better than me? And those cultures that do not take to braggarts, braggadocio, self-credentialing, self-anointing, excessive-personal-pronoun-using and self-promoting types?; Well they are just proof of the statistical fact that 96.74% of those with low self-esteem and inferiority complexes are correct in their self-assessment: they really are inferior and quite correct to have low self esteem as they actually have very little to actually hold in esteem unless standards are drastically lowered.

Is it not common in America to hear “I have a brilliant idea, listen to this…” “I have this product that is the best that can be produced let alone found anywhere on the earth?” “Hire me, I am the hardest worker you could find, the most reliable, the most innovative, the best team player, the most productive and experienced anywhere–just ask me.” “What is wrong with self-asserting what I can do and how well I can do it? That is just self love and respect, what is wrong with that?”

This sub-blog will continue with another installment on the liberal-neo-con myths of America sold all over the world even in places where we bomb the shit out of the place with no notion really who or what is being bombed.


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