Documents Submitted to Judge Christine Pomeroy, Superior Court

Tab: Table of Contents of Documents Submitted to Honorable Judge Christine Pomeroy, Thurston County Superior Court

James M. Craven/Omahkohkiaaiipooyii

  1. Faculty Lecture Series Notice, Clark College
    1. professional standing as an economist;
    2. service to Clark College;
    3. comparison with evidence of isolation and marginalization from professional responsibilities in: vetting new hires; curriculum design in economics; professional standards; vetting competence, pedagogy and mentoring of adjuncts in economics);
    4. hiring and vetting of adjunct instructors (some still have never even met) in economics by unqualified faculty summarily designated over repeated protests;

1A. AHE Arbitration Brief by Lisa Lewison with Addenda

  1. on serial denials of due process—partly unopposed by the union who were played on timelines while I was on medical leave;
  2. serial and extreme animus and malice manifested by those who have made charges or caused charges to be made, acted as fact-finders on their own charges, acted as renderers of verdicts on their own charges, acted as assessors of discipline on their own charges (with no separate phase on discipline to consider any mitigating factors) and reviewers or “appeal authorities” on two out of three possible levels of appeal against their own charges;
  3. serial denials of due process;
  4. allegations of  perjury by Clark College president in ESD Hearing with Judge Knutson not available to me at time of ESD hearing as Arbitration hearing took place after it vis-à-vis sworn testimonies of Dr. Marcia Roi and Lynn Davidson that Mr. Knight said to them “We will have no morale problem we get rid of professor Craven”; conspiracy against rights and under color of law;
  5. contradictions and disingenuous responses of Clark Administration to submissions of AHE in defense against charges;
  6. no complaint ever filed by Professor Aliabadi who was denied tenure, who refused to file a complaint after a misunderstanding with no intent to harm him was cleared up even when offered assistance with

finding new employment; complaint by David Reid had no substance and no standing as alleged offensive comment (only one possible meaning asserted for a metaphor used in some 18 different ways (according to the Urban Dictionary), referring generically to some faculty, no reference to gender, at a time in the early 1990s when Mr. Reid was not at Clark College and thus no reasonable person not motivated by malice or perhaps improved employment prospects could take offense to or as applying to them personally; finding new employment, misrepresentation of the nature of the complaints, lack of complaints filed by alleged victims, and support for it.


1B. CCAHE Arbitration Brief by Lisa Lewison (original for comparison with addenda);


2. Letters of Physicians on Past and Present Medical Condition and Disabilities

a. indifference to medical condition and disabilities by Clark College

b. use of medical condition and disabilities to engineer an election based on lies taking me out of the Division Chair position to which I had been elected and still had one year left on term of service resulting in loss of income and ability to vet and supervise new hires of adjunct instructors in economics;


3. Alleged Clark College Administration Contract Violations

a. maintenance of a secret personnel file discovered with letter of Emma Kim and a RCW 42.17.250 Public Records Request (6 binders, 4900 pages that Clark College wanted $490 or 10 cents per page to copy.

b. Reprimand while on medical leave, imposed with no Laudermill hearing by and independent investigator, no appeals;

c. 7 days off with no pay while on medical leave, no Laudermill hearing, no appeals (to those who charged and acted as fact-finders and verdict determiners on their own charges and with discipline summarily timed and imposed upon my return to not allow for availability for teaching responsibilities the first week of classes and thus allowing replacement by unvetted adjuncts and loss of scheduled overtime pay;

d) 8 days off without pay, no Laudermill hearing, two levels of appeal (heard after summarily imposition of discipline (over protest) arranged by those who charged me and had manifested serial malice and animus–again with discipline summarily imposed upon return from medical leave thus making me not available to teach and taking more scheduled overtime pay and assigning classes to unvetted adjuncts;

e. Breach of Contract and serial malice and animus in removal from Division Chair position based on provable lies and misrepresentations by Dean Ted Kotsakis in an election called the day after notice of my being on medical leave;

f. email policies and right of use of email for intra-union affairs of faculty—email policies, even vague and lacking in specificity do not apply to intra-union communications on union affairs as discourse at a union meeting is not subject to surveillance and control by management;

g. Discipline is progressive and each higher stage of discipline is predicated on previous and lower stages of discipline having been completed, without fear or favor or bias, in accordance with the Contract provisions and procedures to respect right of due process guarantees in the Contract and US Constitution (First and Fourteenth Amendments in particular); here previous forms and levels of progressive discipline were never completed and/or conducted in accordance with the CC-AHE Contract;

h) failure of union in duty of fair representation (duty to oppose by all means available the very serial breaches of due process undermining earlier stages of progressive discipline as proper and legal predicates for higher stages of progressive discipline—that the AHE had protested themselves—allowing precedents and abuses in the past to leverage others in the future and allowing for accelerated piling on of new charges);


4. Duty of Fair Representation of Unions circulated by AHE and WPEA at Clark College

a. See A (1-3); C; D, E, G, H (1-5);


5. Loudermill Rights 


6. Letter of Dr. Marcia Roi to VPI Dastmozd, April 20, 2008

a. unsolicited by me in any way; letter and its content unknown and uninfluenced by me in any way prior to receiving it;

b. extreme malice and animus manifested by VPI Dastmozd and others who initiated, judged and rendered verdicts and assessment of discipline while engaging in machinations to deny Laudermill hearings and appeals while summarily imposing discipline;

c. serial denials of due process undermining all predicates (lower levels of progressive discipline) for higher levels of progressive discipline;

d. repeated denials of complaints and all supporting evidence and reasoning for them prior to and subsequent to filing and assessing charges, verdicts and discipline; e. disparate treatment vis-à-vis filing and handling of complaints, investigations, due process and imposition and appropriateness of discipline assessed.


7. History of Demonization and Marginalization in the workplace at Clark College

a. Complaint about Professor Aliabadi and John Fite and others urged to simply hit deleted when seeing my name on an email (told by John Fite and 2 others that I know of that Professor Aliabadi self-identified himself as “Chemical Ali” as a personal joke as he taught Chemistry and was named Ali; later was a simple and non-malicious misunderstanding when I referred to him in quotes as “professor ‘Chemical Ali’ “was easily cleared up with no harm no fowl from his perspective;

b. Letter of Emma Kim, Feb. 12, 2003, unsolicited by me in any way, content unknown and uninfluenced by me in any way prior to receiving it, detailing how she witnessed new faculty and staff given a special “orientation session” on me and disregarding anything I said or wrote about and ordering her to maintain an ongoing secret file on me kept since 1994 comprised of emails and other documents that I had never seen or been given a chance to respond to.

c. The actions taken against Ms Kim under pretext when she refused to engage in what she regarded as an illegal act of keeping a separate, secret and not available for rebuttal, to file in addition to my normal personnel file;


8. Memorandum of Finding by Leann Johnson on complaint against adjunct instructor John Bayer

a. disparate treatment in handling of complaints by me versus by others against me;

b. adjuncts hired outside of normal hiring and vetting process; adjunct instructor allowed to manipulate and determine who would vet him for hiring and competence in the classroom;

c. pattern of a hostile work environment with adjuncts who have expressed hostility to me as did Mr. Bayer (whom I still have never met even as his teaching load has been expanded);


8A. Letter of Emma Kim and Letter to Assoc VP HR Golder for a response to the content and allegations in it

  1. repeated attempts to get responses to the serious allegations by Emma Kim repeatedly dismissed without response followed by more charges and serial denials of due process;



9. Email of Dr. Marcia Roi , AHE president, on AHE members being recruited to file charges against other AHE members by Clark College management for comments on the intra-union AHE Faculty and AHE Adjunct lists not accessible or controllable by management;


10. Union Business

a. Letter by Phil Sheehan, Director of Computing Services that: “Remember that two special lists (AHE Faculty and AHE Adjunct Faculty) were created for the purpose of conducting union business. Please refrain from using general college email lists for campaign purposes”

b. email of Dr. Marcia Roi on Clark Administration “has been contacting faculty and soliciting complaints from faculty toward other faculty members regarding communications on the AHE faculty list. The AHE list contains faculty members only.”

c. Clark College Board of Trustees policies: “300.F00 Freedom of Inquiry and Expression” (contradicting or challenging non-specific, vague, culturally-loaded, with no metrics for assessing degree of culpability, and highly subjective assertions of charges like “like of respect”, “hostile” or threatening speech;


11. Notice of Discipline from VPI Rassoul Dastmozd

a. Clark Administration versions of evidence presented and reasoning justifying two quarters off without pay, attempted withdrawal of medical benefits for myself and family (successfully opposed by union);

b. two-quarters off with no pay, replacements hired, discipline imposed prior to Laudermill Hearing and appeals, with fact-finding, verdict, discipline imposed and two levels of appeals all conducted by the very Clark administration that charged me and/or recruited others to file complaints;


12. Letter of Notice of Potential Discipline by VPI Rassoul Dastmozd

a. No accompanying complaint and nor ALL materials in support of it or to be used in investigation of it (pattern evidence);

b. Use of the same allegations, framed as already proved, no use of word alleged, none of which were ever used in those formal complaints I did manage to see.

c. serial denial of due process and assumption of guilt of offenses prior to any hearing (by those who already assumed my guilt and would be assessing discipline and hearing two of three possible appeals);


  1. Letter to Leann Johnson AA-EEO Officer, Nov 21, 2009 and Clark College Course Schedule Winter 2010

a. Comments on handling of Bayer complaint, notice of report of the alleged statement by Bob Knight to Dr.Marcia Roi and Lynn Davidson that morale will improve here when we get rid of professor Craven”;

b. Letter to Dr. Roi and AHE of Nov 16, 2009 with accompanying Clark College Winter Course Schedule showing that my replacements had been hired, my named dropped from the teaching schedule, with students upset when told I would not be teaching BEFORE the one Laudermill hearing I got to determine if or if not I would be teaching;


14. Memo for the Record by John Fite: “Conversations with Adjunct Professor [sic] Julie Lemmond Concerning Professor Craven” 11 June 2011:

a. Extreme malice and animus on the part of adjunct instructor Julie Lemmond recruited to file complaint and, along with the Clark Administration, the found to be withholding the formal complaint and materials in support of it by PERC in two Unfair Labor Practice Complaints;

b. disparate treatment in the filing and handling of complaints against Ms Lemmond;

c. timing of appeal of ESD decision granting me unemployment benefits (Clark College notified December 11, 2009 of ESD decision, Clark Appeal, January 27th 2010, immediately after conversation between Professor Fite and Ms Lemmond;

d. Loss of employment at Portland State University due to a “Clark College administrator” and” an adjunct working in business division at both PSU and Clark College” (only fits Ms Lemmond), from a phone at Clark College, on duty hours, according to the Director of the MIM Program at PSU, because he was told I had five personnel complaints against me (none had been processed at that point);

e. extreme hostile work environment and refusal to investigate and address complaint by me against these machinations costing me employment my family income and all while on duty using State resources on duty time;


15. Important Addendum Dec. 15, 2008

a. shows mendacity and summary denial of suspended timelines (while was on medical leave or off contract) by Clark Administration in finding guilt and assessing and imposing discipline with no Laudermill hearing, no appeals;

b. Shows timelines for imposition of discipline changed (from September 10-14 during orientation to September 20-24, ) later changed to accomplish the same purpose, so to as to cause my non-availability to teach and thus provide work for adjunct replacements hired without being vetted and outside of the normal hiring procedures for public employees at a State Agency; this also cost my family scheduled overtime pay.


16. Letter to Assoc VP HR, Katrina Golder Feb 18, 2009

a. disparate treatment in filing and handling of my own complaints against a serial hostile work environment and refusal to address the serious allegations in the letter of Emma Kim;





17. Official Complaint Against John Bayer to VPI Dastmozd, Oct 17, 2009

a. serial denials of due process and violations of the CC-AHE Contract by Clark Administration;

b. disparate treatment in terms of filing and handling of complaints;

c. adjuncts hired and used as instruments of a hostile workplace and rewarded with state jobs outside of normal hiring and vetting procedures;


18. Disciplinary Actions; email by Professor Gerard Smith

a. Written protest against and documentation of specific cases and patterns of disparate, unfair and biased constructs, definitions, metrics, treatment of other faculty members relative to me vis-à-vis complaints and charges related to policies on email use.


19. Letter by Assoc. VP of HR Darcy Rourk and Report of Independent Investigator Joshua Reid findings of an independent investigator dismissing the complaint of adjunct instructor Patricia Atkinson

a. Adjunct instructor, failed candidate for a full-time tenure track position, hired over my protest, unvetted by me, with my classes taken with timed imposition of discipline, her complaint dismissed with confirmation of my own statements by others disinterested, and confirmation of the basis for my reservations about her hiring and possible mendacity in her responses during the investigation; she was given a full-time term contract;


20. Question of Compensation for Division Chair; Email to Assoc. VP of HR Golder on Taking of Division Chair Stipend While on Medical Leave

a. pattern evidence of hostile work environment, mendacity, taking of owed stipend under pretext (later restored only after considerable protest), malice and animus on the part of those investigating, fact finding, judging and assessing discipline as well as appeal authorities on two levels of appeal;

21. Email to Dean Ted Kotsakis on Taking Away of Division Chair duties and Stipend and denial of seniority, tenure and CC-AHE Contract rights;


22. Contradictory Letters of September 10, 2008 and/versus October 7, 2008 by Dean Ted Kotsakis on basis and authority for election replacing me as Division Chair with loss of stipend;

a. summary imposition of discipline contrived and time to create public employment for adjuncts hired and not vetted by the only one properly credentialed to do so;

b. shows mendacity, bias, animus, malice on the part of Dean Kotsakis instrumental in framing and investigating his own charges, assessing-imposing discipline.


23. Email to Dean Ted Kotsakis May 31, 2009 Grievance on Division Chair Duties Please Cite Authority


24. Memorandum from President Robert Knight to Dr. Marcia Roi on Response to Stage II Grievance denial on 8 day suspension

a. Dr. Marcia Roi, along with Lynn Davidson of the WEA testified under oath in an arbitration hearing subsequent to ESD hearing with Judge Knutson, that president Knight said to both of them that “morale will improve when we get rid of professor Craven” versus the sworn testimony of Bob Knight denying making such a statement and denying that his refusal to confirm or deny the statement in a grievance hearing was only because he was there to ask and not answer questions;

b. Shows imposition of discipline without Laudermill hearing and only two levels of appeal (union did not go to arbitration) both to those who charged me, found me guilty on their charges and acted as assessors and imposers of discipline (no separate phase and no mitigation);


25. Investigation Information; Email to Dr. Roi on Appointment of Independent Investigator Amy Stephson


26. Notice of Complaint; Request for Independent Investigator; Email Dean Kotsakis to Katrina Golder

a. serial denial of due process; Clark College administration mendacity, piling on and stacking charges, malice, animus, obstructions of public records requests;


27. Email Exchanges with Professor Ali Aliabadi subsequent to complaint filed on his behalf and against his protest by Clark Administration;


28. Email Ted Kotsakis to Karina Golder 11/14/07

a. serial denial of due process with Dean Kotsakis claiming to be a witness to alleged disrespectful speech during president’s dialogue, but also the “accuser, judge and jury” with which Ms Golder of HR had no problem;


29. “Knee pads and Chapstick” Urban Dictionary: multiple meanings:  “Originally used sarcastically and insulting to oral sex performed on a man, contemporary use of the phrase “Knee pads and Chapstick is akin to ‘brown nosing’ and the out dated expressions ‘boot licking’ or ‘kissing the bishop’s ring’. 1. To provide excessive or slavish admiration or flattery for the purpose of personal gain; 2. To seek favors from a person in authority in an obsequious manner; 3. To be servile compliant or deferential in a manner demeaning to oneself; 4. To seek undue favor in an undignified manner.”


30. File on Division Chair election and removal in serial breach of the CC-AHE Contract


31. Grievance Email to Dean Kotsakis  on disparate treatment and denial of seniority and tenure rights in assignment of summer teaching loads


32. Letter on Further Delays in on RCW 42.17.250 Request

a. Request for waiver on cost of $490 for a copy of a secret and illegal file kept since 1994, 6 binders, 4900 pages; protests against alleged obstructions of public records request; denial of due process; CC-AHE Contract violations and possible criminal statutes applicable cited;


  1. Report Recommendations on Economics and Law

a. Assigned by Dean Kotsakis to review proposed course to be taught by Professors Fite of Economics and Russell Paralegal Program, assigned after being taken out of teaching assignments (and loss of overtime pay) with contriving timing of imposition of discipline; recognition of status and position as Department Head of Economics;


34. Some Matters Outstanding;

a. letter to Dean Kotsakis asking for rebuttal on outstanding matters;

b. serial violations of process, Clark Administration mendacity; refusal to rebut or respond to legitimate concerns and grievances and supporting evidence for them;


35. Meeting, Letter to Dean Kotsakis

a. due process, “fruit of the poisoned tree” construct and its centrality to the foundations, effectiveness, justice and general respect for the law as well as equal application, protection and accountability of the law;


36. Corrections to Winter Round II Review

a. marginalization in vetting adjuncts teaching economics, disparate treatment in class assignments and qualifications to teach economics courses; denial of due process; refusal to address or rebut legitimate concerns;


37. Response to Conversation in My Office at 3:07 pm Oct. 20, 2009 to Dean Kotsakis (on complaint against adjunct instructor Bayer);




38. High Noon E-mail and Notice of Matter “brought to the attention of the College on May 11, 2009

a. denial of due process—no complaint, brought to the attention of the College by whom? No formal signed complaint given;


39. Notice of Complaint (original signed not given, by whom made not given) and email on AHE Faculty and Adjunct intra-union list, “Academic Freedom and Tenure”


40. Written Reprimand for Alleged Improper Use of College’s Message Board; (no Laudermill hearing, no investigation, no appeal, charged and summarily convicted while off contract, for putting out a list of RCWs and statutes with no commentary on a message list used to advertise for cats, sell Amway etc.)


41. Official Letter of Response to Letter of October 25, 2007 to Dean Kotsakis (serial denial of due process, refusal to answer or address serious questions and allegations of animus and malice and conflicts of interest on the part of those like Dean Kotsakis purporting to act as a witness, filer of complaint, assessor and finders of fact, judge of culpability, assessor of discipline and participating appeal authority on two of three possible levels of appeal);


42. Email to Dr. Marcia Roi and Lynn Davidson Nov 4, 2007 (response to notice of complaint by Dean Kotsakis related to president’s forum)


43. Letter from VPI Dastmozd March 26, 2009 (timing of imposition of discipline to create work for pet adjuncts and contrive work assignment taking me out of the classroom and taking scheduled overtime pay; no hearing or appeal)


44. Violation of CCAHE Contract and 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (unrebutted letter to Dean Kotsakison due process, mendacity in his representations and other issues);


45. What Has Changed? Columbian Editorial on Climate at Clark College (and issues raised in my emails (shows social importance of issues discussed on an intra-union message list)


46. Time-sensitive Request for Response (disparate treatment in course assignments during summer teaching, breach of CC-AHE Contract on tenure and seniority rights, loss of income for family forced to go to China to teach to feed family);


47. College Denies Tenure to Student Newspaper’s Advisor Who Urged Aggressive Reporting (Clark College as an environment of repression, denial of tenure and disparate treatment under pretexts, reprisals against freedom of speech, breaches of CC-AHE Contract part of a general climate; pattern and intent in denial of due process under pretext);


48. Information for Public Employees RCWs and Federal Statutes posted (no commentary) to CC Master List with no Reprimand unlike that posted on message list—disparate, vague and arbitrary definitions and metrics of adherence to email list policies;


49. Editorial on Clark College (on the hiring process involving the installation of Bob Knight as Clark College president without open competition and without Mr. Knight meeting the established minimum credentials for the position; my own comments cited, clearly a public issue of social importance as well as to Clark College and my own comments considered favorable by Mr. Knight)




50. Response to Notification of Discipline, (response to letter of findings of investigator Amy Stephson; awareness of Professor Aliabadi self-referring to himself as “Chemical Ali” and basis for my non-malicious reference)


51. Grievance Filed With Katrina Golder, HR, May 16, 2009 and later Darcy Rourk (on which no action was taken) related to loss of employment at PSU due to leaks of classified personnel information (and who knows what else alleged without rebuttal) from a Clark College administrator and business adjunct that also works at PSU, from a Clark College phone and on duty hours);


52. Email from Jennifer Wheeler, 7-17-2008, (with examples of use of message list by others for which I got reprimand (disparate standards, constructs, metrics, and investigation/discipline on alleged misuse of email system) ;


53. Response to Notification of Discipline (error duplicate of Tab #50)


54. Investigation re: Mr. Craven From Lisa Lewison, WEA to Darcy Rourk (challenging claim by Dr. Rourk, Assoc. VP of HR, later changed when challenged in writing, that copies of a formal complaint against a person is given only with the permission of the complainant—serial violation of due process and CC-AHE Contract);


  1. New Complaint? Letter to Dr. Rourk, August 19, 2010 (on complaint by adjunct instructor Atkinson; citations of settled lawsuits against Clark College whistleblower found to be unjustly terminated under mendacious pretexts–$540,000; complaint against HR for refusal to investigate complaint related to loss of employment at PSU)


  1. 56.  Columbian Article, October 29, 2009 (on WSUV professor in similar allegedly in similar circumstances)


57. Stuff and Outrageous Nonsense, email 6-6-2008 on message list (no reprimand for commentary on the message list), responding to public attacks against Professor Larry Mains by Bob Knight publicly calling him a liar—disparate treatment and standards of “respect” and freedom of speech and opinion for Mr. Knight versus others;


58. Memorandum VPI Rassoul Dastmozd to Dr. Roi and Professor Craven, April 7, 2008 (denial of due process, Clark Administration harassment and mendacity—see letter of response by Dr.Roi, April 20, 2008, Tab # 6, serial malice and animus by Clark Administrators);


59. Use of College Email Lists for Campaigns June 11, 2009 (sent to investigator Amy Stephson not mentioned or dealt with in her report);


60. Email With Regard to Assertions—lies—in Dasmod’s[sic] Denial of Grievance for Loss of Pay June 11, 2009 (denial of due process, serial  breaches of CC-AHE Contract)


61. Clark College Independent Article on Unfair Labor Practice Findings by PERC (one ULP for obstruction of discovery requests, denial of service or formal complaint and supporting evidence in a complaint by Ms Julie Lemmond and another ULP finding of obstruction of PERC directions on public posting of the ULP finding);


62. Use of Adjuncts to Undermine Tenure and Unions (email to AHE Faculty list on issues of social importance also discussed in sanctioned emails);


63. Clark College Notice of Grievance on disparate treatment and violations of CC-AHE Contract in staffing summer teaching loads July 3, 2008


64. Addendum to Report/Recommendations on Economics and Law, April 29, 2009 ( grievance against unvetted adjuncts hired and supposedly vetted by those lacking credentials in economics and the pedagogy of it to do so; warning of possible litigation if complaints surface unvetted and unqualified adjuncts hired);


65. Letter to Detective Dave Trimble, Clark County Sheriff April 24, 2008 and letters to Supervisory Special Agent Kevin Saito, Seattle FBI (request, with supporting documentation for the basis of the request, for criminal investigations at Clark College and cited statutes—Federal and State—for possible violations of cited laws);


  1. Memorandum of Request to Modify Request for Leave by Professor John Fite, Economics, without pay for Fall 2010 so as to be eligible to maintain medical coverage while on leave (note first endorsement spot for me as Head of the Economics Department yet never consulted about this proposed leave by Professor Fite which has implications on my own teaching; shows there is a Department of Economics denied for the first time in a recent grievance denial);


67. Notice of Grievance, AHE/WEA April 24, 2009 (malice, animus, discrimination and disparate treatment in staffing summer teaching, breach of CC-AHE Contract on tenure and seniority rights in summer teaching)


68. CCAHE Letter to Dean Kotsakis, Nov 5, 2007 (protest by union for suppression of freedom of speech and academic freedom, denial of due process, obstruction of required serving of formal complaint and supporting materials for it, reprisal for open inquiry at a President’s Forum)


69. Grievance Processing (grievances filed never answered or dealt with by Clark College administration or by AHE)


  1. Question on Compensation for Division Chair June 24, 2008


71. Photo taken by me of secret file kept on me since 1994 by Clark College at Request of AG’s Office (according to sworn and examined testimony of Emma Kim in violation of CC-AHE Contract and various possible State and Federal Statutes)


  1. Request for Legal Arguments and Response to Amy Stephson 6-13-2009 (not mentioned in findings of Amy Stephson and request by Ms Stephson was ex parte and without the knowledge of or going through the representation by AHE-WEA); shows serial and extreme malice and animus on part of individuals in Clark College administration involved in serial denials of basic due process;

About jimcraven10

About jimcraven10 1. Citizenship: Blackfoot, U.S. and Canadian; 2. Position: tenured Professor of Economics and Geography; Dept. Head, Economics; 3. Teaching, Consulting and Research experience: approx 40 + years all levels high school to post-doctoral U.S. Canada, Europe, China, India, Puerto Rico and parts of E. Asia; 4. Work past and present: U.S. Army 1963-66; Member: Veterans for Peace; former VVAW; Veterans for 9-11 Truth; Scholars for 9-11 Truth; Pilots for 9-11 Truth; World Association for Political Economy; Editorial Board International Critical Thought; 4.. U.S. Commercial-Instrument Pilot ; FAA Licensed Ground Instructor (Basic, Advanced, Instrument and Simulators); 5. Research Areas and Publications: International law (on genocide, rights of nations, war and war crimes); Imperialism (nature, history, logic, trajectories, mechanisms and effects); Economic Geography (time and space modeling in political economy; globalization--logic and effects; Political Economy and Geography of Imperialism); Indigenous versus non-Indigenous Law; Political Economy of Socialism and Socialist Construction; 6. Member, Editorial Board, "International Critical Thought" published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; International Advisory Board and Columnist 4th Media Group, (Beijing); 7. Other Websites publications at;;; 8.Biography available in: Marquis Who’s Who: in the World (16th-18th; 20th; 22nd -31st (2014) Editions); Who’s Who in America (51st-61st;63rd-68th(2014) Editions); Who’s Who in the West (24th- 27th Editions);Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (3rd to 6th, 8th, 11th (2011-2012) Editions); Who’s Who in Finance and Industry (29th to 37th Editions); Who’s Who in American Education (6th Edition). ------------------- There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e. the voice of conscience even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state, to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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