Who are “they”–the MERCS? They are the ones who guard, or execute the war plans, covert operations and orders of the “Them”–the ones who run things, or place constraints on those who run things on a global level (e.g. like the Bilderberg Group). They are often former SEALS, SF, Delta, SAS, CIA and the like who hire out for a lot of money to do some of the more demanding and odious jobs, the kind that require “plausible deniability” for those who ordered them, that those in the military, when they do the same jobs, are paid a whole lot less.

The following is an email being circulated among the many contractors for the U.S. Government and its allies. It is very revealing not only about some of the tasks that MERCS do, but also about the mentality that leads them into MERC work and do do what they do when working. (Source: “Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror” by Robert Young Pelton, Three Rivers Press, NY, 2007)


“I am a U.S. contractor. I look out for myself, the operators to my left and right, and no one else.

I will always take advantage of the fact that I can finally tell military officers to pound sand, and will do so at every opportunity.

I am my country’s scapegoat, the ‘plausible deniability’ warrior, and I love it.

Less than $700 dollars[sic] a day is unacceptable.

I am trained to eat things that would make a bill goat puke, but will refuse anything less than 60 dollars a day per diem because I am greedy.

I care not for ribbons and awards for valor: I do this job for the opportunity to kill the enemies of my country, and to get that boat I have always wanted.

I will be in better shape than 99% of the active duty personnel, although this is not hard.

I will equip myself with the latest high speed gear; and will trick out my M4 until it weighs more than 24 lbs, not because it works better; but because it looks cool in the photographs.

I will carry more weapons, ammunition and implements of death on my person than an infantry fire team, and when engaged I will lay waste to everything around me.

In any combat zone, I will always locate the swimming pool, beer, and women, because I can.

I will deploy on my terms, and if it ever gets too stupid, I will simply find another company that pays me more.”


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