I Don’t Get It!

Look, I have nothing to do with the Government of Iran or some radical forms of “Islam” for sure. As a Blackfoot Indian, who practices Blackfoot Spirituality, not a Christian or Jew, and thus not from a “People of the Book”, I am considered an Infidel by them. But what exactly makes anyone, not with ulterior motives, assert that the Government of Iran is a source of State-sponsored Terrorism and a threat to the national security of the U.S. What real EVIDENCE is there for that proposition?

First of all they do know all about terrorism. One-sided, generic and illegal embargos, that can only hit non-combatants are a form of terrorism per se; if you define terrorism not by who does it, but by what it is: calculated or highly likely violence and force against non-combatants. The overthrow of the democratically-elected regime of Mossadegh in 1953, and the installation and maintenance of the brutal Shah was terrorism per se. The U.S. instigation of Saddam Hussein to launch the 7 1/2 year Iraq-Iran War against Iran, which resulted in over 1 1/2 million casualties, during which the U.S. gave Iraq weapons and satellite intelligence they do not even give the Israelis when Iran was gaining the upper hand, and gave Iran weapons and intelligence when Iraq was gaining the upper hand, was terrorism per se. The giving of Saddam Hussein a “green light” to attack Kuwait by U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie in order to set him up for Regime Change destabilkized the whole region and was terrorism against Iran and others per se.

The Iranians are not stupid for sure. So why would they want: more regional instability on their borders, refugees, Sunni (anti-Shiite) terrorists, an excuse for preemptive attacks by Israel and the U.S.; an excuse for more covert operations aimed at Regime change; an excuse for even wider embargos by more nations knowing that is exactly what the U.S. and Israel are looking for? Why would they want to give the U.S. the means to divert world attention from the U.S. as the main source of state-sponsored terrorism in the world today? It simply does not add up and I hope that General Clark and others will take a cold and sober look at what is the real “evidence”, along with real sources and intentions, as he was trained to do, not just blind jingoism and summary assertions, by those who lied the U.S. into the present illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, that Iran is some kind of threat to the national security of the U.S. along with the real implications of blindly, like lemmings, following the polemics of those who make such assertions with nothing more than blind polemics and assertions to back them up.

And I’m sorry but I just do not get it. What gives the U.S. the right or authority under anything other than Imperial hubris to dictate what kinds of systems other nations may have or not have and do summary “Regime Change”; it is up to the citizens of each nation to handle their own “Regime Changes” if they feel the imperative. What gives the U.S. the right to designate that only itself and allies like some nations like Israel, or those it cannot threaten with impunity like China–anymore–may have nuclear weapons while other nations may not? What gives the U.S. Government and its various Administrations, continual sources of outright and provable lies on so many issues, the right to summarily accuse other governments of lying, with no evidence whatsoever, when they assert they have no intention (and clearly would have no interest) in doing so? What gives the U.S. Governments the right to summarily invoke international law, the U.N. and U.N. mandates when convenient and to simply ignore them and even obstruct them when it is not convenient? What gives the U.S. Governments the right to unilaterally and summarily “define” and label what is terrorism and which nations are “terrorists” and which not?

What does it mean when people say “I’m proud to be an American?” What are you “proud” of? Pride is usually for an accomplishment one had something to do with not just a basic fact one had no influence on. So one is supposed to be “proud” that his or her parents did not practice birth control while on American soil and/or with the result of your being born on American soil? Because that is what it is for many of the idiots and morons that inhabit this country getting all teary-eyed when hearing that song by ultra-rightist hypocrite Lee Greenwood “Proud to be an American”. And having been born on American soil, that is supposed to dictate how I feel on any given issue and who my enemies and friends are–as designated by an Administration that was installed through electoral coup d’etat, that is illegal, and continually planning and doing stuff they hanged Nazis for at Nuremberg?

I just don’t get it. We told the Germans at Nuremberg that what was considered treason and aid to the enemy in Nazi Germany, was actually heroism, and what was considered “heroism” under Nazi Germany, was actually treason against Germany, humanity and international law.

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